Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bring in the refugees? What about our homeless?

In the paper and every other media.. there are
stories about the coming refugees..
Ever since the Paris massacre,
people are having second thoughts..

My own is .. how can we bring in more people
when we can't take care of our own..
We have thousands if not millions of homeless
people..   People living in alleys in boxes,
people sleeping in parks if they aren't run off.
People sleeping in their cars...doorways in cities. 

These people are men, women and CHILDREN.
There was in the news about a school in the
south that is trying to find a way to keep track
of their students.. as they have no addresses.

We have Vets who are homeless as well...How
can that be?  These men and women stood up for
this country, yet their illnesses leave them home
less.  Being jobless, leaves them homeless.

People who got zapped during our economy
and lost their homes.. and jobs.... are homeless.
Ask the government in Hawaii, about their
homeless problem..

So I have to ask you.. how can we push our
own citizens to the side?  How can we say, I
am sorry, we haven't helped you.. but  we
are bring in 10,000 + people from another
country, that by the way, hate us.  How can
we do that?

Some people are trying to make this about
religion.. it isn't about religion.. it is about
where do we get the money to take care
of these new dependants?  We can't even
take care of our own.

When the Vietnamese came in, we gave them
housing.. money for food, cars, and college
scholarships... Free and clear.. no student loan
like the Americans and some of them Vietnam be paid back.  We have done the same
for Haiti, and I am not sure about the 1955
Hungarians who came here in the thousands.
Why can't we take care of our own?

The other thing that bothers me is... in the beginning
they should show children.. walking.. with mothers
and some with both parents.. that was the first couple
of days.
Now you see 99% men.. some of them very outwardly
angry men...  Are these too, coming to our shores?

But the bottom line for me is .. take care of our own,
FIRST. When we no longer have homeless in our country.
When every child has a roof over his head, and food
for his body, and an education.. THEN we might think
about bringing in new dependants. Only then.. Other
wise we are just slapping the homeless Americans
across the face and telling they don't matter.

SHAME ON US!!!!!..


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