Monday, July 31, 2006

I am Cold...

After 3 weeks of 99+ weather
and then to have 72 with wind..

But I open the blinds, and the
windows, and doors. And let
the wind and breeze (off and on)
blow thru the screens.

And the cat was happy as she
could come and go thru the screen,
as she pleased.

It isn't time for long pants yet.
But I got to crossed my
mind for a few seconds early in
the morning when it was 56.

I sure hope this isn't the end of
summer. I know we have a month
to go..and I am sure some more
hot weather will come.

It is a shame as I just found
a good swimming hole to go
to. I don't like crowds, and it
has to be 95 before I go swimming.

It was wonderful, the cool but not
cold of the water... the mountains
surrounding us, the lake, the sky,
God, are we blessed to live in IDAHO...

Friday, July 28, 2006


Been working all day yesterday

It has been collecting stuff for a year
now. Everywhere, almost no floor room.
So time to clean it out again.

It is called Some Day Soon Room,
with the note under it..
Some day soon we will clean out
this junk and organize the good
stuff. I have done that twice
before, yet here we are again.

So the long and short of it, I had
my grandson help me. We took
all of my stuff out and put it in
a pile in one corner. And then took
all of the Kings stuff out and put it
in another corner. In the living room,
so we would deal with it NOW.

I did not do our desk. And they are
about a foot high in stuff too. I figured
if I got the room done, it would be a good

When the room was cleared, I decided
to move my desk around. So I have my
roll top desk behind me (that is the one
with the foot high stuff) and the computer
desk in front and cleaned off. That in itself,
is amazing.

Then I started with the process and it took
me an hour to throw away, store away, and
give away stuff. The garbage can I brought
in from outside, was 3/4 full.

At night time it was time to do the King's
pile. We got 3/4 of the pile cleared, in 2 hours.
Tomorrow we will finish it. He, too, got rid
of 3/4 of a can of junk. Amazing.

We both decided we don't need any
magazine subscriptions. We, both,
threw away at least 1/4 of a can
of old magazines, each. Some of them
dating back to 1998. I looked at the cover,
and threw them all away. If I haven't read it
by now, it is too old to be of any good now.

In this room, I have 26 music boxes. Notice,
I didn't say, I have 26 music boxes. That is
because I have several more in other rooms.
But the ones here, are up on a shelf that I
have to stand on a chair to reach.

So I have decided.. if I can find a charity
that is going to have an auction or sale,
I will give a great deal of them to that
charity. As they have been collecting
dust for 8 years up on that shelf.

I also decided to bring one down a
week and listen to it off and on for
that week. I like ones that have the
off beat type of music. I have a quarter
moon with a clown sitting there on it,
which plays ..Some Enchanting Evening.
I hate ... It's a small World. But the
unusual is the ones I seem to find

I really got to declutter. It is hard
to be the generation of savers. You
always think you might need it some

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Burka or Not to Burka

I am surprised with all the news
over the years of us being in Iraqi,
that the fashion designers haven't
come up with a American style

This would be the greatest of all
designs. What woman over 50,
wouldn't love it. No more diets.
No more living up to some sex

And the serious young gal should
love it too. This way she can find
out if the guy is really into her.
Does he like her mind, her
attitude, her smartness. No
hour glass figure to cloud his

But I want some with holes in it.
Tiny slits for the summer...for vents.
So the breeze can get thru. I don't want
any cotton, or wool. So then it would be
great. Maybe silk for summer.

Especailly in the winter. Just warm
clothes, and the Burka...warm socks.
And in the summer, sandals, and under

Yea, those American designer got to
get with it. Some bright colors too.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who is going to Serve?

Who is going to serve you and I?

There is a discussion on another
blog about the rising prices of homes.
And if anyone who has a fair job,
will be able to buy a house.

Homes are selling fast, and more
are being built. Not only here in the
Northwest but every where. Every
time you talk to someone from another
city or state, they seem to have the
same story. Houses being built big,
and high prices. Old houses torn down
to make way for bigger and better.

People are coming to the Northwest,
from, of course, California, but also
from Nevada, Arizona, Utah, North
Carolina and other states.

Seems a lot of them are running away
from what they are causing here.
They are selling high, buying high, and
causing a big prices here. As people
here, are selling every lot, pasture, and
trailer lot to cash in on the big boom. And
the cities, towns, and county seem to be
fine with this. More tax money. But also
more services.

It is like the 1880 and the gold rush.
Except the gold is the price you are
asking for your home.

Where is this all leading to? No one seems
to know. There are those who say it is about
to come to a halt and others say another 5
years... and others who seem to think we are
heading for a crash like Russia did.

But what I want to know is...who is going
to serve us? I think it is fair to say that
half, or maybe even 2/3's of the people
who work... work in a service type of job.

That is the job that needs to be done a
lot of times 24 hours a day, meaning 3
shifts or 2 ..12 hour shifts. Working
weekends are common for these people.
They work holidays most of the time.

These are people who work in hotels,
nursing homes, clean offices, hospitals,
clean linens, people's clothes, restaurants,
services stations, fast food sites, and any
other type of service we all depend on.

Working in 24 hour and some times 7
days a week, type businesses. And along
side this not so pleasant of jobs, is the
fact they are low man on the totem pole
of wages. Lots of them working for minimum
wages. Which in Idaho is less that $6.00
last I heard.

Being they are saying that the average cost
of a house is now $200,000 and up.. and it
is a rare to find one lower. How do these
people buy a home. A lot of the apartments
are going condo. The trailers are being sold
off to make room for a town house in its place.
Where are these people going to live?

Even low income housing is out of their
reach. They make too much money. As a
lot of the low income is around $12,000 income.
These people will make $16,000.
Where do they go? Trailer parks are being
pushed out. The ones that are still hanging
in there, are told you have to have a trailer
no older than 5 years old. Even those are
out of these people's reach. Trailer payments
and space rent.

The local paper last year, quoted that it took
an income of $11.50 to be able to rent in
Sandpoint. And $15.90 to buy. That was
at last year's house and rent prices.

$800 is a common rent price. A house
payment averages $1000+. a month.
Where are these people going to live?
Will they all leave... will they all be priced
out of housing?

Who is going to serve you and I?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sometimes it Turns Out OK

Last week I had a good week of
blogging... I am not tooting my
own horn. But there is the ups and
downs of blogging.
Times when you wonder..what the
heck are you going to write about.
Some times you draw blanks...
Sometimes you throw something
in just to fill space.
But last week, maybe because I
had a project I was doing, that it
was bloggable. And with the other
two... it was just a week, I was
proud of... I didn't feel like I just
mailed it in of sorts.
Now to just stay out of the heat.
And figure out this week.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Boy, the weather man was
right on. HOT HOT HOT..

We had 103 for Saturday
and 104 Sunday...
We had the AC cranked up,
and going 24 hours to keep the
house cool...and the shades down.

Felt good. Didn't realize how good
until I went to get something outside.
Like an oven out there. So did inside
stuff. But I am going to hate to get
my electric bill next month.
Which makes me did we
use to keep cool before AC?
My brother and I had the bedrooms,
that once was an attic. And we all know
how hot the attic was in the 1940's and1950's.
Before insulation...

So how did we keep cool? I know we
had the windows open.. but no AC in those
Down stairs there was the old black fan
that was about 18 inches around that went
back and forth. But only two for the whole
house..But we weren't allowed to have
those in our room.

I know we had shutters... but don't
remember if we closed them all. And
I know we had storm windows, so surely
we had screens. Keep the bugs out. And
the windows were open 24 hours a day.

And we hayed during the summer. Now
that is HOT...and you wore long sleeves
and pants. Other wise you had scratchy
legs and arms.

And why is it... we turn on the AC, turn
it to 60 or 62 but in the winter we turn
our heaters to 67 to 72??

But how did we survive the heat?

Oh, the weather outside is delightful
And some think it is frightful....
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
(thought maybe these words from
a old song from Neptune's Daughter
might cool you off)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

And the King's reaction Posted by Picasa
Switching furniture places Posted by Picasa
living and beige Posted by Picasa
Tangerine in the kitchen Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 21, 2006

Project Finished...

Some time this weekend, I
hope to put up a couple of
pictures of the project....

It is done.. Thank God, and
Greyhound... and grandson.
We did the final wall today.
Put up the pictures, and etc.

Got the stuff clean and put away.
Now to wait until 5 tonight.. and see
what the King has to say.

My daughter said she isn't fond of
orange..(lower cupboard in kitchen),
told her, that is ok, as mine was
tangerine. lol.... slight difference.

I am glad it is over.. and I think I
will rest of my laurels next week.
I am beat. So going to go hit the
shower... try to get these tiny
dots of beige paint off my body.

Also you will see I added That's life,
back in my line of links... Amy is back
with a vengeance... researching her family
and her husbands.. AND she will help you
too. Right now is the time to get help from
her, as she is practicing, but after she gets
her license, she will be charging.

So if you want to know .. is your great
granddad a horse thief, or a wicked used
car salesmen, or a Prince.. this is the time
to ask Amy to help you. Go click on her
site. She help me, and my family find out
that we had connections back to the 1770's
which open doors for scholarship for my

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Running out of Steam

Today, I got the other wall done.
And started the last wall. Move the
entertainment center without having
to unload it. Then after the second
wall dried... I moved the couch over.

When we moved the entertainment
center it was a breeze. Just slide it
over and hook up. Tonight I slide the
couch over and placed the tables.
My grandson helped with the
entertainment center, but still
I could have done it myself if I
could have lifted up the corner.

How is that? A neat little gadget
that my gal pal gave me. Sure
save the day. If you see it.

It is called Super Sliders. You have
seen the commercial for them on TV.
And I am here to tell you, they work.
Tonight I was alone, but wanted to
move the couch. That sucker is heavy.

I lifted up one corner and put a
slider under the leg. And then did
each corner... And like magic, I
pushed lightly and the couch slide
right to where I wanted it.

Same with the entertainment center.
With all the stuff on and in there,
it is one heavy beast. But the grandson
lifted each corner and I slide the slider
under each corner. He just pushed
it into position... no trouble at all.

He thought it was light. Until we took
the slider out and went to move it
just an inch... Had to put two sliders
under so we could move it the inch.

What you see on TV.. is true.
They are the greatest. If I can
find another box ..I am going to
get them. Comes with 4 large
and 4 small. And they aren't expensive

Tomorrow is the last of the project.
Got to put the second coat on the
last wall. And the second coat on
the kitchen cupboards. Then it is
clean up time. Find all the stuff I
placed everywhere.. and put it a
way... maybe throw some out.

Where do I get all of this clutter?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Projects again...

The King is out of town
for 4 days. 4 days free... free
to do a project.

I had delusions of grandeur,
with one project. Tearing the
wall of the kitchen.. actually
ending up two walls.. Leaving
the beams. But downsizing one
to a counter..

But decided against that, as I could
get into a lot more trouble than
I have ever gotten into. Not that has
scared me in the past, but there
is a limit, you know...Not only dealing
with the King who would come home
to mess, but to more money than I
have, to straighten it out.

Kind of like the front porch. I had
been after him to fix the stairs. Slowly
they were getting weaker, and I knew
someone would get hurt on them. Most
likely him, as he has a clumsy side to him.

Well, that project ended up with a head
ache in a half. Because I took off the stairs,
and figure then he would fix it. But to our
horror, it turns out the wood was rotted,
after years of rain, snow and etc. So $500
and 4 or 5 days later we had a new porch.

Not exactly what I had in mind. Seems most
of our projects start at $500. The porch, the
new window (add another $200 for extras, as
we installed it) and for the house paint and supplies.
Say nothing about all of our labor...

So what do I do this week... let me see.
I could finish painting the trim on the garage.
But I did some the other day and remembered,
that I hate brush painting.

I could paint the kitchen orange and white.
That would push the replacement of the metal
cupboards, with the wooden ones, we
bought at the yard sale, in to service.

Or, I could paint the living room. That would
be by roller... I could get the grandson to help
me prep. And then move all the stuff around.

Hummm, so much to do, so little time.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Older Children

My kids are getting old...
not me.. they are... My oldest
son is 43 today. Not my oldest
child, but my oldest son... My two
older daughter are running close to
50...only 4 more years for the oldest.

It is nice that age is a matter of mind.
It isn't that you deny the age..just how you feel.

Hopefully my kids understand that and
live life as such, when they get to the
age, where they feel younger than they are.

This son, I think has lived his whole life like it.
Always younger than his age. He did the older
than his age when he was younger than 6.
He scared his overbearing sister enough
to keep her distance, after he rode a bull
calf at the age of 3. He scared his mother
by standing on the slide part of a swing
set, going 90 mph, and laughing with his
head tilted back. He removed the slates
on the playpen (they were wood in those
days) and walked across the driveway
to claim his milk and cookies from the
neighbor. Most of his antic now, I hear
about a month or so later. Car accidents,
timber accidents. (he pulled his shoulder
back in place by grabbing on to the tail gate
of his pick up) And now he and his wife are
almost child free (last one out the door next
June) so are born free on a Harley Davidson.

I have been bless with 4 good sons. Who are
happy, and healthy.. I couldn't ask for anything
So Happy Birthday Tar baby.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Huckleberry Picking is like Life

1. Always look up, usually more rewards
and the view is better.
(you see a lot more berries, when you
sit and look up)

2. You can slide faster down
than you can go up.
(that pretty well describes itself)

3. Keep a cap on your savings,
for those slide down times.
(keep a cap on your berry pail, so
they don't spill out when you slide or fall down)

4. Bigger bush doesn't always
give the bigger rewards.
(some of the smaller bushes had bigger berries)

5. Being quiet ...
you get to hear the riches of life...
(birds & breezes and just the silence
itself, we are such a noise society)

6. A lot of times you have to let the
next bush/goal go and find out it is
for the best after all.
(you don't need to strip out all the
berries you see... after you get your
share, leave for others..there is more
than enough for everyone..
greed isn't pretty, and the guy upstairs
has a way to get even.. see #2)

7. Always leave something behind
for the Annie's of life to teach her young
ones about memories of their mom's
and teachers and huckleberry picking.
(leave nature as you found it... for generations to come.)

I guess CDADave was right. I put on
my walking sneakers Friday afternoon,
and my leg felt better by bedtime.
Put on the Tiger Balm and I was ready
for climbing to get huckleberries by Sat. morning.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Almost done painting... Posted by Picasa
The deck Posted by Picasa
Getting closer to being done Posted by Picasa
clouds as the storm ends Posted by Picasa
Rainbow during the storm 7-12-06 Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14, 2006

Life's little Aggravations...

I am a little put out...
you know, miffed.

Every so often in life
you go to bed just doing
great. Healthwise, I am
talking about. Only to
wake the next morning
with some kind of injury.
Nothing big..just a pain.

Yesterday was just such a
day. I thought it would go
away. I ended up putting
Icy Hot on it by evening,
as it was starting to really
bug me.

I looked for a bruise, as surely
anything that is hurting this
much, has to have some kind
of sign. But nothing.

So I laid the Icy Hot, couldn't
find my Tiger Balm, on thick.
And here I am this morning,
with the same pain.

Now normally, I would ignore it.
But it is my shin, and that means
walking is not comfortable. Heck,
it is down right painful.

So I guess I will endure until it
goes away. After all I am not one
who likes to go to the doctor anyway.
Besides, what can he tell me? I tell
him my shin hurts. He feels the shin,
for breaks..none, so here, take some
pill for slight pain and call me if it
doesn't get well.

I can do that from here.

So off we go, the grandson and I.
Remove all the stuff from the deck.
Scrap it down, and then the King
can paint it tomorrow. One by one
we are meeting our goals of projects
we wanted to get done this summer.

And we still have almost 2 months
left of summer before school starts.
So lots of time for fun projects.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day Out

Today, my grandson and I
decided to take a day out.
Like opting out and etc?

Then tomorrow it is the big
push. Clean all the stuff off
of the porch and the deck.

Get ready for painting this
Saturday. So then we will
have the outside done for
this year.

I have been so hell bend for
election, so to speak in getting
all these projects we set up for
ourselves, I am sitting here
wondering what to do with the day.

There are a lot of inside projects,
but keeping them for winter or late
fall. So think I will go for a bike ride.
And make sure we have all the
equipment for this weekend.

Oh, I got a new monitor yesterday.
New to me.. boy what a difference.
My old one, I knew was just waiting
for the opportune time to go out.

It would turn a putrid color of yellow
from time to time. Warning me the
end is coming soon, and then turn
back to what it called normal.

I say that because when I got this
one... I was blasted back in my
chair with brightness. It is like I
was using candles around here,
and some one turn on the bright
office lights. What a difference to say
the least. Now when I look at
some of my pictures, they look
so light. And my blog, the green
that I thought I was looking at, turns
out to be a wonderful light green that
I wanted. lol.. Poor Toni, she must have
felt like I was a nut case... her putting in
the color I said I wanted, and me saying,
this isn't quite it... turns out it is exactly
what I wanted. Thank Goodness, I listen
to her.

Carry on.... I am going to go find
something to do. Maybe I will go
have coffee with my neighbor..have
not had a chance to do that for a while

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Progress it is Called

As with yesterday's blog of
the meeting that I was the only
protester, or at least the only
public person asking questions,
I got to wonder if I am the only
one who cares about keeping
small towns ...small.

We are close to other bigger
towns, so can go to the box
stores. So it isn't like we are
staying in the stone age.

It was a year ago almost,
that Panhandle Milling Co.
building went down with a crash..
which makes me ponder the
crashing down of other buildings
in Sandpoint.

They smashed down the old gas
station at the corner of Pine and
5th Avenue, not far from the Harold's
IGA that has been smashed down
earlier this year.

This is the second building that was
remodeled, but never had anything move
into it. The other being the Cowgirl (and
many other names in a few short years)
that was burnt down to make room for a
strip mall.

And now the Senior Citizen Thrift store
is no longer in their old place, and perhaps
the other two business will move as well,
and will it be smashed down to make room
for a new building?

So much has hit the ground ... all in
the name of progress.

The people who have lived here for 20
years or more, moved here for the small
town. The ones who have moved here in the
past 5 years seem to like the area for the
same reason's the rest of us do. The lake,
the mountains, the arts, the small town of
it all. Yet they and the opportunist seem
hell bent on changing it to something bigger
and more expensive.

I know, I is called Progress. I don't
mind some progress, but I feel like this is like
holding a tiger by the tail. Feel like putting a
drag on that tail to slow it down. It is going so
fast, and the sources to support it, isn't.

The schools, the hospitals, heck even the jails,
are they ready for all of this... I don't think so.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Don Quixote, am I ??

I have been wondering.. do I
call this..To pole or Not to Pole
or No One Really Cares.

There was notice of a public hearing
over a pole that the school district
wants to have to further the use of
computers for the children and the
staff. The system they have right now
according to the builder of the pole,
is antiquate at best. This way they will
be able to communicate with each
school far better than now.

Then the part of the hearing where
the public can talk. I had put up the
notice on the post office window, for
all to see. I made copies and gave
them to my neighbors.

Yet, there I was like Don Quixote
fighting the windmills with a sword,
and his horse. All alone.

So I stood up, and stated my name.
And I asked question .. I had 5 such
question.. And my opinion that it
wasn't going to beautify the town.
We are a small town of 3 blocks
by 8 blocks..

But the man answered all the
questions. Safe yes, children
can't climb it as it is a smooth
metal pole. First handles are
20 feet up in the air.

Yes, it is FAA approved for height.
The school board has approved it.
The Federal Government has gave
a grant to pay for it, so it isn't out
of the towns taxes or schools.

Why close to the school, because
that is where the need is and the
fibred optic wire is expensive...thousands
per mile. No the town doesn't get
to use it.. it is for the school district.

And satellites aren't high enough, so
we have to have a 120 foot pole.

The council asked questions and for
the kids sake... it was passed as
anything for the education for the kids
it is good.

I much is property in
Montana? Because my little town,
is getting more like a city each year.

I am kidding....I think.

Monday, July 10, 2006

House Painting

The project is done for the most
part. We got the house painted.
And we didn't kill each other in
the process. And the flowers
around the house that had to
be pulled away are still alive.
And the ones that was in the
area of the ladder being place,
mostly survived.

The bummer was when we
got done. Washed the brushes,
clean up the area, and put every
thing away... we discovered one
of the windows, doesn't have
paint on the lower 1/3. Got to
do the trim on the garage
tomorrow, so will catch that
as well.

The bum part is that it doesn't
look much different than it did
before. Just looks cleaner.
That is because we used the
same color that the house was
before. Just the blue is more blue
where as the old trim was kind of
a blue-grey color. But it does look

Both of us have new respect for
painter. We figured they made
pretty good money for just going
in and painting. What we didn't know
was the prep work is a doozy.

Hours of power washing, scrapping,
caulking, and taping, and covering
windows, and outside lights and etc.

We forgot to cover the deck and
front porch... figured what the heck,
it can't be bad.. well, it is.. as there
is back spray dots everywhere. Oh
well, the deck need to be painted any
way. And the front porch could use a
extra coat of paint.

But at least this big goal is done.
The rest are small potatoes after
this one. Next year it will be the
small windows.

We did pretty good for the big
projects goals. Wanted the
house painted, and the big
window replaced. And it is done.

I would say, that now we have the
rest of the summer to play. But
now we have no money left after,
the projects. So we will plan a
few day trips. Fishing and etc.

Ah, the glory of being a home
Finish project Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 09, 2006


1940 yacht... same age as I am...but in better condition Posted by Picasa
Paddle boat Posted by Picasa
some of the boats at dock Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 07, 2006

Just for today.. below

. .
. .
. blank page .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. . ...............................................

I always wanted to do that....
so it will have to do until I think
of something of interest...
As today... my grandson and I are
covering windows for the painting.
and then at 11:30 we are off to the
movies. I think grandmothers should
do that, with grandsons... we are
going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean#2.
The first show is at 11:45...have a good
Happy 4oth...Gilbert

Thursday, July 06, 2006

THINK, before you speak

This past holiday there was
a young lady in the parade
in CDA. She is the one who
had gone thru hell last year.

Losing her mother, and two
brothers, in a brutally murder
and kidnapping. She was kidnapped
as well.

Seems there are a lot of people
who don't think her father should
have subject her to the parade.
They referred to it as Parading
-----( I won't use her name).

These people remind me of others,
about 50 years ago. There was a
very famous man in show business.
He found out his son only had a year
left to live. So he decided to travel Europe.

To show his son, everything he could
enjoy and visit. This man and his family
were in to the trip about a month, when
he brought him home.

It had nothing to do with the boys
health. I had to do with the media.

Seems they were reporting, THEY,
thought the man shouldn't do it.
Thought he had done this to get
publicity for himself and his career.
He tried to ignore the press. But it
was everywhere. In his own country,
and Europe papers carried the story
of what they thought of it all. They
hounded him everywhere he and his
family went. Taking pictures and all.

His own country.. the people who
paid to go to the movies to laugh
at him. Who watched him on
television and went to his live
shows... the public let him down
with this vicious story that grew.

So sadly, he took his son home,
to get away from the reporters.
And the boy died a year later...
at home. What a heart break it
was. The man had wealth to be
able to take his son everywhere he
wanted to go. Do what ever he wanted
to do... but those who THOUGHT they
knew...condemn him.. accused him
of selfishness. All he wanted to do was
make his son happy.

That man was Red Skelton.

So think about it... maybe some
one asked Steve if he and his daughter
wanted to be in the parade.
Maybe Steve asked his daughter how
she felt about it. And as a child, she
was thrilled at the thought of it. After
all what child wouldn't want to be in a
parade?? Steve just wants to have his
daughter be happy.

Why must others try to spoil it?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Good Morning Clark Fork, Idaho

Vets, marching and firing guns. Posted by Picasa

It is the morning of the 4th
of July....

It was 8:45 a.m. when we arrived,
to find a good spot to sit along
the road. It was easy, as not
many had showed up yet.

That didn't last for long. As
the street was fully lined by
9:10 a.m. Young and old alike.

Some would like to say that
Clark Fork was picked up out
of Georgia and placed down in
Idaho. I guess because the mode
of travel is about 1/4 ..4 wheelers.
And how wild the natives get some

Clark Fork, normally is like that
of the Cheers bar. Where everyone
knows your name. And if they
don't, then you don't live there.

But on the 4th of July, Clark Fork,
is the place to be. All kinds are
there. Tall, short, all kinds of
nationalities, young, old and
the Redneck of Clark Fork
who are friendly to all
of these folks who invade their
town once a year.

We did not see a police officer
of any kind. Nor a traffic director,
yet, everyone went up and down
the road. Across the road, and
no near misses. Everyone and
I do mean everyone...looked
out for each other.

The Parade started near the
starting time of 9:30 a.m. Well,
I guess in some ways it did start
on time. See it started with a bang.
Several bangs... many bangs.
That was the Veterans marching with
the flag and shooting off their guns
into the air. Slowly they marched up
the first 3 blocks. Repeatly firing. And
then on down the road to the rest of
the parade route.

Why does that seem unusual? Well,
to be honest with isn't for
Clark Fork, Idaho. But the nation
has been shutting down having
real firearms around crowds, and
that means parades as well, if not
more so. This is Clark Fork, saying
NO... We have always had fire
arms... and will continue to do so.

As each vehicle, horses, and floats,
went by, candy and yo yo's were throw
to the kids in the crowd. Those kids
will have enough for a sugar high to last
until Halloween. Everyone was chipping
in. There were a few that came to me, and
quite a few that came to the King. So we
handed them back to the kids in the second
row. And then got up, so the kids could
pass thru to get their own. Their shyness
in the beginning, gave away to desire for
the fun of it all.

It was just a great time. The food was
going as soon as the parade ended.
Which was firemen handing out hats,
to the kids. Which was good as the
kids needed something for their candy

People milled around, talking, hugging
long lost friends. Kids got ready for their
races. The raise of yells and cheers for
their wins was wonderful.

This was a good old fashion, small
town USA... celebrating in the best of
ways. Like it use to be. We saw a little
guy with yellow curly hair trying to push
as much candy as he could in his pockets.
We saw a young boy about 8, giving a little
girl about 4 or 5, a fireman's hat, when he
saw she didn't get one.

We had a cook out to go to, so
we bide our friends, who we came
across after the parade, good bye.

And as we traveled down Highway
200... we were the only ones going
West. Everyone was staying in
Clark Fork for the rest of the celebration.
They have a fantastic fireworks...

Thank you Clark Fork, it was
everything ...everyone told me it
would be.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stuffing pockets full of candy Posted by Picasa
My Honorable Mention choice Posted by Picasa
My first choice for top prize in Ugliest Truck Posted by Picasa
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HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to you all

Some one sent this to me,
this week... if is fitting for

In 1812, the United States went to
war with Great Britain, primarily over
freedom of the seas. We were in the
right. For two years, we held off the
British, even though we were still a
rather weak country. Great Britain
was in a life and death struggle with
Napoleon. In fact, just as the United
States declared war, Napoleon marched
off to invade Russia. If he won, as
everyone expected, he would control
Europe, and Great Britain would be
isolated. It was no time for her to be
involved in an American war. At first,
our seamen proved better than the
British. After we won a battle on
Lake Erie in 1813, the American
commander, Oliver Hazard Perry,
sent the message, "We have met the
enemy and they are ours." However,
the weight of the British navy beat
down our ships eventually. New England,
hard-hit by a tightening blockade,
threatened secession. Meanwhile,
Napoleon was beaten in Russia and
in 1814 was forced to abdicate.
Great Britain now turned its attention
to the United States, launching a
three-pronged attack. The northern
prong was to come down Lake Champlain
toward New York and seize parts
of New England. The southern prong
was to go up the Mississippi, take
New Orleans and paralyze the west.
The central prong was to head for
the mid-Atlantic states and then attack
Baltimore, the greatest port south
of New York. If Baltimore was taken,
the nation, which still hugged the
Atlantic coast, could be split in two.
The fate of the United States, then,
rested to a large extent on the success
or failure of the central prong. The
British reached the American coast,
and on August 24, 1814, took
Washington, D.C. Then they moved
up the Chesapeake Bay toward Baltimore.
On September 12, they arrived and
found 1,000 men in Fort McHenry,
whose guns controlled the harbor.
If the British wished to take Baltimore,
they would have to take the fort.
On one of the British ships was an aged
physician, William Beanes, who had
been arrested in Maryland and brought
along as a prisoner. Francis Scott Key,
a lawyer and friend of the physician,
had come to the ship to negotiate his release.
The British captain was willing, but the
two Americans would have to wait. It was
now the night of September 13, and the
bombardment of Fort McHenry was
about to start. As twilight deepened,
Key and Beanes saw the American
flag flying over Fort McHenry. Through
the night, they heard bombs bursting
and saw the red glare of rockets. They
knew the fort was resisting and the
American flag was still flying. But toward
morning the bombardment ceased, and
a dread silence fell. Either Fort McHenry
had surrendered and the British flag flew
above it, or the bombardment had failed
and the American flag still flew. As dawn
began to brighten the eastern sky, Key
and Beanes stared out at the fort, trying
to see which flag flew over it. He and the
physician must have asked each other
over and over, "Can you see the flag?"
After it was all finished, Key wrote a
four stanza poem telling the events
of the night.
Called "The Defense of Fort McHenry,"
it was published in newspapers and
swept the nation. Someone noted
that the words fit an old English
tune called, "To Anacreon in Heaven"
-- a difficult melody with an
uncomfortably large vocal range.
For obvious reasons, Key's work
became known as "The Star Spangled Banner,"
and in 1931 Congress declared
it the official anthem of the United
States. Now that you know the story,
here are the words. Presumably, the
old doctor is speaking. This is what
he asks Key:
Oh! say, can you see, by the dawn's
early light, What so proudly we
hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
through the perilous fight, O'er the
ramparts we watched were so gallantly
streaming? And the rocket's red glare,
the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof
thro' the night that our flag was still
Oh! say, does that star-spangled banner
yet wave, O'er the land of the free and
the home of the brave?
("Ramparts," in case you don't know,
are the protective walls or other
elevations that surround a fort.)
The first stanza asks a question.
The second gives an answer:
On the shore, dimly seen thro'
the mist of the deep Where the
foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze,
o'er the towering steep. As it fitfully blows,
half conceals, half discloses? Now it
catches the gleam of the morning's first
beam, In full glory reflected, now
shines on the stream 'Tis the star-spangled banner.
Oh! long may it wave O'er the land
of the free and the home of the brave!
"The towering steep" is again, the
ramparts. The bombardment has failed,
and the British can do nothing more
but sail away, their mission a failure.
In the third stanza I feel Key allows
himself to gloat over the American
triumph. In the aftermath of the
bombardment, Key probably was in
no mood to act otherwise? During
World War I when the British were
our Staunchest allies, this third stanza
was not sung. However, I know it, so
here it is:
And where is that band who
so vauntingly swore That the havoc of
war and the battle's confusion A home
and a country should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out their foul
footstep's pollution. No refuge could
save the hireling and slave From the
terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in
triumph doth wave O'er the land of
the free and the home of the brave.
(The fourth stanza, a pious hope for
the future, should be sung more slowly
than the other three and with even
deeper feeling): Oh! thus be it ever,
when freemen shall stand Between
their loved homes and the war's desolation,
Blest with victory and peace, may the
Heaven - rescued land Praise the
Power that hath made and preserved
us a nation. Then conquer we must,
for our cause is just, And this be our
motto --"In God is our trust." And the
star-spangled banner in triumph doth
wave O'er the land of the free and the
home of the brave. I hope you will
look at the national anthem with new
eyes. Listen to it, the next time you
have a chance, with new ears.
Pay attention to the words. And
don't let them ever take it away ...
not even one word of it.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Home Improvements/summer project

I have new respect for house
painters. I thought they showed
up and then sprayed the paint and

What I obviously didn't see is the
prep work. It seems the prep work
is where all the actual work is.

See we have been power washing
the outside walls. Then scrapping
the old loose paint off. Actually I
should say the King and Grandson
have done this.

Then the caulking. What miserable
work. First day started with Grandson
and the King. Then I joined that afternoon
after Grandson went home. The caulking
isn't quite so bad, it is the clean up that
is. Seems the stuff gets everywhere. So
you end up rubbing it off your arm, legs,
and hands.. Especially the hands.

We took a break to go see the Fly in
to Sandpoint. Lots of planes, all kinds,
and crowds. Then we went over to
Quest, which is the up and coming
company of Sandpoint. They make
planes for missionaries. It was a nice

Then the King and I came home and
did a few hours of caulking. And started
again yesterday early morning while it was
still cool. Hours and hours of it. Then the
King made a few remarks, so I told him...
the old saying he has used to get out of
inside work...


He came in a couple hours later, and
we sat down to dinner. We thought
we were done. But in our walk around
we found the area he did the upper work,
the lower work wasn't done. Guess this
got lost in the break time we did on Sat.
So today, we have the last wall to do.
Should go fairly fast, being it is the lower

THEN... it is paint time. 3 days of
prep, and then 2 hours of painting.
According to the King... well the main
painting that is... there is the trim, of

After that, is several other projects, but
this is the major one, and it will be good
to have it done. And we haven't killed
each other in the process.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

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Up, Up and Away...lift off Posted by Picasa
US Navy...oldy but goody Posted by Picasa
Stub nose  Posted by Picasa
Quest .....the new company in Sandpoint Posted by Picasa
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Fly in at Sandpoint Airport Posted by Picasa