Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Don Quixote, am I ??

I have been wondering.. do I
call this..To pole or Not to Pole
or No One Really Cares.

There was notice of a public hearing
over a pole that the school district
wants to have to further the use of
computers for the children and the
staff. The system they have right now
according to the builder of the pole,
is antiquate at best. This way they will
be able to communicate with each
school far better than now.

Then the part of the hearing where
the public can talk. I had put up the
notice on the post office window, for
all to see. I made copies and gave
them to my neighbors.

Yet, there I was like Don Quixote
fighting the windmills with a sword,
and his horse. All alone.

So I stood up, and stated my name.
And I asked question .. I had 5 such
question.. And my opinion that it
wasn't going to beautify the town.
We are a small town of 3 blocks
by 8 blocks..

But the man answered all the
questions. Safe yes, children
can't climb it as it is a smooth
metal pole. First handles are
20 feet up in the air.

Yes, it is FAA approved for height.
The school board has approved it.
The Federal Government has gave
a grant to pay for it, so it isn't out
of the towns taxes or schools.

Why close to the school, because
that is where the need is and the
fibred optic wire is expensive...thousands
per mile. No the town doesn't get
to use it.. it is for the school district.

And satellites aren't high enough, so
we have to have a 120 foot pole.

The council asked questions and for
the kids sake... it was passed as
anything for the education for the kids
it is good.

I wonder...how much is property in
Montana? Because my little town,
is getting more like a city each year.

I am kidding....I think.

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