Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Good Morning Clark Fork, Idaho

Vets, marching and firing guns. Posted by Picasa

It is the morning of the 4th
of July....

It was 8:45 a.m. when we arrived,
to find a good spot to sit along
the road. It was easy, as not
many had showed up yet.

That didn't last for long. As
the street was fully lined by
9:10 a.m. Young and old alike.

Some would like to say that
Clark Fork was picked up out
of Georgia and placed down in
Idaho. I guess because the mode
of travel is about 1/4 ..4 wheelers.
And how wild the natives get some

Clark Fork, normally is like that
of the Cheers bar. Where everyone
knows your name. And if they
don't, then you don't live there.

But on the 4th of July, Clark Fork,
is the place to be. All kinds are
there. Tall, short, all kinds of
nationalities, young, old and
the Redneck of Clark Fork
who are friendly to all
of these folks who invade their
town once a year.

We did not see a police officer
of any kind. Nor a traffic director,
yet, everyone went up and down
the road. Across the road, and
no near misses. Everyone and
I do mean everyone...looked
out for each other.

The Parade started near the
starting time of 9:30 a.m. Well,
I guess in some ways it did start
on time. See it started with a bang.
Several bangs... many bangs.
That was the Veterans marching with
the flag and shooting off their guns
into the air. Slowly they marched up
the first 3 blocks. Repeatly firing. And
then on down the road to the rest of
the parade route.

Why does that seem unusual? Well,
to be honest with isn't for
Clark Fork, Idaho. But the nation
has been shutting down having
real firearms around crowds, and
that means parades as well, if not
more so. This is Clark Fork, saying
NO... We have always had fire
arms... and will continue to do so.

As each vehicle, horses, and floats,
went by, candy and yo yo's were throw
to the kids in the crowd. Those kids
will have enough for a sugar high to last
until Halloween. Everyone was chipping
in. There were a few that came to me, and
quite a few that came to the King. So we
handed them back to the kids in the second
row. And then got up, so the kids could
pass thru to get their own. Their shyness
in the beginning, gave away to desire for
the fun of it all.

It was just a great time. The food was
going as soon as the parade ended.
Which was firemen handing out hats,
to the kids. Which was good as the
kids needed something for their candy

People milled around, talking, hugging
long lost friends. Kids got ready for their
races. The raise of yells and cheers for
their wins was wonderful.

This was a good old fashion, small
town USA... celebrating in the best of
ways. Like it use to be. We saw a little
guy with yellow curly hair trying to push
as much candy as he could in his pockets.
We saw a young boy about 8, giving a little
girl about 4 or 5, a fireman's hat, when he
saw she didn't get one.

We had a cook out to go to, so
we bide our friends, who we came
across after the parade, good bye.

And as we traveled down Highway
200... we were the only ones going
West. Everyone was staying in
Clark Fork for the rest of the celebration.
They have a fantastic fireworks...

Thank you Clark Fork, it was
everything ...everyone told me it
would be.

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stebbijo said...

Glad you had a good time there. You paint a rosy picture. I guess, I know more of the 'underlying current' if the real events that go on there. At one time I used to sell tshirts and raise money for the 4th for that day -- for the Rod and Gun Club. Also, raised a few dollars for the ambulance.

Anyway, I am into selling Clark Fork now for free. It has never been about the money with me but the ethics of good business. I just want to help those poor real estate agents and help those needy folks make a buck. I am sure folks won't object. Go check out my latest find on my blog.

I did not know the Veterans were shooting their guns now -- that is new. God, I hope most of them have good eyesight.

P.S. There are police officers in Clark Fork -- you just don't know who they are. If something goes wrong, one of the natives will take charge and get a hold of the proper authorities -- even if it is not true.