Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Gentle Giants...

In our family, in different generations sections, 
We have big men.. who never had children of
their own.   Both have helped raise a single

Both of these men are really big.. Meaning
6 foot or more.. both of them.. Rounding out
the scale over 300... Though both of them
carry the weight well because of their height.

Yet, when you would see them around the child,
you would think they were tiny and they are so
very gentle. 

One helped raise a boy, who is now a man.
Sharing Winnie the Pooh, and Sponge Bob.  
And to see these two work together over a
vehicle, with equal respect of knowledge,
well, it is amazing not only for me.. but for
his mother as well.  Especially when we
saw the push and pull of the teen years.
Still great love for each other..but you know
what teen years are like.  And now they are
equal.  It makes his mother and I feel so
wonderful to see them together.

The other one is helping raise a girl, with
her parents.  This little tiny girl, wraps this
6 foot plus (a lot of plus) grandfather like
a piece of twine around her fingers.
He will sit and play tea party in the smallest
of area.  Squeeze over in his chair, so they
can watch a cartoon movie that he has probably
seen dozen times or more.  There is pictures of
the two of them asleep in that chair, with her
arms wrapped around his neck, and laying
across his belly.  Or see them walking together,
him looming so tall and big, yet a soft hand
in her little hand, with smiles that are as
big as the world.  No outfit is too silly, to
please this sweet little child.

These two men are definitely the gentle
giants, who are soft enough for a child

to trust. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO... T.S....S.H. and D.G. 

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