Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The draft...

Does anyone remember why they stopped the draft?
I know it wasn't a very popular program. 
Not everyone got drafted from what I remembered.
You had to sign up for the draft after you reach the
age of 18.  That was males only, but for the life of
me, I don't know why women weren't drafted as

Then you only went in, if your number/name came
up in the lottery of picks.  So not every one went.
There was deferments for those in college and or
married with children.  And you remained on the
list from 18 to 25, if I recall right.  I don't recall
the draft being for the Air Force, Marines or even
the Coast Guard.  It was for  the Army.  Don't know
why that is so.

But sometimes as I see the younger generation, I
wonder if stopping the draft was such a bad idea.
The Army made men out of boys.  And as we see
a lot of young men who don't get good jobs, end
up in a lot of trouble.  So maybe we wouldn't
have so many guys in jail or prison, if the draft
was still available.   I know there was a time when
judges would have young men volunteer to join
up, .... it was either that or go to jail.. And 99%
chose the Army.  Maybe if it came back, they
could lower the age to 17, if you dropped out of
high school.

Maybe if we had the draft back and have the deferment
be .... in college, married with 2 or more children... or
a good paying job, and living on your own.  After all
in the Army, there was a lot of vocations that were
trained there to chose from.  So they got a profession
while serving.

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