Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful for .... day 2

Today, my thankfulness is for Friends.. I am not talking
about acquaintances.  Acquaintances are worthy to, but
not quite as much as a FRIEND.. 
Acquaintance, is some one you know thru work, or
volunteering, church, any varies ways, of getting to
know people.  You might have lunch with them, but
actually down deep they don't know you.. They know
the top layer.

A FRIEND.. knows you pretty much in and out. They
care enough to call from time to time.. and ask how
you are and truly they want to know.  They are there
to help, be it help with the house work so the two of
you can go somewhere...  They are there when it is
rough, even if they really don't do anything. Some one
to talk to. Thru the bumps of life.  You will hear from
them more when things are rough than when things
are good.  Because they know you need them. Where
as, when things are good, .. they know you are busy and
so are they.   But they are the ones who you don't see
for weeks, months or even years, yet when you sit down
with a cup of coffee in hand, it was like you were talking
to them yesterday. Friend last forever... usually.
I have one from 6th grade.. Alice... I have one when I was
pregnant with my youngest who is 45. That is Pat.
I have two from when I was raising my kids.. that
would be Cherie and Maureen.  I have a gal pal of
10 years, that would be Lorraine.  And then there
is one who we talk on the phone, meet at least once
a year for lunch and email and Facebook. And every
time we talk or have lunch, it is so enjoyable.. as
she is so interesting, does great things and has the
heart of gold and wants to see other succeed. and
that would be Mari...

All of these FRIENDS,  make me what I am.. I am
a better person because of all of these women. And
I hope I am someone they are proud to call Friend
as well. And then if you are really lucky.. you have
a child who you can call Friend as well... this is true
of me as well. I have a daughter who also has a daughter
who is her best friend.

And when you lose one of these friends.. it is like
losing part of you.   One of which I had, was my
husband, Marv.

So if you have a child, or a husband or wife who is
your best friend.. you are so very lucky... And you
don't have to have a lot of friends to be complete.
But have a lot of acquaintances, who think the world
of you, and you of them, also completes your world.  

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Mari Meehan said...

Thanks, Cis!