Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting ready for winter...

Flannel sheets on the bed….check

Summer clothes traded out for winter clothes….check

Hoses wound up and put away …. Check

Summer furniture put away…check

Yard art put away… check….

Get everything out of the way of the snowblower path..check


Yard looks bare and empty, but we are ready for the snow. The snow blower is ready. The four wheeler needs the plow put back on… but for the most part we are ready.

So now it is cooking for Christmas packages for December..
And reading books on cold, rainy days…

And wait… wait for spring catalogs from the seed companies.
6 months before we get t-shirt outside weather again.

Usually it is Halloween, the deciding weather meter.. If it rains, then we have more weeks of fall.. if snows and kids wear their snowsuits over their costumes, then winter has begun.

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