Monday, October 20, 2008


$63 the headlines scream... for Social Security raise.
Coming in January, a raise for the seniors who collect
Social Security. Like as if the elderly were going to be
rich!.. That those average SS receivers who get $1,200
will now get $1,263. Where is that average elderly over
65 who is getting that over a $1000 a month? The group,
that I know get more like $600 to $800.

And oh, how wonderful that would be. $63 to add to my budget.
That would send me over the $600 mark. Wow. I would love
it. You ask why I won't get it? It is the same reason why the
rest won't get it. You see every time they raise the SS payment.
We get the average of $12 by the time it gets to us. The rest???
MEDICARE...every time the SS payment goes up so does the
Medicare. It is like they give a raise because they know the
Medicare is going up soon. And sure enough, both raises come
due in January. In one hand and back to theirs again. We don't
even get to see it.

So those of you who read those headlines of great raises for
those on SS.... this is to let you know....we don't get it... Well,
we get a small portion of it. It isn't like it seems.... and I wonder
why the articles never mention the raise in the Medicare too. And
I forgot... our deducible goes up too... seems like it is about $10
more. See it was $86 when I started Medicare. Now it is well over
$100. Have to get ahold of my supplement insurance
guy and see how much it will cost me a month to get that covered.
Use to be $110 a year to cover $93 deductible, so that didn't make sense.

Geesh, I forgot about the raise in the deduction... now I am
really bummed.

As you can see from the two comments... that Medicare has
decided not to up their payments... and I was elated to hear
this... wow, extra money!!!.... then wait a minute.. this is October.
Didn't our Avista (gas and electric) say they were starting
their raise in prices in November???? Ah, the Good Lord giveth
and taketh away... Well, at least I will have the money for it,
as I think that is what they figured the household would have
for the difference.


Betty said...

They announced a few weeks ago that the deduction for Medicare will be $0 this year, so you will get the whole $63. Enjoy, and so will I.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

On the bright side, Medicare isn't going up this year, first time since 2000. So now what are you going to do with your added wealth? Ours all went for our supplement!! It took a hefty hike.

I am not sure, but I think we are insurance poor.