Thursday, April 28, 2016

They eat their own...

Headlines read....

Ted Cruz and John Kasich Team Up to Stop Donald Trump


The old saying from years ago.. I would say applies

with that headline...

Neither one of the men are doing that well.. hanging

on like a bad hang over.. so have decided together

they can beat Trump..  Trouble is.. that isn't working

very well either...  


And now.. Cruz is saying he is going to have

Carly Fiorina as his Vice President.  Wow, he

hasn't gotten any closer to be the main candidate,

and he has already picked his VP.  At least McCain

knew he had the convention election in the bag before

he screamed out Palin's name.  So Cruz kicks his

partner in crime (Kasich)  to the curb, and doesn't

even offer him the VP for helping stop Trump?

Personally I like to see Kasich be the President

choice.  I would actually vote FOR him.  


So how does naming Fiorina (getting the women's

vote, I would guess) be getting him closer.. After

all she left the group early... because of lack of interest

in her..  What makes him think Fiorina will bring him

good luck?


I know I have said this before.. but this election is the

worse in my life time of history.. or even my memory

of history class.  Only thing that was even close was

Boston politicians in the 1890's.


How can they talk about all the problems with the

different states and their primaries and caucus, yet

no one does anything about it.  It is like they feel

"oh, well, that is politics"..   And we have the guts

to talk about other countries voting? 

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