Friday, October 03, 2008

My take on the Debate

I give Joe Biden A+ and Sarah Palin a C+

It is pretty obvious that she has been studying.
And she did better than some people thought
she would.

I might be picky but I just don't like it when women
act cute/snarly/with winks and "you bet ya" remarks.
Like a Hee Haw gal...

A little bit of Ronald Reagan dressed like
Tina Fey, with her remark about, "there you go
again, Joe".

Joe was personable, truthful, honest and straight
forth. He had his facts all together and knew what
he was talking about. He was never disrespectful
of her. He even let it pass when she missed the
name of one of the Generals in Iraq. But when it came
to facts, he nailed it each time that she was

She dodged one question completely, and changed
the subject on at least two. And some of it was
just babble. Like the global warming. After she
was done, the King looked at me and said,
did you understand what she just said? I had
to admit, not really. Something about how it was
not man made, and at the end something about
how we were going to have to clean up. The other
words were there, I understood the words, just they
didn't seem to go together.

What I really like to know is what was it they said
to each other, when they talked for about a minute
after it was over and they were surrounded by family.

Some think I was too harsh on Palin, that she did well.
Yes, she did well for what she did before. So those who
thought she did well, were looking at it from the stand
point of how bad she did before. No, she won't be going
back to Alaska with her ponytail between her legs, but
I judge her on the base of what I would have Hilary if
she was running for VP. This was a debate of who do you
think would make a good VP. Not did Sarah do well.
She was tumbly, reminding me of the old saying, if you
don't know what you are talking about, baffle them with
bull shit.
So sorry, I grade it as I saw it. The Republican's don't have
to send her packing...yet. But she was only fair to middle
for a VP.


NILove said...

Their families looked like they could all become good friends. That was refreshing to see.

Word Tosser said...

Yes, nilove, they did. I have nothing against Sarah personally, I have a friend who knows her well.
But lead my country... not yet.
Joe will bring stablity.

Joanne said...

I was not sure how I was going to vote but after the debate - Palin totally nailed it for me.

Not only was she poised, she was quick and natural up next to a 30 year political veteran - who btw might be part of the problem. After 30 + yrs of his service - you can see where we are now and he is old, too. I was not impressed with Biden - at all - and after all the hype, I thought he was going to massacre her - it was actually the other way.

Not only do I believe that giving up this war is a mistake, I also agree that Obama cannot risk meeting with terrorists after he pulls us out without preconditions. That scares the bjeezus out of me. He would be our white flag to surrender.

She knows what is going on energy wize and I would like to see us start sustaining our own economy and drill here at home for our own natural resources - oil. Saying that the climate changes are manmade in order to stop industry is a mistake - Obama will have us all walking.

Yes the R's have messed up but so have the D's - it is just as corrupt. However,I really believe that the McCain/Palin ticket will demand accountibility and remove the corruption from both parties and Wall Street. I don't want the Bush image to smokescreen the right choice.

Alaska is a state where the people are real survivors - their life is different, kind of like the way Idaho used to be. I am surprized to hear that some women do not support her - especially here. Probably, 'cuz some are just jealous - it's the "Best Mommy Syndrome" or some just like their boy.

That said, I think Obama is going to win because the media wants it that way and then we will see.

Word Tosser said...

Joanne, I am not surprised you liked her, as she is like the Clark Fork people...

Like I said, I judge her on a VP level... as I would have Hillary.. not on whether Sarah did better than her interviews.
She did well, as the Bush group had worked with her the whole weekend in Arizona.. she had her place cards.. and she did well on premise..but lacked in answers, and kept deverting back to only the subjects she was aware of..

PinkAcorn said...

Glad to see I'm not alone on my take of the Palin-Bidden debate. I thought Palin was very disrespectful. She was not focused on the answering the questions, she was constantly skirting and then changing direction. She went from "trying" to answer a foreign policy question and turned it into a response about economics. Maybe she thought the "Joe Six Packs" of the world wouldn't notice.

Joe Biden had to make sure he didn't make Palin look too ill informed and you noticed how he often laughed, that was because all her attempts to point the finger did absolutely no good on her behalf.

I recall Palin making a really bad remark about Joe's age last week and right there I knew she was NOT the kind of candidate I'd want to see in office...geesh, maybe she should look at her own running mate,like McCain is a spring chicken?

All I can say is that when Clinton left there was a surplus of money, now we're more in debt than ever before and.. I don't want another four more years of Bush.

joanne said...


We can agree to disagree. I enjoy reading your opinions and I respect them.

There are some really super smart folks from Clark Fork, Idaho - some I wish might have gone national in politics, not that some of them have not - in the past. Small towns can breed genius. With that in mind, you are right, Palin is like some Clark Fork people.

The McCain/Palin ticket is a lasting impression. If she is not successful in gaining office as the VP, one thing is for sure, we will know who she is - and she will still be holding all of the cards.