Friday, July 21, 2006

Project Finished...

Some time this weekend, I
hope to put up a couple of
pictures of the project....

It is done.. Thank God, and
Greyhound... and grandson.
We did the final wall today.
Put up the pictures, and etc.

Got the stuff clean and put away.
Now to wait until 5 tonight.. and see
what the King has to say.

My daughter said she isn't fond of
orange..(lower cupboard in kitchen),
told her, that is ok, as mine was
tangerine. lol.... slight difference.

I am glad it is over.. and I think I
will rest of my laurels next week.
I am beat. So going to go hit the
shower... try to get these tiny
dots of beige paint off my body.

Also you will see I added That's life,
back in my line of links... Amy is back
with a vengeance... researching her family
and her husbands.. AND she will help you
too. Right now is the time to get help from
her, as she is practicing, but after she gets
her license, she will be charging.

So if you want to know .. is your great
granddad a horse thief, or a wicked used
car salesmen, or a Prince.. this is the time
to ask Amy to help you. Go click on her
site. She help me, and my family find out
that we had connections back to the 1770's
which open doors for scholarship for my

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amyrebba said...

Oh my God, you're a dear. I laughed so hard I have tears in my eye, or is that from my daughter playing "Elmo Love you" over and over again. Thanks for you support! I am glad that I was able to help you. I sure do enjoy the hunt.

By the way we have a remodle porject of our own going. I hope this time my hubby finishes it. He has build out and will put windows in my new bay window nook, I guess you'd call it, a new big huge porch and a new front lawn raised up with a rock wall. It's coming along beautifully. I'll have to post pictures as well on my blog when we are done.