Monday, July 10, 2006

House Painting

The project is done for the most
part. We got the house painted.
And we didn't kill each other in
the process. And the flowers
around the house that had to
be pulled away are still alive.
And the ones that was in the
area of the ladder being place,
mostly survived.

The bummer was when we
got done. Washed the brushes,
clean up the area, and put every
thing away... we discovered one
of the windows, doesn't have
paint on the lower 1/3. Got to
do the trim on the garage
tomorrow, so will catch that
as well.

The bum part is that it doesn't
look much different than it did
before. Just looks cleaner.
That is because we used the
same color that the house was
before. Just the blue is more blue
where as the old trim was kind of
a blue-grey color. But it does look

Both of us have new respect for
painter. We figured they made
pretty good money for just going
in and painting. What we didn't know
was the prep work is a doozy.

Hours of power washing, scrapping,
caulking, and taping, and covering
windows, and outside lights and etc.

We forgot to cover the deck and
front porch... figured what the heck,
it can't be bad.. well, it is.. as there
is back spray dots everywhere. Oh
well, the deck need to be painted any
way. And the front porch could use a
extra coat of paint.

But at least this big goal is done.
The rest are small potatoes after
this one. Next year it will be the
small windows.

We did pretty good for the big
projects goals. Wanted the
house painted, and the big
window replaced. And it is done.

I would say, that now we have the
rest of the summer to play. But
now we have no money left after,
the projects. So we will plan a
few day trips. Fishing and etc.

Ah, the glory of being a home

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