Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Heroes in our neighborhood.

See this little car showed up on our street about
a week ago... up and down the street... to the
empty parking lot across the street.. Zip to the
left, zip to the right, circle around so fast we thought
it might fall over..  But he was having a blast.
We stopped him and talked to him.. it is battery
run.. and he has shift stick on the side to raise and
lower the wheels, and helps brake it..  So much
fun..  Fun for us as well, as we smiled as we watch
him.. zip along..   and then.. the school bus showed
up, we were concern, as we had seen him go into
the parking lot where the bus stops and goes
thru... The bus pulled out.. and we saw he had gone
against the building.. and he was standing up..
His little sister had got off the bus.  (hers comes later
than his).  Then I saw.. a pink helmet, and I remembered
I had wondered why he was carrying one between his
legs as we were talking to him. ... He helped her get
the helmet on.. Helped her sit on the car and he got
on behind her.. and then off to their house down the road.
Coming home from school and have your brother meet you,
is great...  having your brother take you home on his little
car... PRICELESS...  Hero # 1

On Saturday.. the neighbor boy had a birthday party. He
is 3 now.  It was the grandparents and us.. He is a very
active 3 year old. They got him a small trampoline, and
he loved it.. and the balloons... run and play.. running
with his dogs and thru the adults.. like a typical 3 years
old.  We had a nice meal and celebrated..with cake.
And then we went home...  The neighbor in back has
two girls.  One of them is the boys age.. And they
gave the girls cake...  The mother noticed the cake
the girls had, was design like Spiderman.. found out
the boys favorite was SPIDERMAN... The girl's mom
went in her house.. and 20 minutes later.. .. out came
SPIDERMAN..... (her husband)... who climbed up
on the fence.. the boy's eyes were huge... SPIDER
MAN in HIS YARD...  amazing...  And then Spiderman
went down the alley..  Hero #2

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