Monday, October 29, 2012

The Count Down.....

All my life, the change of time was in the
Spring … last week of April.. now it is March.

And the Fall was the last week of October…now
it is the first week of November. I have to ask you..
really, what is the difference of one week?

So as we count down to next Saturday night at
Midnight (or if you are like me, you change it about
8 pm Saturday night), it will be time to change the clocks.

Remember Spring forward and Fall back… So you are changing it to a hour back… So all of you who go to church at 8:30am, you might be there a little early.

When I was working the noc shift at the nursing home, we would lose a hour…in the Spring.. working 7 hours and getting paid for 8.

But in the fall, we worked an hour more… working 9 and getting paid for 8.  Which even out if you worked both. But I am here to tell you, working the Fall shift of 9 seemed like it went on for ever.

And then we have the other count down.  The election… but some how I think that is going to last longer than just the election day..remember the Bush-Gore election.. So let’s pray for a huge difference, so like Yogi said.. when it is over, it is over. And we can all sigh a big relief.. although I am sure those on the losing side will be letting us all know, that there was problems with something, and we are all going to hell in a basket because their guy didn’t win.

Been there, did that, before… and so far the basket is still holding.



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