Monday, November 30, 2015 many are there?

According to one of the sites I found, as there
aren't a lot of them.. on homeless, these are the
numbers.. but these are for the end of  2014

overall homeless... over 578,000+ of them 
families is over 67,000
177,000  are shelterless.. meaning nothing..
400+000 are sheltered in warm shelters, or
maybe a car, or old trailer with no hook ups.
Individuals... 362, 000+

this is the shameful numbers...
unaccompanied children and youth... 45,000+
Veterans.... 49,000+

The numbers are hard to pin down. Because there
is no census taken on them every 10 years like there is
for those who are housed.   so the numbers come from
warming shelters,  food lines, in churches.. which is hard
to account for as there are many who are low on funds
but have homes.. that go there as well.   I don't know if
any of these can get any kind of help from the Health
and Welfare Dept. because I think you have to have
an address to apply.  Those who are homeless can't
even afford post office boxes. 

Some school know of some of the children. Who don't
have homes, so live in Mom's car or old broke down
camp trailer.. so don't have addresses. Some schools
are trying to compensate for it, as usually you can't
go to a school district if you can't prove you live in
that district. 

So the above information is just an estimate based
on some areas. So does anyone know just how
many there are?   And if you foolishly think there is
not homeless in your town.. you are a fool.

There are bum jungles that over the years, police have
emptied, only to have them reappear or moved to another

Most of us use to think of the homeless as drunken bums.. or
drugged out bums... male as well as female. But the
picture has changed over the years.  As there are families.
There are even themselves and with one
parent.  They are there because the parents lost their job.
so couldn't afford to pay rent anymore.  Some of the housing
got out priced as the economy raised, and the low income
housing was replaced by very expensive houses or condo's.
The owner goes where the money is.  Trailer parks are
replaced by fancy homes and apartments. Old hotels have
been remodeled or replaced.. All leaving the barely
renting,with no where to go.

Children like the Veterans, have had trouble adjusting to life,
to the point where the families can't handle it anymore. So
they are told to leave.. but to where?  So we have Veterans
who need help health wise as well as homes.  Both of them
feeling so alone.. hiding where they can to keep warm. Some
of them begging for food and drink.

THESE ARE ALL AMERICANS...  and they are being beat,
 harassed, or just left to sit and regress into themselves.
There is a program that is trying to help the Veterans in SOME areas.
But there is a lot more to be done. A LOT..

So how can we as a nation, slide these people to the side.. Americans
being push to the side... no program that gives them housing, food,
health care, education, nation wide... how can we do this? Push
them to the side and let strangers, foreigners ... refugees come to
our country and pay for their housing, their health programs, their education?  How do we do that?  Doesn't charity start at home?

And  on the edge is thousands, maybe even a million more homes
tittering on the edge... just 3 lost  paycheck from homelessness.

So MR. PRESIDENT.. don't give me this shame thing about how
we don't want to help women and children refugees, and where is
our heart?     Shame on you and all the past Presidents who haven't
fully addressed the homeless.. writing them off as old drunken
men and women who don't want help.   

Maybe the media should show us the people who are homeless. Like
they do for the refugees.  Maybe one of their famous reporters should
do a story on them, from state to state or town to town....
There was a small 10 minute one, on one of the news shows,  on kids
in one school district that was trying to do something about the kids who were homeless and going to their schools.  Keeping them in the school
district system, but didn't see anything about how they were going to
help the one family they did show, who lived in a camper type vehicle.
They didn't show the mother..  I can understand why, ... wanting to
keep some of the dignity knowing she has swallowed a lot of her pride
to even have the kids taped.

No, AMERICAN HOMELESS FIRST.. then refugees, Governors,

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