Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Maybe it is time for the talk...

No, come to think of it.. IT IS the time for
the talk... I don't care what your age is.
Life is uncertain.

All of us, don't think we need to talk about
our end... maybe we make arrangements
or write out some what is to be done.
But usually that is just what funeral home,
what song maybe, and where you want to
be laid to rest.. and that is about it..

The exception of this, is those who have
cancer, or another illness, that is terminal
and involved Hospice,  As Hospice is
pretty detailed.. but then, there are some
things not covered.

You NEED to talk to your spouse about
what you want. You need to talk to your
family.  It is a conversation that is hard on
your children.. as they think of you living
forever.. and if they don't talk about things,
it will never happen.. and you will live forever.
We know that is a folly...

Sometimes we don't want to talk about it..
and if that is the case for you.. then for the
love of family... write it out for them .. exactly
how you want it done.. and let them know where
you have put those instructions..

I once had a directive written up (hospitals want
them) for when you are laying in the hospital with
no way to tell them what you want... I had mine
written up AND I sent a copy to each one of my
children... and told them.. if they had a problem
with this.. tell ME .. NOW... don't fight with those
left behind who will be making the decision for me
at that time..  Some were too happy, but they took
it fairly well.. and that was over 10 years ago..

I don't care if you are 20 or 100.. you should have
instructions written up. You should have a power
of authority for health...written up.. As long as you
are able to communicate, you can over ride that
directive... it is for when you can't.  Do you want
to be kept on a life supporting systems? If so.. how
long.. If not.. say so.

But even more important is when you are no longer
here.  Because with out some written directive.. the
family has to make decisions.. they try their best to
do what they THINK you would want.. Some family
members get hurt by those decisions. But if you
have it written out there is no uncertainty.  And remember
there is two parts of it.. There is how the funeral itself,
is carried out.. and a lot of people do tell that part.
But there is the burial part... how do you want that
handled?  Private with family only?  with friends and


and write it down, so memory will be refreshed.   

happy birthday... m.r.   .... s. o... and m. b.

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