Monday, July 03, 2006

Home Improvements/summer project

I have new respect for house
painters. I thought they showed
up and then sprayed the paint and

What I obviously didn't see is the
prep work. It seems the prep work
is where all the actual work is.

See we have been power washing
the outside walls. Then scrapping
the old loose paint off. Actually I
should say the King and Grandson
have done this.

Then the caulking. What miserable
work. First day started with Grandson
and the King. Then I joined that afternoon
after Grandson went home. The caulking
isn't quite so bad, it is the clean up that
is. Seems the stuff gets everywhere. So
you end up rubbing it off your arm, legs,
and hands.. Especially the hands.

We took a break to go see the Fly in
to Sandpoint. Lots of planes, all kinds,
and crowds. Then we went over to
Quest, which is the up and coming
company of Sandpoint. They make
planes for missionaries. It was a nice

Then the King and I came home and
did a few hours of caulking. And started
again yesterday early morning while it was
still cool. Hours and hours of it. Then the
King made a few remarks, so I told him...
the old saying he has used to get out of
inside work...


He came in a couple hours later, and
we sat down to dinner. We thought
we were done. But in our walk around
we found the area he did the upper work,
the lower work wasn't done. Guess this
got lost in the break time we did on Sat.
So today, we have the last wall to do.
Should go fairly fast, being it is the lower

THEN... it is paint time. 3 days of
prep, and then 2 hours of painting.
According to the King... well the main
painting that is... there is the trim, of

After that, is several other projects, but
this is the major one, and it will be good
to have it done. And we haven't killed
each other in the process.

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Hope you post a picture...