Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Modern day technology

Modern day technology...

How can we come so far and yet be
so far behind.

We have modern day communication
works in every line of work. Computers,
cell phones and alike. But try to get thru
on land lines (as we call them now) and
it is the biggest headache.

How many times have you tried to call
an office? It is bad enough when you
have to push 1 for this and 2 for that,
and 3 for another.

But when you have the phone tell you
to push the extension of the person you
want... and you don't have that. Or you
do but it sends you to voice mail. Well,
you needed to talk to a person, so it also
tells you, you can go back and talk to the
receptionist. Which you go back, only to
get another voice mail.

The company is getting ready to close. You
need the answer before it closes. What to do?
You can call again, but same thing. Why is this?
Or you are told to call by a certain time. You do,
and that person has left the office for the day, a
minute before. Even though she knew you were
calling at that time. Frustration is an understatement.

I had such a problem with our local high school to
day. I was to call at 3. I called at 3..could have been
3:01 as one doesn't know with clocks. But the voice
mail informed me that the office closes at 3. Well,
she must have ran out of the office. But anyway it
tells me that my other choice is to call the main
receptionist. Which I did. And got a voice mail.
I left a message, but I finally was desperate enough
to drive down there and show up in person where
they had to deal with me. And they wonder why
the parents are irate by the time they get a human.

My daughter spend 3 hours trying to get thru to
a human, even used their email system.. Still nothing.
Ended up in the office.

But it also made me think... what if the caller had
some important information of a pending tragic
happening... angry ex husband or wife? Or
needed to get ahold of a student because of
an accident? Where is the human who use to
answer the phone?

I know the school has 400+ students with the
possibility of 370+ parents, but there has to be
a better system.

Modern technology.. bah, humbug. Raises my
blood pressure.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


There comes a time when you have to say...
enough is enough.... and I have finally reached
that point.

I have endured 16 months of emails. Some from
Democrats and a lot from Republicans. Lately,
mostly Republicans. Over the 16 months I have
read each one, even though I didn't like them.

I have researched them when they didn't ring
true. I used Factcheck, Truthorfiction and Snopes.
When I found them not to be true... I would sent
the site address for that email story to the sender.
The Democrats were gracious, and some even
thanked me for enlightening them. Sorry to say the
Republicans were not so gracious. As you can tell
from a former post here a week or so ago.

I endured the emails because I wanted to know the
story from each side. And then one day, I declared
that as the head of Cafeteria Party, I had chosen
Obama as my choice. And yet, I still read the anti-
Obama emails just in case I could be wrong. But
as the past month or so has gone by, the emails
are getting more vicious. Nasty. I would search for
the truth of them, coming back as lies or twisted
truths and send them back as such.

But enough is enough, I have finally reached my
saturation point. As I watch the ads I see more
of the hatred show thru on the McCain side especially
thru his VP. So no more... I will not read any more
political email. For those who send them to me..
STOP... I am voting for Obama... you are not going
to change my mind. And I surely don't want to read
anymore anti-Obama lies. I am not going to watch
anymore campaign ads. Heck the Washington State
Governor one is even worse than the Federal ones.

So I say to you all... pass the lies to someone who
cares. I don't... And come Nov. 5th... that morning.
Hopefully we will have this decided. (God forbid, another
Florida mess) and one of us will be smiling. I sure hope it
is me... because I still have "got hope?". But if for some
reason you wake up smiling.... I will go to bed praying.
Praying for McCain's good health for 4 years.
Good luck you all... and don't forget....VOTE!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trust...can be fleeting...

Trust is a very fragile thing. It can take years
to keep going... yet moments to destroy.

Children are given it without reserve until
they reach a certain age. And then they
have to keep this trust going, by earning it.

Children and spouses can have trust all their
lives or they can blow it to bits by just a small
wrong choice on their part. The trust one gives
them, is deep, so the wound is deep as well.

If the trust break is small, then the trust can
be earn back again. But if it is big, it might take
years to earn it again....if ever.

Our trust in government has been broken for
so long, and so deep, I doubt if anyone will
ever believe in it again.

Friday, October 24, 2008

How our lives change

As time goes by your ideas of perfection
or most ideals of life times, changes. As you

As a child it is the latest toy, or a game
with other kids. Your best friend and you..
running, playing, eating lunch. Life is simple.

As a teen, it is acceptance. The latest of
fads, be it you grew up in the 1950's of
Bermuda shorts, skirts, poodle skirts,
jeans and tee shirts. Or 1970's tie-dye
clothes, hippie clothes, or 2008 of jeans
with holes, and I am sure I am out of date
on what is the latest of fashion.

In your 20's it is drinking with friends and
playing ball, which ever kind appeases you.
Dating the hottest of the opposite sex. Sizing
up the mate of a life time.

30's is usually when marriage has been a
few of your years and children are arriving,
so it is earning a good living to give the best
to your family. And yet, still hold out a night
per week or month for friends.

40's you are wondering did you pick out the
best occupation or not, are you growing with
your job, are you giving enough time to your
family. And hopefully divorce hasn't come in
to it. Hopefully you made it thru the teens
with your kids and college is a worry.

50's, is where you wonder where your youth
went, empty nest is in play, grandchildren are
in the mix. The start of a new generation. But
wondering did you lose yourself in the mix of

60's have you wondering did you do it right?
Financially, and family wise. Will you have
your job? Will you be able to retire? What
will you have to give up? Can you make it
as a retired person, what will you do with all
your time? (note: you will find out you don't have
any time, there will be other things that fill you
up). There is the joy of watching your children,
deal with their children. When you find out that
the best revenge you have on your children, are
your grandchildren. And you might even have
great grandchildren... and you learn that the
sound of a babies or young child's laughter is
the best sound in the world. And the smell of
a new born baby is the best smell... All that will
put the biggest smile on your face, no matter
how much of a bad day you had.

70's it is health concerns, but life seems simpler
again. And there are little things that bring you
great joy. Things that "please you". My mother
use to use that term. I didn't understand that at
the time. I do now...

As we get older we pray for good health. To be
able to live at home, and be active in that ever
pleases us. We pray to be able to keep our
mind, and ward off dementia in it's many forms.

Yes, the times are changing....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Housekeeping 101

I have never been a really good housekeeper. So
let's get that out of the way, first. I do a fair job.
Martha Stewart, I am not... more like Maxine of
the cartoons.

But as I have gotten older, I have found out, that
it is eye level housekeeping. And my eye level is
at 5'2" or maybe 5'1 half", as I think I am shrinking.

This goes pass the top of the refrigerator. See if I
don't get up on the little ladder, to get a pan out of
the cupboard above the refrigerator, then I don't see
the top. If you don't see it... it must be clean...right?
Well, you know the answer to that.

But lately it is the below eye level that has got left in
the shuffle. I actually got down on my hands and knees
2 weeks ago, to scrub the floor. And oh, my gosh, the
unknown stuff under the cabinets, under the sink, and
the washboard that goes around the floor edge. I surely
don't want Oprah and her infection crew to take a dab of
the unknown substance that is there. And with me outside,
more than I was inside, well... you really don't want to know.

Guess I better go get the lab experiments out of the back of
the refrigerator... I hate cleaning the refrigerator...the King and
the Grandson, spill stuff back there, and it takes a blow torch
to get it back off the shelf.

Happy 47th Birthday...phw

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Angry Voters

Those who know me, know that I belong to
what I jokingly call the Cafeteria Party. Which
it seems to becoming less of a joke.

It means I am NOT a Republican and I am
NOT a Democrat. I go like a cafeteria, down
the line of candidates and pick and chose
from each side. Whom ever I think will do a
good job.

So that means I have lots of Republican Party
friends and lots of Democrat Party friends. And
I got to tell you, my Democrat Party friends
seem to be a happier bunch. I am sure there
must be a few grouchy Democrats, but I haven't
come across them.

But I am here to tell you, that there hasn't been
one happy Republican Party friend. They either
don't want to talk about politics because they
don't want to hurt my feelings or they out right
tell me, they can't see how I could be so stupid
to want to vote for the Democrat Presidential

I had one of them actually tell me, that if I was
going to vote for Obama, for me to stay at home
and not vote at all.

This person sent me an extreme negative, full
of lies, and half truths about Obama. And when I
wrote back that both candidate had people who were
writing such things, AND pointed out some of the stuff
that was written about McCain,pointing out about
4 or 5 of them. That it was the same as the nasty
one she had sent me. That is going to be a nasty
time before it was over. But all I cared about was
that she voted for her person of choice. That was
the most important thing.

She wrote back, she could not believe that I would
send her such nasty things about McCain. (now
remember she sent one with a heck of a lot more
nasty things about Obama.) And that she plan on
voting as she has voted ever time since she was 18.
(now in her 40's). Then she says..."If your mind is made
up about Obama than I beg you not to vote". Excuse me?
NO ONE TELLS ME NOT TO VOTE... this is from a
person who I call a friend. I would never tell anyone not
to vote, quite the opposite. As you know when you
have read my posts before.

She isn't the only one. Several people who are friends,
have gotten very indigent with me, with just the mere
mention that I liked Obama or they have seen my bumper
sticker of "got hope?". I have even gotten shy about wearing
my Obama cap, because I don't want to hear the viciousness
of it all.

I get thrown under the liberal bus,...given stories of people who
work hard and MY party wants to give the money to the poor
ones who didn't even try.

HELLO, my party??? My party is the best of all, it doesn't
demand money, we are the middle of the pendulum that swings.
We want equality of life for all. We don't believe the government
should be paying for Viagra, birth controls, or cell experiments.
We think all should be taxed the same. We are the middle..
We think there should be equality in education, health, and taxes
for all people.

Why are the Republican Party people so angry?
Maybe it is me... maybe I don't take it so serious. After
all, I know the President isn't that powerful. It is the Congress,
as I have already mention before here. Only time it is
really important, is when we have our President go over
seas. Who do we want to represent us? Quick Draw McCain,
or Quietly taking in all of the information, then rule with an
velvet glove over an iron fist, Obama. My choice, Obama.

Just vote... vote for your choice ...who ever that may be.
And try not to be so angry when you talk about your guy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, in 1956 it was...

Across the street from our high school was a soda shop
like in Happy Days, called the Red and Black
(our school colors). I learn how to smoke there.
Hamburger, cherry coke, and a cigarette...

That is until some how my folks got wind of it.
That is when I learn not to smoke... at my house,
with my father teaching me how to inhale, as
I had not learn that yet. He thought it was so wonderful
that I learn to smoke and he wanted me to do it correctly.
Nothing worse than a goofy looking kid trying to look cool.
So he showed me how to blow rings... and you really
have to learn how to inhale proper. And if you are really
cool, you can hold it in your lungs/mouth for a very long
time. (I think they call this child abuse these days)
After the 2nd cigarette and start of the 3rd... as it takes a
great deal of practice to do this correctly,
I was a little sick, the room was getting woozy... and
then I was a whole lot of sick...

Yep, smoking at the good old RED AND BLACK was cool...
but somehow, after that day with Dad, it didn't seem so cool...
in fact I got woozy just thinking about it. And that lasted for 16 years.
Then I started lighting my husband's cigarettes for him, as he was
playing pool.... and after about a month, started smoking them
myself... but that only lasted about 14 more years... then I quit
on my own.

Monday, October 20, 2008


$63 the headlines scream... for Social Security raise.
Coming in January, a raise for the seniors who collect
Social Security. Like as if the elderly were going to be
rich!.. That those average SS receivers who get $1,200
will now get $1,263. Where is that average elderly over
65 who is getting that over a $1000 a month? The group,
that I know get more like $600 to $800.

And oh, how wonderful that would be. $63 to add to my budget.
That would send me over the $600 mark. Wow. I would love
it. You ask why I won't get it? It is the same reason why the
rest won't get it. You see every time they raise the SS payment.
We get the average of $12 by the time it gets to us. The rest???
MEDICARE...every time the SS payment goes up so does the
Medicare. It is like they give a raise because they know the
Medicare is going up soon. And sure enough, both raises come
due in January. In one hand and back to theirs again. We don't
even get to see it.

So those of you who read those headlines of great raises for
those on SS.... this is to let you know....we don't get it... Well,
we get a small portion of it. It isn't like it seems.... and I wonder
why the articles never mention the raise in the Medicare too. And
I forgot... our deducible goes up too... seems like it is about $10
more. See it was $86 when I started Medicare. Now it is well over
$100. Have to get ahold of my supplement insurance
guy and see how much it will cost me a month to get that covered.
Use to be $110 a year to cover $93 deductible, so that didn't make sense.

Geesh, I forgot about the raise in the deduction... now I am
really bummed.

As you can see from the two comments... that Medicare has
decided not to up their payments... and I was elated to hear
this... wow, extra money!!!.... then wait a minute.. this is October.
Didn't our Avista (gas and electric) say they were starting
their raise in prices in November???? Ah, the Good Lord giveth
and taketh away... Well, at least I will have the money for it,
as I think that is what they figured the household would have
for the difference.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Having a building built by a contractor is kind of
like having the doctor do an operation on you...

They have sub contractors, If you don't think so,
remember when the bills start coming in after your
operation? Bills from people you never met. But they
were in the room while you were being operated on.
Consultants, and etc.

The difference is that Dr's don't pay the sub contractors,
they send you the bill, and you or your insurance
company pays it. With building contractors, they get
the bulk of the money and THEY pay the sub-contractors.
At least that is the way it is suppose to be.

But just recently, my daughter had a problem. She open
a letter that announced that if she did not pay this sub
contractor who poured the cement in her new shop, they
were going to put a lien on her property within 15 days.

A LIEN??? She paid the contractor, she paid it in full.
What lien? It seems the main contractor was a little
slow paying the sub-contractor. So the sub-contractor
wrote the letter of intent of the lien. Seems there is a
fine line Idaho state code law that says that can happen.
My daughter was upset to say the least. She told the
sub-contractor that she had paid the bill in full the to
main contractor, and the state code says IF the owner
had not paid. She paid. It went on deaf ears, as he did not
get his money. So in his world... she did not pay.

So she did just what he intended for her to do. She went
screaming at the main contractor... who apologized that
the bill had not been paid. Was going to do it at the end
of the month. She told him under no uncertain terms that
was not going to happen. She paid 2 months ago, and he
was going to pay NOW!! So he promised he would do so
the next day. She wanted a faxed paid in full asap.
Next day at 4pm... still no faxed. She called and he called
back. Something came up and he would do it at 8am the
next day. Which he did, and get got the fax.

But the question is... if you pay your main contractor and
he has problems, and doesn't pay his sub contractor... are
you responsible? Where does the law stand on this?
So do you ask when you are getting ready to sign that
contract for the building... who are your sub-contractors?
How fast do you pay them after the job is done? Will I be
held responsible if you don't pay your sub-contractors?
If you don't like the answers or are leery... maybe you
should have it written that they will pay their sub-contractor
with in a week and you will not be held responsible if things
go wrong between the two of them...

Life is such a learning experience, even when you think you
know what you are doing...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hunting it worth the price?

The King loves to hunt. Has hunted since he
was 16. Making that 40 years now. He skipped
a few years, but has love the whole thing.

The hiking thru the woods, as he seeks out
the animal of choice. Be it turkeys, deer or elk.
When he hunts with friends or his brother, he
loves the time with them as well.

He isn't the beer drinking party type of hunter.
It is the time together, with coffee over an open
fire, talking about past hunts...

But this year, he is questioning of how much
longer will he be hunting. He definitely has
question the elk hunt part. As he hears more
and more of how the wolves have taken over.

But it isn't just that. In the past 3 years he has
seen more and more of his favorite hunting areas
closing. Turning to private property of no hunting.

Even had one lady who came out of her driveway,
with her engine roaring, beeping her horn, at him,
as he was hunting across the road from her place.
The area is own by the state. So he was well in
his right to hunt. He told the lady how disgusted he
was with her performance. At which she smiled and
said, well, maybe this will teach you not to hunt here
anymore. He told her he had been hunting in that area
for over 20 years. And she had just moved there 2 years
before, as he saw them building their house. He even
told her that she was the one who could be in trouble
for disturbing the wildlife. She laughed and got in her
car and went back up her drive way. He was disgusted,
but knows that this is getting to be more and more of
a situation.

But this year, last night... what he saw and heard scared
him more than he has ever been scared in his hunting

The King is a hiking hunter. When his brother comes
over, even when he isn't actually hunting, he drops the
King off on one road, and he walks thru
the woods coming out a couple miles down the other
road. His brother picks him up.

Yesterday, they were in a no vehicle area. There was
a gate. So they walked up the road for a hour or so. It
was shaded by trees so they were cold. They built a small
fire and had lunch. Two other hunters came along and join
them. They had the fire in the road way as they knew
it was a no vehicle hunting area. About 20 minutes into
the conversation with the hunters, they were shocked to
see a very large white van come speeding around the corner and
heading for them. The van came to a quick stop. In the van
were 8 Mexican workers and their camping gear. They
told, after the guys asked what the heck???, that they were
workers who were trimming white pine trees for the Forest
dept. The hunters were in disbelief. Here were 8 men, in
white, brown, and black clothing working in the woods!!.
For those who are not hunters... the reason why the
hunters were shocked, was there was not a orange vest
in the bunch, none of the hunters knew they were up there.
Meaning they very well, could have been shooting at an elk,
only to have one of the workers walk about behind a tree about
the time the shot left the gun. Dead worker... The hunters were
up set.

The guys put out the fire, and let them pass. As they were getting
their gear back on their backs, another older hunter joined them.
They told of the van, to which the older hunter related to them, he
saw another on up on the ridge. He said he was hunting and heard
music. Mexican music. So he ventured up to find out where the
music was. There were 4 workers, with hand saws, cutting branches
with the boom boxes up as loud as could be, with their music. He
left in disgust... as he knew the elk would not be in that area.

So the King and his brother headed down to their camp area, as
it was starting to get dusk. Once in the camp they called in to tell
me of their discovery and that they were ok for the day. 2 hours
later, they were home. It seems about 15 minutes after talking to
me, they heard the approach of a 4x4 (motorcycle type) and a truck
running up and down the lower road, and spinning donuts in the road.
Then it got quiet... for about 5 minutes... then gun shots ran out. One
they figure was a rifle but many pistol type shots. That is when they
decided they didn't want in a deliverance type of deal and packed up
the camper. And as they were starting up the vehicles, the others
started up theirs and ran down the road. The King and his brother saw
where the donut ruts were, and the tracks heading out of the woods.
And 5 miles away, they saw where the pranksters (?) went sideways,
into their driveway.

The King is going to protest with the Fish and Game and Forest Dept.
about the workers, as normally loggers pull out of the woods during
hunting season. These workers should not have been there, or at least
some signs on the road telling they were there. And the gun totting
group, there really isn't anything that can be done about them.

The two guys changed area for today. But both of them are wondering,
how many more years of hunting will they have left... The King has
decided that it isn't worth a elk tag next year. And if they want a week
together... maybe it should be fishing or turkey hunting instead.
It is hard to let go of a way of life, that brought not only food, but
good times together.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Sandpoint Bridge to be???

Would this be the bridge that would make everyone happy?
Except for the people who are in the way of the footprint.

But this is just a joke as the bridge actually does exist in

I am going to be having family in from Wisconsin, so won't
be posting for a few days...

So carry on...................

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Hunting Season Begins

Let me see.... I have 10 days to find a project and get it done.... lol....

Water Wars and such.....

I am tired of the dismal news of late... and need
a change of pace.

The subject of fun with your kids came up the other day.
Which got me to thinking about some of the fun the kids
and I had.

In the summer it was nothing for a water fight to break
out. There were no rules in the beginning. We lived in
an old house that was built in a coal town in the early
1900's. While we loved the house, we didn't have to
be really careful... So what would start out with
glasses of water, growing to water guns, and
then hoses... most of the time out of the house. But
there were times we would be running thru the house.
There would be someone manning the sink hose, which
of course got water all over the floor. By the time the
water war was over, the kitchen floor had to be swept
out. Having had about an inch of water on it. That was in
Roslyn, Washington.

In Ellensburg, we ended up trading off from water wars
to mud wars. We had a creek that ran thru the property.
With a spur off the back side. Which most of the time
had just enough water in it to make a mud bath. It was
quite often that the kids would be throwing, and rolling in
the mud. There were the monsters of the mud bog. Where
it was hard to tell who was who. Only to be squirted off
by hose or a run thru the main creek.
There were hikes up the hills, snowball fights in the winter,
as well as snow forts and snow angels.

While in Rhode Island we had to modify our water wars.
East Coaster aren't too fond of such wildness. My kids
were thought to be rugged kids. They weren't use to
kids who threw water, slept out in forts, and all that good

In Washington, we would go camping. We did it the old
fashion way. No tents, no campers and such. It was
sleeping bags near the creek and the fire pit. And I was
such a lousy fire starter. I had to have matches and lighter
fluid. And lots of paper...dry leaves and etc. One time I
forgot the matches, and my 8-9 year old son had to spin
the stick on another to get a fire going. The amazing thing
is he got it going and he was not a boy scout, just seen
it done on television.

Yep, the kids and I had a blast. I was a tough task master.
Chores and school work came first. But when we played,
we played hard. Be it water wars, snowmobiling, sledding
down the hill next to the house at midnight. With hot
chocolate waiting in the house. We had fun and I was in
the middle of it all. Guess that come from being raised
as a tomboy.

Did you do fun things with your kids? Besides travel,
and the commerical type?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

John McCain...what happen to you, John?

More and more lately I have hear this said...
I use to like John McCain.
And would have voted for him in 2000.
But I don't know who this guy is now...
What happen to him?

And I can understand that feeling. Being from
the Cafeteria Party, I can vote on any side I want.
And in 2000 campaign, I was looking forward to
voting for McCain. And I really never understood
why he pulled out after his lost in South Carolina.

Was it money? Was it the rumors about his family?
That didn't seem like the John McCain we had watched
on t.v. and like the way he was. He seemed to be
honest, and forth coming. He seem like a man of
honor. A fighter for the people, so why did he cut and run?
Why did he vote so much for the CEO's of the world,
over the years since? Did he sell his soul for his last
chance at the brass ring?

This McCain now, is so different from that one.
The 2000 McCain was kinder and gentler, but would
fight if needed. But not the nasty tones of his campaign
this time. Cutthroating, going for the juggler, with lies,
and part truths. Bring up things of the past of 30 years
ago, and associations that were just slight acquaintances.
When he himself has had so many skeletons in his own closet.

Too bad the old John McCain wasn't around. He would
have had a chance to win. He would have chosen a
experience woman for his running mate, not one of
shock and awe, with Paris Hilton tones.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We interrupt this political mess....

We interrupt this political mess for this important message....

I was watching the debate last night and the phone rang..
Almost did not answer it... it was my daughter in law..

We now have number 4 great grandchild.
She is Natalie Marie......
Pictures later...

now back to your regular scheduled

THAT ONE? No hand shake at the end? What is with
that? where did he have to go? The bathroom?
Was that the reason for the strain look on his face
as he paced around the room?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I know the government is calling it a recession.
And others are saying that the world will not be
nor will our nation ever by the same after this
bail out has happen.

I surely hope that is true.... we American's have been living off
of borrowed money for over 50 years. We need to take a page
from our parents... My parents bought their land, and then built
the house as they went with money. Their friends help build the
house. As my father helped them. My parents NEVER bought a
car on time. They used and repaired their cars until they had money
for the next one. It wasn't until my mother got her trust fund in 1960
that they got a newer car and then brand new cars... paying cash each
time. My mother had canned food in the basement for years... and even
after we kids left home she still had enough canned goods that she
canned each year to last them at least 6 months. When they bought a
television it was cash. In other words if they didn't have the cash, they
didn't get it.

No, we didn't get to go on cross country trips, we went local.
We never went hungry.... yes, we ate stuff we kids didn't want to...but learn
that is what you eat.. lots of veggies and salad... meat was small portions,
bacon was one or two strips.. cut in half. And we never thought of ourselves
as poor. We just figured that was what life is about.

I follow thru some what. About half of what my parents did. I bought used
cars on time.. but never more money than I knew I could afford even if we
were on unemployment. Same with our houses.

And yes, like everyone else's children, my children live to the limit. But they
don't borrow more than what they feel like they can pay in a short time... but
they do go with the idea they hope to have their jobs forever... and my grandchildren???
Most live life like they feel they are entitled.... so what does this tell us... if we had a
depression... those of us over 50 would do pretty good. Those under 50 but over
30 would learn to do with less, and lose their jobs, cars, and houses...but they
would learn to live on less and be ok... those under 30 would be devastated and would not
know what to do.

Hopefully,all of us will learn to do with less.. there is no free ride

Monday, October 06, 2008

Where the real blame is.. Congress

My daughter asked me .... why is it they blame
the President when it was Congress who did the
Why aren't we holding the Congressmen accountable?
Good Question

Why aren’t we holding Congress up for the blame?
after all, when Bush sent down to the Congress the
stimulus check idea… it was $800 checks. But Congress
downgraded that to $600 and $300 for the elderly. (that
is how it came out because the elderly are retired so don’t
have an earning enough for the $600 and their Social Security
checks didn’t count by the time the Congress got thru it.

Yet Bush sends a 3 page, 700 billion dollar bill proposal,
and Congress decided to add tax help to many pork additions.
AND let the CEO still get their fair share… with a 451!!! page

So it is inflation for the CEO’s and etc.
And deflation for the common man.

Who put the pork in the bailout bill? Who put tax breaks for
Race car tracks, rum, wooden arrows, and the rest?
Why is the bail out part only 113 pages out of the 451?
Meaning there are 338 pages!!! Full of Pork.

So John McCain, I am waiting for that walking the walk,
talking the talk, naming names… where are you, John?
Oh, I see…. He didn’t think it would be this soon.
Yes, Republicans, I know that Obama and Biden voted
it in too…but John McCain is the one running on keeping
pork off the bills and naming names.. He was the one who
said, stop the campaign, I am going to Washington, to save
the day. The Maverick, yea, right...

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Here is the Pork, where is the Beef?

I am sure there are many who got the bailout bill sent to you... all 451 pages... and I have been
working on this for at least 3 days... I had to stop as my head was hurting... it really makes me
shake my head.. as there are many pages due to strike outs.. this dang thing wouldn't be so long
if they weren't constantly striking out things they listed.. and correcting.. Why the heck they didn't just change the things they wanted without listing each and every single word, and number, that they were changing.. beats me. Some one must get paid by the words in a document.

So here is a running list of things I found interesting.. Some of them I have made comments next to them... I try to find the humor of this.. which is kind of hard as even when you find some outrageous thing that make you laugh, well it is just sad... Now remember this is all SUPPOSE to be helping bail out Wall Street, banks and mortgage companies. It just goes to show how out of whack and out of touch Washington, D.C. is... And remember... yours and my choice has voted yes on this... One of which who claims he was going to name and claim the people who put pork on bills.. will shall see. As I haven't heard anything from the good Senator and he voted yes, on Wed.

So here you go, scroll down the titles of what is in the middle and end of the this wonderful bill.
Gee, I wish I could remember the After school program where they had how a bill was born...

I gave page numbers incase you want to go read this stuff, as I only give you titles.. and comments

page 229-234
PROPERTY Does this mean I get to be paid for running a dump as long as I recycle?

page 236


page 259
does this mean no more tax break for oil companies after 2009?

I can't take it anymore... find a copy.. and
read page 263, there are tax relief for National Disaster, naming every weather connected
disaster we have had this year..

page 268

page 274

OH, GOOD GOD!! But you know.. after reading all of this.. I must might need that Puerto Rico rum...
page 279-








(ok, all you people who wanted your own NASCAR track is your chance)

why are they sending down Wall Street employees who are going to lost their jobs?

what? people invest in an area, because it isn't a state?

thought we already did have this?

RESEARCH FUND; WOOL DUTY REFUNDS. Well the sheep owners will be happy, maybe
it is the lion in sheep clothing on Wall Street?


millions anymore from the sponsers?)


LITIGATION (this amounts to how they will be taxed and what they can do with the money.. to
help keep their taxes down.. humm.. and this has to do with Wall Street, how? but it took them
7 pages to tell how to do it.)

PREPARER (after all this.. you just might need this one)

mid page 310
‘‘Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008’’. (this might apply for us too... after reading this whole 451 pages or even the congress men and women who actually read it and it takes over 30 pages to describe it.)

page 344
SECURE RURAL SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITY SELF DETERMINATION PROGRAM now this was quite a read... you would be surprise what they are securing the rural schools from.. everything from weeds to improvement of wildlife and fish habitat; there is over 25 lines of that.. also somewhere there is mention Coos Bay Wagon Road (why do I hear the song Alice's Restaurant in the back of my mind? )

SECURE PAYMENTS FOR STATES CONTAINING FEDERAL LAND (and this has to do with Wall Street and mortgages, how? )

States of California, Louisiana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, and Washington.
(these are the states listed under the Federal land... now I hate to say this..but Idaho has Federal lands.. why isn't it listed?)

pg 364
‘‘TITLE II—SPECIAL PROJECTS ON FEDERAL LAND (now they got a little bit of everything in
here, there is the burros, wild horses, fishermen, well, you just name it.. all 27 pages of it...
now that really has me worried how this is interwine with Wall Street and these banks...

‘‘TITLE III—COUNTY FUNDS- now this is a puzzlement as it is a wide open subject. How many counties
are there in the good old USA? but listed among the many lines here is..assistance with implementing,
techniques in home siting, home construction, and home landscaping that can increase the protection of people and property from wildfires;

‘‘TITLE IV—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS just incase they might have forgotten something.

pg 394
STORMS, TORNADOS, AND FLOODING wasn't this already mention above? yep, must be paid by the word.

page 419
Subtitle B—National Disaster Relief and if you didn't understand the top one there.. here is another just incase they didn't get all the correct words in.. after all the other one was only 25 pages so here is 22 more pages..

AND FINALLY bring up the rear.. is the last one... starting on page 442

say what??? nonqualified, indifferent ???

There you have it... now go back and find the ones you really want to read.. find a copy... at least I saved you from reading 451 pages...

Now, here it the deal... you should keep this around..(your copy of the bill) you can use this to go to sleep. Just have your husband read it to you... and you will be out like a light. Also you can use it for your kids when they say, "I am bored.".. you can give it to them and have them read it out loud... 1. you will know where the kids is.. 2. it just might put him to sleep too... 3. if it is a teen, tell them you are going to give a test, so they better pay attention..

Now wasn't that fun... have a good weekend..

Friday, October 03, 2008

My take on the Debate

I give Joe Biden A+ and Sarah Palin a C+

It is pretty obvious that she has been studying.
And she did better than some people thought
she would.

I might be picky but I just don't like it when women
act cute/snarly/with winks and "you bet ya" remarks.
Like a Hee Haw gal...

A little bit of Ronald Reagan dressed like
Tina Fey, with her remark about, "there you go
again, Joe".

Joe was personable, truthful, honest and straight
forth. He had his facts all together and knew what
he was talking about. He was never disrespectful
of her. He even let it pass when she missed the
name of one of the Generals in Iraq. But when it came
to facts, he nailed it each time that she was

She dodged one question completely, and changed
the subject on at least two. And some of it was
just babble. Like the global warming. After she
was done, the King looked at me and said,
did you understand what she just said? I had
to admit, not really. Something about how it was
not man made, and at the end something about
how we were going to have to clean up. The other
words were there, I understood the words, just they
didn't seem to go together.

What I really like to know is what was it they said
to each other, when they talked for about a minute
after it was over and they were surrounded by family.

Some think I was too harsh on Palin, that she did well.
Yes, she did well for what she did before. So those who
thought she did well, were looking at it from the stand
point of how bad she did before. No, she won't be going
back to Alaska with her ponytail between her legs, but
I judge her on the base of what I would have Hilary if
she was running for VP. This was a debate of who do you
think would make a good VP. Not did Sarah do well.
She was tumbly, reminding me of the old saying, if you
don't know what you are talking about, baffle them with
bull shit.
So sorry, I grade it as I saw it. The Republican's don't have
to send her packing...yet. But she was only fair to middle
for a VP.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Changing of the colors

As I walked the dog to the post office today,
I came across the trees that are changing,
some are more than others. So I picked up
some of them...that you see here..

It remind me of the time I was living in
San Diego. I had a Great Aunt who lived
in Rhode Island... where I was born and
raised. She would send me maple leaves.

You see, we didn't have any of those or the
change of color of the leaves in San Diego.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Got to know when to....

To borrow Kenny Rogers words...
"You got to to know when to hold them,
and when to fold them"..

In this day and age, one wonders,
especially if you are dealing with
your stocks.

I use to have a medium
size trust fund. It became a small
trust fund. Cut in half. Which I
personally have a little control over
half of it. And when this happen,
there was no warning. Couldn't do
much if there was. But it was by
reading my quarterly reports that
I saw it chopped in half. No fanfare
thru the media..

Did this happen in the past couple
of weeks? The answer is no... it happen
in 2001. Was it after the 9-11 disaster?
No. It was in February of 2001. And
there was no chicken little attitude in
the media. I wonder why? There was
the fall out of the internet companies.
And that got play, but not how we were
all doing to hell in a hang basket.

So I got to sit here, and hold them. And
wonder how bad this is going to play on
my trust fund.. Which just in the past
year, started to climb back up the ladder.
Not great strides, but steadily growing

If it isn't any worse than before. It only cuts
it in half like before... I guess I will be ok.
Not great. but ok. It seems to me, if people
wouldn't panic and start selling everything,
maybe, just maybe... things would level out.

That is one of the things I do like about Obama.
He has the calming effect on the nation as he
tells everyone, to not to panic, to just hold on.
At least he isn't going around with the chicken
little effect, as some of the other Senators and
the media are. No wonder the people are scared.

As some of you know, I follow Mudflat blog...and
this was of interest.. especially if you need some
background thoughts of what is the I am
sure she will hit upon these subjects...