Monday, November 02, 2015


This year is disappearing faster and faster.. I was just getting
my head into fall.. and here we are knocking on winter.

I still have baskets with blooming flowers.. and roses
who are still giving me buds and blossoms...
but I have the feeling that this week will be the end
of them all.. with reports of 32 to 30  for early am
temps.  Have the pots up close to the deck and they
have flowers doing great.. the deck pretty well
protects them..  But those too shall be history this
weeks as well.

Started doing my baking for Christmas gifts.. have
a few other things to do, and I should be ready...
Next rainy day will be large pans of zucchini bread
and the fruitcake cookies.. and for those who don't
like fruitcakes.. these are good as they don't taste
like them.. it is because they do have dried fruit in
them... that they got the name..

Guess I am hoping that winter will go as fast as the
rest of the year has gone..   Thanksgiving will be
here soon.. (3 weeks) and then Christmas will gallop
in... But then we have the dragging of January and

And lots of rainy days between snow. Which I hope

holds off until January. 

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