Monday, October 06, 2008

Where the real blame is.. Congress

My daughter asked me .... why is it they blame
the President when it was Congress who did the
Why aren't we holding the Congressmen accountable?
Good Question

Why aren’t we holding Congress up for the blame?
after all, when Bush sent down to the Congress the
stimulus check idea… it was $800 checks. But Congress
downgraded that to $600 and $300 for the elderly. (that
is how it came out because the elderly are retired so don’t
have an earning enough for the $600 and their Social Security
checks didn’t count by the time the Congress got thru it.

Yet Bush sends a 3 page, 700 billion dollar bill proposal,
and Congress decided to add tax help to many pork additions.
AND let the CEO still get their fair share… with a 451!!! page

So it is inflation for the CEO’s and etc.
And deflation for the common man.

Who put the pork in the bailout bill? Who put tax breaks for
Race car tracks, rum, wooden arrows, and the rest?
Why is the bail out part only 113 pages out of the 451?
Meaning there are 338 pages!!! Full of Pork.

So John McCain, I am waiting for that walking the walk,
talking the talk, naming names… where are you, John?
Oh, I see…. He didn’t think it would be this soon.
Yes, Republicans, I know that Obama and Biden voted
it in too…but John McCain is the one running on keeping
pork off the bills and naming names.. He was the one who
said, stop the campaign, I am going to Washington, to save
the day. The Maverick, yea, right...

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Dogwalkmusings said...

oAs they say out here in the wild, wild west Ole John is all hat and no cattle!