Wednesday, April 27, 2016

House does not inventory itself....

One of the things that drives the King nuts
at work is... he goes to get a part, or a filter
or what ever he needs out of the storage room,
and finds empty box or shelf. 
The other mechanic is famous for taking the
last one and not say anything.   
I think they need a new system.
A chart with the parts listed.. individually.
Then one just runs a slash thru the one you
take.  And then someone look at that list
per day. At the end of the day. When they
are down to two parts.. put in a reorder
request.  Seems like that would do it.

But here at our home.. he seems to forget
all the rules.. As he told me yesterday, he
was going to the shed to get the Miracle
Grow and came out upset because there
wasn't any.  Each container I mention,
his reply was.. I already used that..

This happens often, the last G2
water, the last of the toilet paper
in the closet and etc.  I guess I
am suppose to be all knowing..
just like mind reading.. but I
flunked those classes years ago.
When our children left home, I am
out of practice. But being he is retiring
in just a mere 40 days, I guess I better
start sharp up... Wonder, maybe I
better find one of those white boards
with the pens that go with them.

But I did tell him.. our house does
NOT have an automatic inventory


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