Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Everyone will be out to get the morning paper.
Those who couldn't stay awake until midnight
to get the results.  Other wise they burnt the
midnight oil, cruising the election sites for
each county.

Our own little town.. well, we knew who
was the winner before the day started. Nope,
we aren't a mail in city.  But we are a low keyed
city.  We had the mayor race, and two council
people..   All unopposed.   So when I went to
the council meeting last night.. I congratulate
all 3 of winning their races by a landside. 
Now the big question will be.. how many of
our town's people actually went out and voted?
The average is 31.  But this was a quiet year.
and a lot of people were not really aware there
was an election going on.

Now Spokane, and Sandpoint, and CdA have had some
heated up politics going on. Especially in
Sandpoint.. the mayor race... which has come
by some really nasty mud slinging garbage,
of robo calls.  Not by the candidates themselves.
But because of one of them had unrequested
helpers who decided to help out.  While both of 
them has said they had nothing to do with this. 
So that leads to who and why.  And they followed
up with a last minute slanderness remarks.   So did
one of them do it to the other guy? Or did that guys
bunch do it so the other one got blamed for it?  Who
knows.. but by this am.. there will be a winner.
And from what I understand.. Sandpoint will
be a winner, no matter which one gets in.. as
they both are nice men and have Sandpoint's
best interest at heart.

So early this am.. there will be winners and there will
be losers..  Sadly the voters will be low.. so the few
will vote in the candidate for the major part of the town.

But don't feel bad.. we will have a whole flaming year
of hearing from the Republicans and Democrats on the

Presidential race.  WHOLE YEAR... (enter sad face)  

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