Monday, April 18, 2016

Class Action Suit

You all probably have gotten one of these letters or in this case a post card, notifying you of a class action lawsuit that is going on and you can take advantage of it.  I use the word advantage ..both ways.   You can chose to sign up to join it.. or the other taking advantage of the company.

In this one, that I received 2 days ago.. the company sin was, it advertised a false claim of saying the pills will help your
joints not hurt.  False advertising.  Now maybe I am just a
full time cynic but .. truth in advertising went out with dirty
wash on the clothes line.. You see it once in a while still, but
rarely. And that is why they have the saying... BUYER BEWARE.

First off, as usual, the print is tiny, tiny, trying to read
the last line on the eye doctor's chart.  but just for the heck
of it.. you read it.. or try.. maybe getting a magnify glass out.

That is where I find the good humor of this... so serious of
a claim.. as this particular one.. even tells you how much
the LAWYERS are going to get... First the settlement is over
7 and half million another one and half MILLION,
for notice and administration of the settlement.
BUT, right off the top is, of course the lawyers fees to the
tune of TWO AND HALF MILLION. Also it appears another
$5,000 per Class Representative.... and if the above million
and half isn't enough.. the lawyers will get what ever it over
cost for the notice and Admin. cost.  
ALL this BEFORE you see a dime.

Then comes the laughable part.. WHAT YOU, get as a claimee. A big check of...........hold your hats.... $8.00.... not million, thousands ... but a mere 8 dollars.  And then there is what you have to do to get that little bit of 8 dollars... You see, you have to go back thru your paper work, stubs and etc..and
prove you bought the product... and how many bottles of it
and you are only being paid for 13 bottles.. meaning no more
than $104.00...You also have to go on line get their paper work and fill it out.. and then mail it all in by a certain time. 
And what happens if not everyone does this? Then you get
a share of the left over.  BUT not more than $200 per household. 

Way more trouble than I want to do...  And they are probably counting on that.. but the remaining left over is suppose to go to Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation, in this case. I think some of it should go to the Ophthalmologists group, for all of us who will have to go to the eye doctor after straining to read this stuff... Ah, maybe that could be another class action lawsuit, against the lawyers who sent this out.  

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