Friday, October 24, 2008

How our lives change

As time goes by your ideas of perfection
or most ideals of life times, changes. As you

As a child it is the latest toy, or a game
with other kids. Your best friend and you..
running, playing, eating lunch. Life is simple.

As a teen, it is acceptance. The latest of
fads, be it you grew up in the 1950's of
Bermuda shorts, skirts, poodle skirts,
jeans and tee shirts. Or 1970's tie-dye
clothes, hippie clothes, or 2008 of jeans
with holes, and I am sure I am out of date
on what is the latest of fashion.

In your 20's it is drinking with friends and
playing ball, which ever kind appeases you.
Dating the hottest of the opposite sex. Sizing
up the mate of a life time.

30's is usually when marriage has been a
few of your years and children are arriving,
so it is earning a good living to give the best
to your family. And yet, still hold out a night
per week or month for friends.

40's you are wondering did you pick out the
best occupation or not, are you growing with
your job, are you giving enough time to your
family. And hopefully divorce hasn't come in
to it. Hopefully you made it thru the teens
with your kids and college is a worry.

50's, is where you wonder where your youth
went, empty nest is in play, grandchildren are
in the mix. The start of a new generation. But
wondering did you lose yourself in the mix of

60's have you wondering did you do it right?
Financially, and family wise. Will you have
your job? Will you be able to retire? What
will you have to give up? Can you make it
as a retired person, what will you do with all
your time? (note: you will find out you don't have
any time, there will be other things that fill you
up). There is the joy of watching your children,
deal with their children. When you find out that
the best revenge you have on your children, are
your grandchildren. And you might even have
great grandchildren... and you learn that the
sound of a babies or young child's laughter is
the best sound in the world. And the smell of
a new born baby is the best smell... All that will
put the biggest smile on your face, no matter
how much of a bad day you had.

70's it is health concerns, but life seems simpler
again. And there are little things that bring you
great joy. Things that "please you". My mother
use to use that term. I didn't understand that at
the time. I do now...

As we get older we pray for good health. To be
able to live at home, and be active in that ever
pleases us. We pray to be able to keep our
mind, and ward off dementia in it's many forms.

Yes, the times are changing....

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MarmiteToasty said...

I think I have dementia now lol