Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Undecided...

There are people who are really being nasty to the UNDECIDED.
Be it facebook or the media… letters to the editors… Every time there is a new poll and there is a big number of the UNDECIDED. The rants start..

There are people calling the UNDECIDED.. low life, not having a brain, and where do these people come from?  There is many remarks about their intelligence and should they be allowed to vote?

Especially when the poll came back with I think it was 32 for Obama, and 34 for Romney and 33% UNDECIDED.. the rants were horrible.

With all the rude and disgusting remarks, is it any big surprise that these people don’t want to let people know which way they are going to vote.  To them, maybe the candidates are the same.  But I am betting there is another reason.

If you make a remark you are for Obama, the many parties of the Republican party people are outraged that you would consider it. Also questioning your intelligence.  I even had the first time around, a person who I thought was my friend.. tell me I didn’t deserve to vote.

That I should stay at home..and not vote at all, as I surely wasn’t thinking about the country.. needless to say, that person is no longer my friend.   I promote voting.. I really don’t care who you vote for, as long as you vote.  Voting gives you bitching rights after the election.

And for those UNDECIDED.. it is almost as bad, if you say you are voting for Romney… almost as bad.. I got to give it to the Republicans, they win the contest on the rudest remarks.
So next time you see UNDECIDED..  maybe, think about how they are scared to say who they are voting for.  After all if you are a dye in the wool Republican.. we know who you are voting for… and if you are a dye in the wool Democrat, we know who you are voting for.  So it is easy for each of those groups to yell to the roof tops who they are voting for.  But the rest of us.. well, we know who we are going to vote for.. and you will see on election day.. after all, we might be UNDECIDED… but we know what we are doing.. we just don’t want to share with anyone.. not worth the static.

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