Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And no one came...

What if it was Halloween, and no one came.
What if you blogged and no one came…
What if you had a party, and no one came..
What if they had a war, and no one came..
What if they sang, and no came…
What if the weather destroyed and no one came
What if you fixed dinner and no one came…
What if you walked in to the church, and no one came..
What if you graduated, and no one came….

We all depend on others, why some think they can go
It alone is beyond me. 
The word TEAM as we know.. does not have an I in it.
We all depend on others to get things done.  And with
others the load is so much easier. It would be nice if
politicians could learn that.    

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Undecided...

There are people who are really being nasty to the UNDECIDED.
Be it facebook or the media… letters to the editors… Every time there is a new poll and there is a big number of the UNDECIDED. The rants start..

There are people calling the UNDECIDED.. low life, not having a brain, and where do these people come from?  There is many remarks about their intelligence and should they be allowed to vote?

Especially when the poll came back with I think it was 32 for Obama, and 34 for Romney and 33% UNDECIDED.. the rants were horrible.

With all the rude and disgusting remarks, is it any big surprise that these people don’t want to let people know which way they are going to vote.  To them, maybe the candidates are the same.  But I am betting there is another reason.

If you make a remark you are for Obama, the many parties of the Republican party people are outraged that you would consider it. Also questioning your intelligence.  I even had the first time around, a person who I thought was my friend.. tell me I didn’t deserve to vote.

That I should stay at home..and not vote at all, as I surely wasn’t thinking about the country.. needless to say, that person is no longer my friend.   I promote voting.. I really don’t care who you vote for, as long as you vote.  Voting gives you bitching rights after the election.

And for those UNDECIDED.. it is almost as bad, if you say you are voting for Romney… almost as bad.. I got to give it to the Republicans, they win the contest on the rudest remarks.
So next time you see UNDECIDED..  maybe, think about how they are scared to say who they are voting for.  After all if you are a dye in the wool Republican.. we know who you are voting for… and if you are a dye in the wool Democrat, we know who you are voting for.  So it is easy for each of those groups to yell to the roof tops who they are voting for.  But the rest of us.. well, we know who we are going to vote for.. and you will see on election day.. after all, we might be UNDECIDED… but we know what we are doing.. we just don’t want to share with anyone.. not worth the static.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Count Down.....

All my life, the change of time was in the
Spring … last week of April.. now it is March.

And the Fall was the last week of October…now
it is the first week of November. I have to ask you..
really, what is the difference of one week?

So as we count down to next Saturday night at
Midnight (or if you are like me, you change it about
8 pm Saturday night), it will be time to change the clocks.

Remember Spring forward and Fall back… So you are changing it to a hour back… So all of you who go to church at 8:30am, you might be there a little early.

When I was working the noc shift at the nursing home, we would lose a hour…in the Spring.. working 7 hours and getting paid for 8.

But in the fall, we worked an hour more… working 9 and getting paid for 8.  Which even out if you worked both. But I am here to tell you, working the Fall shift of 9 seemed like it went on for ever.

And then we have the other count down.  The election… but some how I think that is going to last longer than just the election day..remember the Bush-Gore election.. So let’s pray for a huge difference, so like Yogi said.. when it is over, it is over. And we can all sigh a big relief.. although I am sure those on the losing side will be letting us all know, that there was problems with something, and we are all going to hell in a basket because their guy didn’t win.

Been there, did that, before… and so far the basket is still holding.



Thursday, October 25, 2012

Opinions...their own..

As I read Facebook and some of the comments on

different media’s… it usually is posted about the election,

as we are starting down the countdown.. which can’t

happen soon enough for me. The King already voted.

Idaho has absentee voting now, even if you are still in

town. While I like the social part of going down to vote,

I am seriously thinking maybe next time I will do the absentee

as well.


What gets me about those who post on Facebook and other such

places of opinions.. that they rarely stress their own opinions.

They post different sites to go to, to read their side of the election.

Or worse yet, post stuff from hoax emails.

Why aren’t they saying why they don’t like. What the policies of

the candidate, and that they know the candidate to follow? Why do

they use other people, who they don’t know. How do they know

they can trust those sites, and those people?  I read a book in the

1980’s about taking the word of ‘THEY, THE COMMITTEE and if

you don’t know these people in the THEY, or you don’t know these

people personally on THE COMMITTEE… why would you believe them.  Words and thoughts can be twisted. So called FACTS can

be spun in many directions…  It goes back to the old saying,

believe only what you see, and question that.


I frustrate more people when I ask, Who said that? Who told you that? Where did they get their information? Where you there, as they decided this to be so?  What committee? Do you know these people

personally?  Why would you believe people who you don’t know.

I guess I am too much of a cynic. You don’t think a committee would

turn things around to benefit their belief’s?  Think Global Warming,

The scientist and the “COMMITTEE” who have been saying we are

all going to be in hot water (pun intended) if the earth keeps going

as it is. They show maps of the shrinking lands of the north. Trouble

is these lands have been shrinking and adding to it over the years.

If we were to see what was going on say 80 years ago, it was probably as bad as it is now.. it is called the rotation of climate. So

who do you believe?  I am not worried as most do conclude it will happen in about 10,000 years from now.. or as soon as 3,000 years from now.  Heck, one of the countries could blow us to kingdom come before that. So not my high priority of worry.


So when these people write their comments, why aren’t they saying

I don’t like this one because he did this… and that you know he did it.

How you know… make sure it was really him, and not his Congress, be it President or Governor.  Tell of the policies that this person is for, and you are not, because YOU feel that this will happen.  Don’t give someone else’s opinion… give your own.     And for crying out loud,

Don’t start cutting down the person, because of his religion, or his color, or call him vile names. When you start the personal attack, you

leave me cold… and I walk away.. because it just means you don’t have any basic reasons.


And did I mention, I will be glad when this over? And even when the election is over.. no one is going to be happy… people will still be bitching even if it is their guy in the office. Some people aren’t happy no matter what. And we gave the reins away to Congress so long ago, no one remembers when they got to vote in their own raises, their own benefits, and open ended time in Congress. We lost control a long, long, long time ago… You think getting Tea Party minded people in Congress is going to change things… ha ha ha ha.. so funny.  They will NOT vote to limit their time as Congress persons. They will not vote no to their own raises, and benefits, and they will NOT vote to be in Washington, DC for one to two months a year.. And if you think they will…. You are delusional…         

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Please, can we go back?

Can we please go back to the world of before
Facebook and twitter? Please?

Before we knew about all the hateful, vindictive,
people of the world. Those who don’t even use their
own names. Are they that ashamed of what they write?
Are they afraid they might have to prove what they say
or be held accountable for what they write.

But the cat is out of the bag, the toothpaste is out of
the tube and there is no way we can reverse. But we
could make it a little better… Let’s have it .. if you write
it, you own it.. Use your own name.. have there be ways that
the Facebook people, newspaper owners, Twitters people
all have you verify your name and address… The address
won’t be printed on those media’s. But your name will be..
Along with a number so you won’t be confused by others
with the same name.  That you will have to give proof of
what you are writing about.. so it isn’t lies.  If you write some
thing that is so vile, people will know it was YOU, who said it.

This is, be it politicial or every day person, or media stars. Case in point, a singer recently had a baby…and some of the vile twitters that came out of people’s fingers.. While we are at it.. let’s make children and babies off limits. It isn’t their fault they were born to a star.

What makes these people think, that everyone should look like, act like they think? What makes their world so perfect, that ours should
mirror theirs?

Let’s go back to the times before we knew about these bottom feeders, and their vile was only local of those who could see them and hear them.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting ready for winter...

Flannel sheets on the bed….check

Summer clothes traded out for winter clothes….check

Hoses wound up and put away …. Check

Summer furniture put away…check

Yard art put away… check….

Get everything out of the way of the snowblower path..check


Yard looks bare and empty, but we are ready for the snow. The snow blower is ready. The four wheeler needs the plow put back on… but for the most part we are ready.

So now it is cooking for Christmas packages for December..
And reading books on cold, rainy days…

And wait… wait for spring catalogs from the seed companies.
6 months before we get t-shirt outside weather again.

Usually it is Halloween, the deciding weather meter.. If it rains, then we have more weeks of fall.. if snows and kids wear their snowsuits over their costumes, then winter has begun.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Men and their clothes...

My husband has a closet full of clothes..over

half is shirts. He has 4 drawers of t-shirts. One

is full of Lost in the 50th’s t-shirts.  He has plain

ones, and he has lots that have something on it.


So why is it, that only 4 of the same shirts show up

in the laundry each time?  Only thing I can guess is

when he puts them away, he puts the 4 on top, and

then just pulls one out starting with the top one.


I have a lot of them too, but I try to rotate them. Pulling

from the back of the drawer. I have one drawer with

plain and one with designs.. When I decide, I decide

mostly by color.. what color I feel like that day.


Winter time, it is the long sleeves shirts and I rotate

them. Now granted, there are shirts that I haven’t

worn for quite some time, but they are the ones in the



But guys seem to not really care what the shirt looks like.

First come, first served.. and when he gets a hole in one,

he has a fit if I rip it up for rags..but geesh, he has 20 more.

I don’t get it.




Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well, that didn't work out well....

Once a month, I go to the council meetings for my little town.
and I also got involved in their committee as they are updating their Zoning policies.  I represent John Q. Public. When they get done, they will present it to the public. So for now they are a draft, not set in stone.  It has been quite a long journey as we have a consultant helping muddle thru all the rules, regs, and Idaho laws, and still keep it a small town that we love to live in. There is so much involved, you can’t believe it.  What seems like it should be common sense, has to be defined well, so no one can find a loophole to slide thru. So there is not only the policies themselves but also the definitions for those words, in them.

So I thought last night was one of those meetings. And I was in the mood to start doing some of my Christmas cooking. And cookies was the agenda for me for the day. And because I had so many things going, I decided to drink a couple cups of coffee so I wouldn’t be tired for the meeting. 

At 5:55pm, I headed out the door, extra cookies in hand for the crew, and arrived to an empty parking lot. Uh, oh..not a good sign. So ask about the meeting.. was told …no, not until the 24th.

So there I was.. WIDE AWAKE!!... read some, talked to galpal until 10… and still WIDE AWAKE!!!... That didn’t work out well….

What to do, ok.. have another cookie recipe I was going to work on, but then I had been thinking about an old recipe that my mother use to use years ago. A recipe of some food I have never seen on a menu, or even had at a friends.. and I have never made them. In fact, I haven’t heard anyone mention them for years… not since I left home. Have you ever heard of Chicken Croquettes? 

I thought I could make them us and then cook them tonight. Only trouble with this, is… I don’t recall particular liking chicken croquettes as a kid… but my taste have changed over the years… wonder….will the King like these things. He hates it when I get creative.  But in all fairness, I am not making up this recipe. Well, heck, I will give it a try.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am sorry, Mrs. Clarke, really I am...

I am sorry, Mrs. Clarke, really I am….
Mrs. Marian Clarke was my English teacher for my junior

and senior year.  She started out each year with the same

speech.. About paying attention, in class…. And then her

famous last line. Please, oh, please don’t come back after

you graduate, for your reunion and tell me..”I should have

paid attention while I was in your class”… because it isn’t

going to hold water with me. I am telling you now…

PAY ATTENTION… ok, let’s get started.


I am sorry, Mrs. Clarke, really I am… I tried to pay attention.

but there were things to think about.. especially when you

were giving us a lecture. My mind wandered.. to such foolish

things, like the boy I liked who didn’t pay attention to me.

To praying I wouldn’t be caught in gym again, in my stupid blue

gym suit that made all of us look like blue balloons, by the fire alarm.


Besides who was going to use all this stuff? And those slanted

lines for adverbs and adjectives and all the rest that look foreign to me. Making sure I used the comma, where needed, seem so easy.


But then I started to write a blog 7 years ago…and all I can say is,

Thank goodness for the 3 dots (when in doubt) and I am sorry

Mrs. Clarke… really I am.




Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Home Remedies....

I was kind of watching Kelly and Michael show… and they were talking about some of their families home remedies…

Kelly mention how her father would take a bit of horse manure and put it on a sore and then tell her or her siblings to go outside and play. Michael talked about having an aunt who would spray WD-40 on their sores.

And anyone who has watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding remembers the father’s remedy of Windex that cured everything.. from killing ants to curing sores.

So how many do you remember from your past? I can remember a very elderly aunt, who would give me a teaspoon of sugar and a glass of water, to take the sugar quickly…followed quickly by the drink of water.  It cured the hiccups.. And I still use it to this day. I first try to just get over it.. and that works sometimes.. but when it doesn’t
i bring out Aunt Em’s sugar and water combo.
I also put tobacco on my kids bee sticks to take out the sting.  
I also had a friend tell me that Vick will take care of any sore,
even if it has already started to get infected. Just clean it out
well, and put Vick on it… And believe it or not, it works well.
Be it a mouth sore, or a cut on the finger.

I can remember reading a series of book a long time ago, which I forgot the name of them, but it was about the 1920’s and 1930’s in the Ozarks. It was information gathered I believe by college students on how to live life. From how to cure meat, take care of hides of the animals you kill, for coats and gloves and etc. And of course the home remedies.. Which to most of us was a humor of the finest kind. How to get rid of warts… take a dishrag, wash the wart, take the dishrag and dig a hole on your neighbor’s property and bury it. And many more funny ones.

So what old home remedy did your parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents have that you still use to this day… or you wouldn’t try no matter what was said?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Farmer's Sunshine

I just love it… Really love summer rain..

But fall rain is good too.


As I stepped into church yesterday, I looked

back at the parking lot and said to the lady

handing out the program for the day… “look..

Farmer’s Sunshine”… we both smiled. We all

agree (about 4 of us) that we dearly needed it.


I can remember my father loving the rain in the spring

and summer..but not at the end of summer when it

was haying time. It would always be the subject of

joy after not having rain for a while.. at the co op.


My husband who passed away in 1986, could tell

when the rain was coming within 4 days. So my

parents would call him to find out how he felt. If

he felt great, then they would cut the hay.. If his

legs hurt they knew it would rain on the hay that

was about to be cut down.


Yep, Farmer’s Sunshine… and gardeners too….



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Help, my mind won't turn off...

I feel like that television ad.. Help, I have fallen down and

I can’t get up… but it is my brain …or rather my mind.


At night time… from time to time, it is like my mind won’t

turn off and let me go to sleep.


It isn’t because something is bothering me.. because my

mind keeps jumping from subject to subject in no order of

any kind. It almost like my mind is on speed with ADD thrown

in the mix. As none of them are important or even what I can

remember minutes later.


If it was something that was bothering me, I could fix it. I

have learn over the years how to deal with that.. I just think

of the worse thing that can happen, if things go wrong..and

how would I handle that, if it did.  Case solved… gone to sleep.


But not this stuff… my mind jumps from subject to subject,

which rarely has anything to do with the one before. Some times

I get up and have a cup of tea and read for a while. And that helps

most of the time…but not always.
Thankfully, it doesn’t happen often.. but when it does it is frustrating

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I need a rainy day or two...

In fact I need about 3 rainy days in a row…


My reading is getting behind.. I don’t worry too much about it, as I have this winter when the weather won’t allow me outside. But it would be nice to catch up on some of the current affairs. The rest can wait.


Then yesterday, I got a notice of a new magazine. Which I need like a hole in my head.. (no, I don’t already have one, friends).  Usually, I grind up the address area and throw the book, and card away.. But this one struck my fancy.  For the life of me I don’t know why, as I have down sized my cook books from over 200 to about 20 or less. But this
has some good ideas. It isn’t so much about cooking as it is the other things around cooking.. which measuring cup is best for liquids or solids.. there actually is a better one for each. And other ideas.


So I am not only going to subscribe, (they offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse) But also going to get a subscription for my gal pal for Christmas…


So what is the name of this magazine.. Cook’s Illustrated. I use to watch the guy on PBS Create (that is one of the things I miss about changing from antenna to satellite. He did Test Kitchen.. which I really like watching.


So if you don’t mind.. I am putting in an order of 3 days of rain, please.
The farmers should be happy, and if it includes snow in the hills and mountains, then the hunters will be happy too.


Which brings me to the King… he will be out there at the crack of dawn with his hunting buddies… but this year he is only doing open season day and weekends… Now how am I going to get a project going in that short of a time. Dang..  I usually have at least a week.  J  

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Race is on...and...

The race is on and heartburn at the center…

The candidates of all.. be it presidential or our local

Commissioners, and such…

And the heartburn is felt by the voters…


The time is running out so the nastiness is getting

thick and wild. Why the Presidential committee

people’s words are even given the time of day is beyond

me. We aren’t voting for them.. but I guess it does show

who the candidates are surrounded by… and from my

guess.. it is the ship of fools.  Time after time, they seem

to put their foot in their mouths… the candidates would

do well to put tape across their committee people’s mouths.


But the letter to the editors is starting to make our skin thin

(no pun intended) paper thicker with nasty

remarks from each side.. be they voters or friends of the candidates.


Why is it.. and I am talking about all of these elections, and all

of the people involved and the letter writers to the paper… why is

it they can’t just state facts without character assassins?  Even when

people talk to each other, I notice that when one feels like they are

losing the battle, the zings come in and the voices get louder.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if they would just say, this is what the fact is.

This is how I see that fact, what I like or don’t like about that fact,or idea

 that your guy has… What a wonderful campaign that would be.


But each year gets worse than the other, and the bar is lowered time

after time… and that folks is the reason why this year.. I am out.

Yes, I will vote..but talk about it to friends.. not a chance.. post my

thoughts on any one candidate, on my blog.. not a chance.. Watch

it on television.. the talks shows about it.. nada…. And I have been

so much happier this summer and fall.  And those of you who do watch

it all, talk about it.. how is that working out for you?  Hope well.

I just don’t need it, don’t need to raise my blood pressure and etc.

Happy election day… if it ever gets here..

Monday, October 08, 2012


Hands..   and Birds….


This is a little bit of this and that…


Watching the birds gather makes me sad…

While some of them will stick around for the winter,

Some of them are gathering to leave.

I have put out the big feeder and put away the small ones.

As they gather in the front yard for the winter, and the summer

they are in both yards. I noticed that my back yard feeder has

slowed down to little to nothing going. So knew it was time to

put the big one up front.  


Also the mornings have been destroying my pot flowers one

by one. So it was time to plant the ones that will come back,

And dump the ones that won’t. It was sad as 3 days ago, I was

showing the King all the ones that were surviving around the

yard. Now 98% are down for the count.


So it was digging in the dirt again, to plant the 2%. Also cutting

off the last of the roses.. there are a few buds, but doubt they

will make it to full bloom.


Then there is the garden.. We have had raised gardens for 3

years. They do fairly well, but could be doing better. We also

plant on each side of them, leaving the middle graveled.

We were put on the hot trail of a new way of doing old gardening

our son.

So going to give it a try. It is laying down compost 4 inches deep,

And then putting wood chips (not alder or cedar) on top. So we

have laid out the newspaper (their suggestion) and have the

compost down.. and looking into the wood chips. Suppose to

be less watering, little to no weeds and clean veggies when picked.

So will see next year how this does.. but it is set up for the winter to

do it’s thing.  So these old hands have been getting their work out.