Monday, November 30, 2015 many are there?

According to one of the sites I found, as there
aren't a lot of them.. on homeless, these are the
numbers.. but these are for the end of  2014

overall homeless... over 578,000+ of them 
families is over 67,000
177,000  are shelterless.. meaning nothing..
400+000 are sheltered in warm shelters, or
maybe a car, or old trailer with no hook ups.
Individuals... 362, 000+

this is the shameful numbers...
unaccompanied children and youth... 45,000+
Veterans.... 49,000+

The numbers are hard to pin down. Because there
is no census taken on them every 10 years like there is
for those who are housed.   so the numbers come from
warming shelters,  food lines, in churches.. which is hard
to account for as there are many who are low on funds
but have homes.. that go there as well.   I don't know if
any of these can get any kind of help from the Health
and Welfare Dept. because I think you have to have
an address to apply.  Those who are homeless can't
even afford post office boxes. 

Some school know of some of the children. Who don't
have homes, so live in Mom's car or old broke down
camp trailer.. so don't have addresses. Some schools
are trying to compensate for it, as usually you can't
go to a school district if you can't prove you live in
that district. 

So the above information is just an estimate based
on some areas. So does anyone know just how
many there are?   And if you foolishly think there is
not homeless in your town.. you are a fool.

There are bum jungles that over the years, police have
emptied, only to have them reappear or moved to another

Most of us use to think of the homeless as drunken bums.. or
drugged out bums... male as well as female. But the
picture has changed over the years.  As there are families.
There are even themselves and with one
parent.  They are there because the parents lost their job.
so couldn't afford to pay rent anymore.  Some of the housing
got out priced as the economy raised, and the low income
housing was replaced by very expensive houses or condo's.
The owner goes where the money is.  Trailer parks are
replaced by fancy homes and apartments. Old hotels have
been remodeled or replaced.. All leaving the barely
renting,with no where to go.

Children like the Veterans, have had trouble adjusting to life,
to the point where the families can't handle it anymore. So
they are told to leave.. but to where?  So we have Veterans
who need help health wise as well as homes.  Both of them
feeling so alone.. hiding where they can to keep warm. Some
of them begging for food and drink.

THESE ARE ALL AMERICANS...  and they are being beat,
 harassed, or just left to sit and regress into themselves.
There is a program that is trying to help the Veterans in SOME areas.
But there is a lot more to be done. A LOT..

So how can we as a nation, slide these people to the side.. Americans
being push to the side... no program that gives them housing, food,
health care, education, nation wide... how can we do this? Push
them to the side and let strangers, foreigners ... refugees come to
our country and pay for their housing, their health programs, their education?  How do we do that?  Doesn't charity start at home?

And  on the edge is thousands, maybe even a million more homes
tittering on the edge... just 3 lost  paycheck from homelessness.

So MR. PRESIDENT.. don't give me this shame thing about how
we don't want to help women and children refugees, and where is
our heart?     Shame on you and all the past Presidents who haven't
fully addressed the homeless.. writing them off as old drunken
men and women who don't want help.   

Maybe the media should show us the people who are homeless. Like
they do for the refugees.  Maybe one of their famous reporters should
do a story on them, from state to state or town to town....
There was a small 10 minute one, on one of the news shows,  on kids
in one school district that was trying to do something about the kids who were homeless and going to their schools.  Keeping them in the school
district system, but didn't see anything about how they were going to
help the one family they did show, who lived in a camper type vehicle.
They didn't show the mother..  I can understand why, ... wanting to
keep some of the dignity knowing she has swallowed a lot of her pride
to even have the kids taped.

No, AMERICAN HOMELESS FIRST.. then refugees, Governors,

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful for this day of Thanksgiving...


Where ever you are.. 
we are wishing you a day of

joy with friends and family.. 
hopefully full of laughter.   

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful for 3

Tomorrow is the big turkey day... and hopefully
everyone has somewhere to go to eat.. Some
chose to eat at home with their spouses.. some
choose to go to a restaurant. 

Most of us have the big table full of food. With family
around.. small and large families.  Ours is small
compared to a lot of years..  We will be 6.. one time
we were up to 17.. and we have a small house..

So for today... I am thankful for the town I live in.
In this day and age, there is so much going on.
So many in fear of their area.. and who come into
their neighborhoods. 
We are lucky in this little tiny town of 600+. We
were at 400 for many years..  But there is homes
being built.  But still we are a very low crime area.
So far.. 
We have great neighbors on all sides and down the
road from us.  We all look out for each other, yet
let each of us live our lives without snooping. Helping
when we can. 

And even though there is a few things in this state,
that drive us all nuts..  it is still a good state. Even with
others coming here and trying to change us to what
they left.. we still are good state.... a beautiful state.
God is surely in the plan, as you look around the
state.. I am sure there are many states with such
beauty,  But we seem to be a little more laid back.
And up here in the Northern end of the state this
surely is true.

And I am thankful to be a citizen of the United States
of America.  Even with all our warts, we still are a
country that comes together when the tough gets
going.  And I wouldn't want to live in any other.   

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful for .... day 2

Today, my thankfulness is for Friends.. I am not talking
about acquaintances.  Acquaintances are worthy to, but
not quite as much as a FRIEND.. 
Acquaintance, is some one you know thru work, or
volunteering, church, any varies ways, of getting to
know people.  You might have lunch with them, but
actually down deep they don't know you.. They know
the top layer.

A FRIEND.. knows you pretty much in and out. They
care enough to call from time to time.. and ask how
you are and truly they want to know.  They are there
to help, be it help with the house work so the two of
you can go somewhere...  They are there when it is
rough, even if they really don't do anything. Some one
to talk to. Thru the bumps of life.  You will hear from
them more when things are rough than when things
are good.  Because they know you need them. Where
as, when things are good, .. they know you are busy and
so are they.   But they are the ones who you don't see
for weeks, months or even years, yet when you sit down
with a cup of coffee in hand, it was like you were talking
to them yesterday. Friend last forever... usually.
I have one from 6th grade.. Alice... I have one when I was
pregnant with my youngest who is 45. That is Pat.
I have two from when I was raising my kids.. that
would be Cherie and Maureen.  I have a gal pal of
10 years, that would be Lorraine.  And then there
is one who we talk on the phone, meet at least once
a year for lunch and email and Facebook. And every
time we talk or have lunch, it is so enjoyable.. as
she is so interesting, does great things and has the
heart of gold and wants to see other succeed. and
that would be Mari...

All of these FRIENDS,  make me what I am.. I am
a better person because of all of these women. And
I hope I am someone they are proud to call Friend
as well. And then if you are really lucky.. you have
a child who you can call Friend as well... this is true
of me as well. I have a daughter who also has a daughter
who is her best friend.

And when you lose one of these friends.. it is like
losing part of you.   One of which I had, was my
husband, Marv.

So if you have a child, or a husband or wife who is
your best friend.. you are so very lucky... And you
don't have to have a lot of friends to be complete.
But have a lot of acquaintances, who think the world
of you, and you of them, also completes your world.  

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thankful for....

As we head into the week of Thanksgiving..
We start to think about what we are grateful
for.. Sometimes around the Thanksgiving table
there are words of thankfulness for these days.

Something we should do every day, not just
once a year.  Especially in these days and times.

So I am going to try to start each day this week,
with what I am thankful for... All it takes is a few
seconds.. and then say it aloud if you can..
While I do say it each morning.. I thank God for
giving me another day.. which at my age is a
big thing.

So for today.. I am most of all things.. thankful
for my family..  I am thankful that my family is
all safe and healthy.  Which is in my nightly prayer.
I am thankful that all my children, and grand children
are doing well.. That all of them and my great grand
children are well.  And a little prayer along with it..
That their lives continue to be safe and healthy even
after my passing..  Which is a big thankfulness and
prayer considering the way the world is going.  I
never take any of this for granted.  It is a great blessing
in my book of life.

I will also add.. I hope and pray that this is true of
your family as well.  

So I am thankful for today.. for my whole family. For
our love of each other, For our respect of each other.
As I look on in wonderment.

What are you thankful for........for today?  


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bring in the refugees? What about our homeless?

In the paper and every other media.. there are
stories about the coming refugees..
Ever since the Paris massacre,
people are having second thoughts..

My own is .. how can we bring in more people
when we can't take care of our own..
We have thousands if not millions of homeless
people..   People living in alleys in boxes,
people sleeping in parks if they aren't run off.
People sleeping in their cars...doorways in cities. 

These people are men, women and CHILDREN.
There was in the news about a school in the
south that is trying to find a way to keep track
of their students.. as they have no addresses.

We have Vets who are homeless as well...How
can that be?  These men and women stood up for
this country, yet their illnesses leave them home
less.  Being jobless, leaves them homeless.

People who got zapped during our economy
and lost their homes.. and jobs.... are homeless.
Ask the government in Hawaii, about their
homeless problem..

So I have to ask you.. how can we push our
own citizens to the side?  How can we say, I
am sorry, we haven't helped you.. but  we
are bring in 10,000 + people from another
country, that by the way, hate us.  How can
we do that?

Some people are trying to make this about
religion.. it isn't about religion.. it is about
where do we get the money to take care
of these new dependants?  We can't even
take care of our own.

When the Vietnamese came in, we gave them
housing.. money for food, cars, and college
scholarships... Free and clear.. no student loan
like the Americans and some of them Vietnam be paid back.  We have done the same
for Haiti, and I am not sure about the 1955
Hungarians who came here in the thousands.
Why can't we take care of our own?

The other thing that bothers me is... in the beginning
they should show children.. walking.. with mothers
and some with both parents.. that was the first couple
of days.
Now you see 99% men.. some of them very outwardly
angry men...  Are these too, coming to our shores?

But the bottom line for me is .. take care of our own,
FIRST. When we no longer have homeless in our country.
When every child has a roof over his head, and food
for his body, and an education.. THEN we might think
about bringing in new dependants. Only then.. Other
wise we are just slapping the homeless Americans
across the face and telling they don't matter.

SHAME ON US!!!!!..


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Delayed by storm....

We had a storm come in last night. The winds were
heavy in some places.. we got up to 30 mph at one
time..   But other areas had in the 50's and some even
almost 70..   Now where I come from.. (the East Coast)
that is what we call a hurricane.

There is no school in our area, as there are so many
without electric.  We lost ours for about 4 and half hours.
We got it back for 2 minutes.. just long enough for me to
set all the clocks and as I was heading back to bed..everything
went black again.   Surprising how quiet everything is.

But we regain electric at 11:30pm.. and this time I waited
10 minutes before I set all the clocks again.. Blinking
clocks drive me crazy..   and the King depends on them
for getting up in the morning..  Well, not so much
depends on them, but when he wakes up for a bit, he
can see how much more time he has before he gets up at
2:30am.  He has an battery alarm clock, but he wakes
before it goes off..  Which I am grateful for, as he has a
Sponge Bob alarm clock from the days of his passion of
Sponge Bob with our grandson.  So being woke at 2:30 am
to "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Sponge Bob, Sponge Bob, Sponge Bob Square Pants!"

This morning he got up and went to work, only  to find
out that the school is closed.. so he stayed long enough
to tell the drivers that didn't get the message... that there
is no school, so go home and back to bed.  Bus drivers
come in about 5 to 5:30am.. to head out.  And the King
was home by 6:00am.. and asleep in the chair as I got up
at 7. I was woke at 5:15am by the school district auto call
that calls the house as well as his cell phone, but went back
to sleep.

Today is clean up day.. and Avista is working hard to get

everybody back up on line, with their electricity. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The draft...

Does anyone remember why they stopped the draft?
I know it wasn't a very popular program. 
Not everyone got drafted from what I remembered.
You had to sign up for the draft after you reach the
age of 18.  That was males only, but for the life of
me, I don't know why women weren't drafted as

Then you only went in, if your number/name came
up in the lottery of picks.  So not every one went.
There was deferments for those in college and or
married with children.  And you remained on the
list from 18 to 25, if I recall right.  I don't recall
the draft being for the Air Force, Marines or even
the Coast Guard.  It was for  the Army.  Don't know
why that is so.

But sometimes as I see the younger generation, I
wonder if stopping the draft was such a bad idea.
The Army made men out of boys.  And as we see
a lot of young men who don't get good jobs, end
up in a lot of trouble.  So maybe we wouldn't
have so many guys in jail or prison, if the draft
was still available.   I know there was a time when
judges would have young men volunteer to join
up, .... it was either that or go to jail.. And 99%
chose the Army.  Maybe if it came back, they
could lower the age to 17, if you dropped out of
high school.

Maybe if we had the draft back and have the deferment
be .... in college, married with 2 or more children... or
a good paying job, and living on your own.  After all
in the Army, there was a lot of vocations that were
trained there to chose from.  So they got a profession
while serving.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The times are changing...

You have to be hid under a rock, not to know what
went on this weekend in Paris...

The word is 129 died...and much more wounded.
And of the 8 terrorist, 6 are dead, and 1 is caught
and one is on the run...out of France, and they were
thisclose to getting that they had him stopped
and for some reason didn't get it and let him pass.

The reports are up and down, what is truth and what is
rumors..  But are they telling us that only 8 terrorist
brought on all this mayhem?  Surely there had to be
more.. or was it the element of surprise got them as
far as it did?  Luckily the police were faster...

These days.. fighting, terrorist, wars are all different
from what we are use to.. 
Indians and Calvary.. leathers and blue suits and cowboy
Civil war.. union blue and rebel grey...
WW I and WW II it was the uniform differences.
Same with Korean war (it was not a policing...they
shot each other.. that is war)
Vietnam was a little different.. but still the uniforms.
But now?  they only thing that seems to be the same
all the countries are  in their uniforms. Ours, France,
Germany and etc. and the MidEastern's look like every
one else in their country. So our allies and the rest can't
tell who is who.. but they sure know who we are.

Then you take the renegades terrorist.. They look like
any other MidEasterner.. So is it a terrorist, or is it the
local doctor or welder or what ever?  

And when they come to the other countries.. every
Midwesterner is suspicious.  They must know what
it felt like to be Japanese during WWII..  With the
exception that they aren't rounded up and put in camps.

I hate to see what is coming.. where next?  are we next?
Will it be something like Paris.. or bigger like the Super
bowl..  scares me to even think about it..  We might
cuss the HOMELAND SECURITY.. but so far, they
have kept us safe.  So far..  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

More things I won't be able to do...

I have written before how electronic are starting
to baffle me..  That the smart phones are so
way far smarter than I am.
Computers are starting to run away from me as
well.  Movie cameras have left me in the dust.

All of these are disconcerting for me.. but
it has come to me, there is one more.. that I
have not thought about.  That is cars.
The new and improved, no key cars are going
so much into computer that I have realized
that I will never be able to have a new car.
Not that I can afford one...but even if I won
one free and clear...  I would have to take
driving lessons all over.  I would know how
to drive it down the road.  I just wouldn't
know how to start it up.

With that comes the realization, that not
only would I not be able to buy a new car...
but I would not be able to lease/rent a car.
Unless they have an older one. But in the
future.. I would be lost.

I wish the high schools would have night
school for those of my age.  To have different
computerize classes..  One for the Windows 10
and then one for smart phones... and now add
new cars systems as well.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Today sadden me..

Today is Veteran's Day... and some places will honor
those who have served and are still serving...

But it sadden me because the students are in school today.
The banks are closed, the post office is closed.. so tell me
why is it the students are in school?  Hopefully the
school are having an assembly for a program.. honoring
local veterans.  Hopefully they understand from the time
of World War I, World War II, Korean war (no I don't call
it a police action, when they are shooting at each other...
and then there is the Vietnam War...and I don't know what
they call this we are doing now.. it is war.. but not like the
war of years ago, where you go after each other, shooting
it out.. this war is so much different...  And our soldier,
our troops, need to be honored... by all.  And because they
have gone ... our youth who volunteered.. who were not
drafted... have stepped up for you and I. THANK YOU..

So to all of you who have served... and to all of you who
are serving now... We thank you for your service.. and we
are sorry that you have to be put in such a position. We can
only hope that some day.. people will stop hating others..
But in the meantime.. THANK YOU.. ALL OF YOU..

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The more I learn... the less I know.

When it comes to electronic type thing, I
am at a lost. Be it learning a new camera,
cell phone, computer and etc..

Then throw in the new stuff on the computer.
I manage Facebook, but that is sooooooooooo
yesterday.  There is Twitter, Instragram, the
Cloud, AND so much more.

I was reading in Time magazine about a new
one (geesh, guys, I am still trying to adjust to
the old) called Slack.  This is so new but it has
a great following already... a lot of businesses
use it.  From the article I take it is a huge
business step.  Looks like 80 or more per cent
is on the business front. But that doesn't mean
the average person...... well, I should correct
that.. the average techie person.. uses it too.
And slowly or not, fast coming up will be
the people who use Facebook, Twitter and
Instragram, and these, will be history as well.
The name of the article by the way is..
EMAIL KILLERS...  and I have to be honest..
I don't do anywhere as much email as I use to
before Facebook.. I use Facebook message a lot
more.  With so many people doing Facebook
on their phones (not me.. I don't have a cell phone)
that you get an answer a lot faster.   And especially
now, because people check their message area, but
hardly ever check their emails.

I feel like a person who is still doing her wash
in an old Maytag wringer washer... while the rest
of the world is doing their wash, by putting their
dirty wash on a hanger, and press the button, and
the clothes go thru a closet and come out the other
side clean and press and in to your clothes closet.
(you can bet some day that will be the way of the world)

As it is.. I went into Staples to look and drool over their
large tablets.. which I would like to have one. A 10 incher.
But I will have to buy one at a hock shop, with Windows 7
in it... because the world is up with Windows 10 and it is
so way different from what I know.  My laptop is a 7, and
heard that Windows 8 was a mess.. so had no desire to get
one.  Now every computer has a pop up of FREE WINDOWS
10.. well, for me.. not even for free.  There are people who
are having trouble with 10.. besides just watching the gal
explain it to me.. I got a head ache.. AND there is NO office
program anymore.. so no free typing of letters and etc. That is
extra. about $100 extra.. and no more cd or dvd players and
recorders.. don't know if they just did away with it.. or you
have to pay extra for that.     I like my Windows 7.  I am use
to my WINDOWS 7....   and like a typical New Englander..
I don't like change.. especially when it gives me head aches
to just watch someone else do it.  So guess I will keep checking
the hock shops for a tablet... with Windows 7 in it.  and so far.
my laptop is doing fine.. and I can make dvd's, and I can make
cd's and I can type a letter if I want to... which by the way
that is a old one too.. I think it is Office 2000, which I installed
because some one got a new computer and gave me their cd
of it.

Yep, the more I learn,  the less I know..

Monday, November 09, 2015


For someone my age, I can't understand how
we got to where we are with the handling those
who don't take responsibility for their actions.

The media and people jump past the start of a
problem and hit hard.. real hard on the outcome
of a situation. Forgetting the start.
 And the police are coming up on
the short end of the stick.  Along with society.

Take the Ferguson situation.  The police officer
lost his job. It effected his family and their income.
I don't know if he moved out of the town or the
state.  I don't understand how this happen. 
We know now, that the young man with his pal
stole from a store just minutes before. He was
stopped by the police officer.  The police
officer asked him to stop, so he could talk to
him.  The rest is murky... but what it amounts
to is.. the young man came at the police officer,
not in a friendly manner. In fact to such a menacing
manner that the officer pulled out his gun.. Once
again the rest is murky, as there are two stories,
but the evident leans in favor of the officer. But
because it was turn into a racy situation with riots,
the whole story boils down to what the officer did
which was shot the young man.  Nothing about
how the officer got in that position in the first
place. And his whole life with his family is washed
down the toilet.

There are many other stories, that have come to light
since thing for other people, mostly blacks that have
been shot, but nothing about how or what the officer
was put in to that situation. All of them was the person
ran, or attacked, rather than do just what the officer asked.

Then we have the young lady situation with the police
officer in the school.  The young lady was in position
to stop the situation 3 times.. 3 times!!.. She ignored the
teacher who requested she put her phone away while in
class. The situation got worse, so the security officer was
called in.. again the young lady refused and blew off the
person of authority.  So the police were called in. The
officer requested the young lady to put the phone away.
When she refused, he went to take the phone away. She
slugged him, and then what you saw on television proceeded.
The officer lost his job.  Nothing happen to the young lady.

Shortly after, on the social media was a video, of a
student who was punching, throwing a teacher on the
floor and continued to slug him while the teacher tried
to escape and nothing happen. And no other student tried
to help him.  And you wonder why teachers no longer
want to teach.  Between being beaten, and being shot
at, who wants to teach anymore.

Then there is the 15 year old, who was drunk, driving
his truck, with drugs in his system.. who left a party
at his own house, with friends.. to get more beer. He
ran over 4 pedestrians  and hit a truck.. Killing the 4
and the driver of the truck. What happen to him?
Nothing... the judge (surely she had to be paid off by
the wealthy parents)  said because the young man had
not be made responsible all his life, that he doesn't
understand  what he did wrong.  WHAT THE HELL?
NOTHING.. no jail time, no fine, nothing...

CONTROL?  Why is it, no one is held accountable
to their actions?

I am so glad to be living where I am.  And I feel
ashamed to admit, that I want to be like the bird
who hides his head in the sand. I can't do anything
to correct this and no one else seems to want to

Thursday, November 05, 2015


As I strolled thru the house at 0:30 hour this
am... looking at the white on the lawn.. and
some of the flowers frozen... the song came
to mind.   (I remember it being sang in a
movie with, I believe it was sang in  
Neptune's Daughter by Esther Williams in the
late 1940's)

Even the house was so dang cold....then it dawn
on me, the afternoon before was really warm and
I had the door I had turn the furnace
down to 60!!!   HOLY COW.. 
So sapped that baby up to 75...and grabbed
a cup of coffee. 

In the afternoon, I went out to survey the condition
of the remaining flowers.  Dumped the frozen
ones in the compost pile. Still have the ones
next to the deck doing pretty well.  And only
2 left of the in the yard ones.  And the pot with
the raspberry bush that we are going to transplant,
had a slice of ice covering it all.

Had to admit.. it is fall and heading to winter. So
took the remaining table and chairs off the deck
and put them away. That is my way of conceding
to the fact that snow is coming.

Even the windshield had ice on it. So that means
if I want to go anywhere in the morning, I have
to plan on 10 minutes ahead of heading out.. so
I can start the car and run the defroster.

Oh, well... just a mere only 150 days to Spring.
Geesh, 150 days seems like a long time... oh,
its a long, long time from  December to May....

(backwards from the song but true..)  

Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Everyone will be out to get the morning paper.
Those who couldn't stay awake until midnight
to get the results.  Other wise they burnt the
midnight oil, cruising the election sites for
each county.

Our own little town.. well, we knew who
was the winner before the day started. Nope,
we aren't a mail in city.  But we are a low keyed
city.  We had the mayor race, and two council
people..   All unopposed.   So when I went to
the council meeting last night.. I congratulate
all 3 of winning their races by a landside. 
Now the big question will be.. how many of
our town's people actually went out and voted?
The average is 31.  But this was a quiet year.
and a lot of people were not really aware there
was an election going on.

Now Spokane, and Sandpoint, and CdA have had some
heated up politics going on. Especially in
Sandpoint.. the mayor race... which has come
by some really nasty mud slinging garbage,
of robo calls.  Not by the candidates themselves.
But because of one of them had unrequested
helpers who decided to help out.  While both of 
them has said they had nothing to do with this. 
So that leads to who and why.  And they followed
up with a last minute slanderness remarks.   So did
one of them do it to the other guy? Or did that guys
bunch do it so the other one got blamed for it?  Who
knows.. but by this am.. there will be a winner.
And from what I understand.. Sandpoint will
be a winner, no matter which one gets in.. as
they both are nice men and have Sandpoint's
best interest at heart.

So early this am.. there will be winners and there will
be losers..  Sadly the voters will be low.. so the few
will vote in the candidate for the major part of the town.

But don't feel bad.. we will have a whole flaming year
of hearing from the Republicans and Democrats on the

Presidential race.  WHOLE YEAR... (enter sad face)  

Tuesday, November 03, 2015


I hate it when I lose things.. Drives me nuts.
I look in everything .... twice.. some times more,
as if it will appear after I have looked in the pocket
or in the drawer or where ever.
I know it is in the house.. that is given. But where?

We came home  Sunday, from the store.. I had to use the
keys to open the door... so I know.. I know.. they are
here.. somewhere.  I remember bring in the groceries
when I open the door.. and put the keys on the counter
with the groceries .. to go out and get some more.. And
that is the last of my memory.

It doesn't scare me that they are gone, as I know they have
to be here somewhere. We didn't go anywhere after. So where
the heck are they??? good question.

I have looked in my sweater pockets at least 10 times ..
like maybe they will appear. maybe I didn't look deep
enough. I tore the counter apart... no where.

Maybe I should ask St. Anthony the finder of all things.
My Aunt Harriet use to ask his help.  But so far.. nothing.
and they are fairly important keys... so got to find them.

So if you would.. maybe you can ask the powers that be..
if the keys could appear for me.. lol...because so far I

am not doing well on my own

Monday, November 02, 2015


This year is disappearing faster and faster.. I was just getting
my head into fall.. and here we are knocking on winter.

I still have baskets with blooming flowers.. and roses
who are still giving me buds and blossoms...
but I have the feeling that this week will be the end
of them all.. with reports of 32 to 30  for early am
temps.  Have the pots up close to the deck and they
have flowers doing great.. the deck pretty well
protects them..  But those too shall be history this
weeks as well.

Started doing my baking for Christmas gifts.. have
a few other things to do, and I should be ready...
Next rainy day will be large pans of zucchini bread
and the fruitcake cookies.. and for those who don't
like fruitcakes.. these are good as they don't taste
like them.. it is because they do have dried fruit in
them... that they got the name..

Guess I am hoping that winter will go as fast as the
rest of the year has gone..   Thanksgiving will be
here soon.. (3 weeks) and then Christmas will gallop
in... But then we have the dragging of January and

And lots of rainy days between snow. Which I hope

holds off until January.