Thursday, October 25, 2012

Opinions...their own..

As I read Facebook and some of the comments on

different media’s… it usually is posted about the election,

as we are starting down the countdown.. which can’t

happen soon enough for me. The King already voted.

Idaho has absentee voting now, even if you are still in

town. While I like the social part of going down to vote,

I am seriously thinking maybe next time I will do the absentee

as well.


What gets me about those who post on Facebook and other such

places of opinions.. that they rarely stress their own opinions.

They post different sites to go to, to read their side of the election.

Or worse yet, post stuff from hoax emails.

Why aren’t they saying why they don’t like. What the policies of

the candidate, and that they know the candidate to follow? Why do

they use other people, who they don’t know. How do they know

they can trust those sites, and those people?  I read a book in the

1980’s about taking the word of ‘THEY, THE COMMITTEE and if

you don’t know these people in the THEY, or you don’t know these

people personally on THE COMMITTEE… why would you believe them.  Words and thoughts can be twisted. So called FACTS can

be spun in many directions…  It goes back to the old saying,

believe only what you see, and question that.


I frustrate more people when I ask, Who said that? Who told you that? Where did they get their information? Where you there, as they decided this to be so?  What committee? Do you know these people

personally?  Why would you believe people who you don’t know.

I guess I am too much of a cynic. You don’t think a committee would

turn things around to benefit their belief’s?  Think Global Warming,

The scientist and the “COMMITTEE” who have been saying we are

all going to be in hot water (pun intended) if the earth keeps going

as it is. They show maps of the shrinking lands of the north. Trouble

is these lands have been shrinking and adding to it over the years.

If we were to see what was going on say 80 years ago, it was probably as bad as it is now.. it is called the rotation of climate. So

who do you believe?  I am not worried as most do conclude it will happen in about 10,000 years from now.. or as soon as 3,000 years from now.  Heck, one of the countries could blow us to kingdom come before that. So not my high priority of worry.


So when these people write their comments, why aren’t they saying

I don’t like this one because he did this… and that you know he did it.

How you know… make sure it was really him, and not his Congress, be it President or Governor.  Tell of the policies that this person is for, and you are not, because YOU feel that this will happen.  Don’t give someone else’s opinion… give your own.     And for crying out loud,

Don’t start cutting down the person, because of his religion, or his color, or call him vile names. When you start the personal attack, you

leave me cold… and I walk away.. because it just means you don’t have any basic reasons.


And did I mention, I will be glad when this over? And even when the election is over.. no one is going to be happy… people will still be bitching even if it is their guy in the office. Some people aren’t happy no matter what. And we gave the reins away to Congress so long ago, no one remembers when they got to vote in their own raises, their own benefits, and open ended time in Congress. We lost control a long, long, long time ago… You think getting Tea Party minded people in Congress is going to change things… ha ha ha ha.. so funny.  They will NOT vote to limit their time as Congress persons. They will not vote no to their own raises, and benefits, and they will NOT vote to be in Washington, DC for one to two months a year.. And if you think they will…. You are delusional…         

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