Monday, November 30, 2009


Front door....
Back door
Kitchen cupboards....

How many magnets do you have on your refrigerator?

I only have two... because some one told me it draws
from the electricity on the refrigerator and has it use more
electricity. Don't know if there is any truth to that, but
didn't want to take any chances.

But I do have metal cabinets in the kitchen and I have
a front door and a back door that is metal. so I made up
on those for the lack of the refrigerator.

I remember some of the past. There were the ABC's
section that my kids use to make up words. And one
that was back in the 60's which was a foam rubber/sponge
like design. Most of them were either roosters or hens. But
there were some fish and etc. They were made of the
rubber/sponge like with all kinds of sparkle stuff on them
to make the scales for the fish and feathers for the birds.
Most of mine come from sayings or ads for companies.
Some are butterflies, (my favorite) or drawings on them.
And some are from travels and states.

Mine hold up, notes of "do not forget", recipes, coupons, and

So what do you have on your refrig or cupboards?
And what is yours holding up?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Memories of Thanksgiving Past

Many years ago, about 28 or so, my then husband Marv and
our family went to my parent's for Thanksgiving.

The kids lucked out to be able to sit at the kids table. They
didn't think so at the time, just as I didn't think so, many years in the
past. But believe me, it was better at the kids table.

When we sat down, I saw the table of many past Thanksgivings.
Marv was horrified at what he saw. See he was a good old boy from
Minnesota and he was a fork, knife and spoon type of a man.
What he saw, puzzled him and scared him, he looked at me for
guidance. I told him follow me, but the scheme of things is to go
from the outside in with the utensils. And what ever you do, DON'T

See,what he saw was a skinny short fork, a normal fork, and a small fork.
Then on the other side of a big plate, was a knife, a teaspoon and a big spoon.
In front of that was a small plate with a tad square of butter, a little tiny bowl,
with a tiny spoon in it (it was salt) and a water glass.

He looked at me with question on his mind, when I repeated..DON'T EAT OFF

Mom showed up with shrimp cocktail in a little bowl which she sat on the PLATE.
I picked up the small skinny fork, and Marv follow thru. That is a cocktail fork, I told

Then Mom removed that when we were finished, to be replaced with a small bowl of
French Onion Soup, that was placed on the PLATE. I picked up the large spoon.
Soup spoon I told him, he nodded.

When we finished the soup, it was removed and replaced with a normal plate.
Mom put on the serving bowls of turnips, squash, mash potatoes, gravy bowls,
dishes with sweet pickles and dill pickles. Also black olives and green stuffed
olives and pickled tiny onions. Bowls of cranberries and bowls of jelly cranberries.

Off to the side was a small table, which Dad was cutting the turkey.
We would in turn hand him our normal plate and he would put what you wanted
on it for meal. Then it was returned to have us,to rotate to bowls with vegetables around
the table until everyone had some of each. As well as the pickles and etc. and the
buns that were placed on the table. Use the big fork, I told Marv, he nodded.

And then we ate. Conversation would flow, and laughter.

After we were done with the main meal, the plates and bowls were removed. To be
replaced by 3 to 4 pies, And small plates put on the PLATE. And then I took the
last fork, and explain, dessert fork. Marv nodded.

After we got done and started to leave the table, Marv asked... what is with the
PLATE? I told him it was called a serving plate and that is what everything is
put on as he could see. I told him, other than that, don't ask, as I don't know.. It
has just been that way all thru the years. It was the subject of many conversations
later in years for Marv.

The men would go in and watch television (usually football) and my mother would put
away all of the food. And go in with the adults. I.... on the other matter what
age, did the dishes. And the only dish washer my mother had was me....

Then in about 1955, God sent an angel to our house for Thanksgiving. She came as a
guest of a good friend of our family who later married this angel. The angel's name is
Josephine. She came into the kitchen and said, "you dry as you know where to put all
of the dishes and pans." I told her quietly (I was 15) that she was suppose to be in the
living room with the adults. She said, "Oh, no, I am staying until the last pan is done,
so get over, get your dish towel, and let's get started". Ah, yes, Angel Josephine, each
year helped me until I left home, and then she helped mom.

So HAPPY THANKSGIVING, ANGEL JOSEPHINE... may you enjoy the dinner with
friends... and not have to do the dishes.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Man/dog's fun is another's misery

On Sunday, while Misty was outside playing in the snow, the cat, Rokon sat, in
disgust, at the window inside.
Just like human's... those who cuss the snow, and those who are joyous at the
first snowflake, with thoughts of skiing for the weekend.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I want the days when a kid tries to kiss a girl in the 2nd grad..
not be treated like a sex offender
A kid with camping utensil not be kicked out of school.
Where kids don't get arrested for having a food fight.
where they got sent to the principal and they called your
folks. No child was handcuffed and sent off to jail.

Where kids can still send letters to Santa.

Where a state can't tell you what size or how
many televisions you can own and use. If your
electric bill is high, you paid it, or got rid of the
television on your own.. because you couldn't
afford it anymore. The State didn't decide for you.

Where those who come to this country are proud to go
to night school to learn English, the language of their new

Where we raised the flag, wear the flag, put the flag on
anything we own and not offend anyone, because we
are all proud to be Americans.

Where, when we do something stupid like spill
coffee on ourselves, we don't blame the coffee
maker or maker and sue.

When a kid/teen does a harmless prank,
they don't go to jail. They just have to clean
up the mess.

Where you believe in one political party or
the other, and no one slams your personality.

Where you can say Thank God, when someone
is ok, after a tragic accident, and people aren't
offended because you used the G word.

When you say she for a boat, or man for a hole
in the ground and people don't complain about
sexual remarks.

When men respected woman. And women
respected men. And children respected their
elders. And clean language was the
normal. The others used only in non mixed

Where people said Merry Christmas and Happy
Hanuka without anyone getting offend. You said
it because you honestly wished them that.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have ruin two people's lives....

I have two people in my life that I have
made them cynical, angry at times.
Not at me...but at life. At the government.

Both of these people could have cared
less about politics 4 years ago. Both
did not pay that much attention to the news.
One of which had not voted for years if at all.

Both of them voted last year. They voted on
both sides. Meaning one went for McCain
and the other went for Obama.

The one who voted for McCain was almost
disowned by the family. They came to visit
saw the sign in the yard for McCain, and
turn around and left without going to the
door. That family member called all the
others and told how the person had lost
their mind and was voting for McCain of
all people. Which is kind of ironic considering
this is a Republican state.

But I feel bad, really I do. I took two people
who were happy go lucky. Could care less
about politics, figuring there was nothing the
average person could do.

But I had told the two, you can not complain
about how government was doing things if
you did not vote. Doesn't make any difference
who you vote for, but at least you voiced your
choice. That gives you grinching rights. And
don't vote for just anyone... be informed and
make a choice. I don't care who you chose, just
make sure you agree with that person. Be it
local or state or Federal.

All seem innocent enough at the time. The
right thing to say and do. But now they both
are upset, angry at times, fear the worse.

One is my friend, the other is my husband.
Almost wish I could change it back.

Happy birthday, mm

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can't help looking...

What was it Ray Stevens said in his song?
DON'T LOOK MABLE...too late, Mable looked.

Watching Palin is like driving by a car wreck and
you don't want to look but you can't help yourself.

Now that I don't have to worry about her winning with McCain,
and there isn't politics per say ads thrown here and there.
I figured I would watch Oprah and see if I had changed my
mind about her. After all Oprah isn't hard
hitting news reporter, so it would be more personality.

As I watched and listen to her reports of McCain mishandling of her,
her surprise of how the press treated her children and etc.
I still see her as a naive, still blaming others but never being
accountable herself.

Her answers of foreign affairs were scary, especially of the withdrawal
of Israel from Gaza. She didn't agree with it. And her thought of Palestine
should have less, when Israel takes more of Gaza.
Look at the map that Dogwalking has on her blog at:

Guess she didn't pay attention to Geography pre WW II and who own the
land before the United Nation decided to give land there to the German Jews.

She says she is interesting to do things for the country, and make things better,
stand up for those of need... Maybe she should start in her own state. Her
native Alaskan's, the Eskimos in the outer limits of the towns and cities, need
her to go to bat for good health care, clean water and etc. If she wants to make
a name for herself, go do something about that... she didn't do anything but
fly by's while Governor.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Buying underpants

I am buying my own underpants...
Now that doesn't seem like much,
maybe even be more than the person
wants to know.

But you got to understand, I didn't buy
my own underpants for over 20 years.
No, I don't by in lots, nor were the ones
I was wearing 20 years old.

See, my aunt use to buy them for my
birthday each year and also for Christmas.
She sent white ones because, for work I
had to wear white pants, so colors were
out. Twice a year I got a years supply
of white undies.

Then she passed away in 2006. And then
it dawn on me as I was opening the last
batch, that I would have to buy my own.
Which was quite a shocker as I didn't
know what size I wore. I never looked
before, I just wore them.

Then the next Christmas, I got a package
of underpants, from my daughter. And
also a nice little note came from my
cousin, the daughter of my aunt... with
a note of here is some $$ to buy some
... you got it.. underpants. lol..

But I finally had jumped in
and bought some underpants. I even
broke the line and got colors. And I
couldn't believe the choices of sizes
and shapes.
How do those girls wear those tongs?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Watching the toilet paper roll...

There once was a man, 15 years ago, who told me that...
Life is like toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes.

My father lived to 82, my mother 74. Most of the family
lived to 75 and up. Even have some 90 year olds in there.
So I took 30, 40, and 50 and even 60 in stride...
So why is turning 70 next spring, kicking my butt?

I don't think of it often, but every so often I do and when
I do, it kicks me bad. I don't get depressed so to speak,
but I would be lying if I said it didn't bother me.

Makes you rethink of thinking of the future. After
all I might not be around to see something that
people talk about being in 5 years. Some times
when I read about things in the world.. well, makes
me wonder..maybe it isn't so bad after all, not being

Or a salesperson wants to know if I want a 5 year
warranty on the product I am buying...

I am glad I am a person who believes in living life
to its fullest...but every so often.... well, you know.
the toilet roll looks barer.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Hopes we don't forget

a slice of the wall.....the young man is 6 feet tall

Monday, November 09, 2009

Taking a week off

I am going to take a week off... no particular reason..
just because I can...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Leap of Faith

Leap of faith

When you have children you worry about raising them up to adults.
You worry about health, you worry about drugs, you worry about education.
Then they make it to adulthood. Marrying, having children of their own.
Most think that is it, and life goes on and so does theirs. And that is
true for most cases.

About 19 years ago, we had Desert Storm. And my son who is in the
Reserves, called to tell me that he had put his name on the list to go.
That he was now on the 24 hour stand by list. Meaning that he had to be ready
to go within 24 hours. We talked about him going, and how he had
everything taken care of. And I was doing well with all this news. As
those parents of Reserves or Regular Armed Services do... and then
he said... and I got my will taken care of today. A tear rolls down the
cheek, one by one, slowly... and you are glad you are on phone, and
you quietly say ok, and he said, Love ya, Mom, got to go. Love you too,
is your answer...... as this take a leap of faith.

This year, my baby... my 39 year old baby, tells me she has bought a
motorcycle.(Deep breath).. hoping she takes her classes she talks
about, after her son graduation. Yes, it is... (ok.... another deep breath)
I saw the bike, seems small and innocent enough. She does well with
her classes, and seems to have deep respect for the bike. Then another
call. She sees a bike on Criagslist. A Harley Davidson. Pink with flames.
(I know in my heart she is getting it) And yes, she does. And she brings
it by a week later. It is a beautiful bike and her smile is from ear to ear.

And as she leaves my driveway each time, so happy with her Harley,
I am happy for her but I pray her deceased father will watch over her.

And it is another HUGE LEAP OF FAITH.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ah, Silence...

Ah, Silence....

No more elections talk. No more election TV ads.
No more phone calls for different candidates.

Did the many items pass in Spokane?
Did the jail pass in Cda?
Did the water dept. in Sandpoint pass?
Which was an unfair ballot, as Sandpoint water
is in Ponderay as well as Kootenai, and neither
town got to vote on that. A good question is why?
After all we are stuck with the higher bill with out
choices, where Sandpoint decides our fate.

Ah peace and quiet... I hope

"update" maybe not so quiet in Coeur d'Alene.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Points...mileages, and rewards....

You have seen those points they keep trying to get you
to add and then cash in for rewards.

The airlines have them.
Hallmark has them, your credit card has them.
Even the banks are getting in on this point thing.

See you spend money, get points.
Use your bank card, get points.
Use your Hallmark card, get points.
Fly everywhere...get points or mileage.

The only downside of all of this, at least for me..
has been that I usually have anywhere from 200
to 1000 points... and the lowest of low rewards
are starting at 10,000. So this seem like a worthless

Monday, November 02, 2009

Last break-a-way of 2009

We took some time to ourselves this weekend... went to near Lewiston to do
some steelhead fishing...well, the King did... I read a book and Misty did some
checking things out... and this is some of the views we saw...
This is looking down on Lewiston from the Lewiston Grade.We found this little roadside area that we parted right by the river...

As Misty and I walked the shore, we found a few things... one being this jaw.
It was very thin.... don't know what it belong to.

Just left of center you can see someone sitting on the shore line.
this was near a boat ramp. And there was a nice hole there in the water...
supposely where fish like to hide... well, they did that well.
Lo, and behold, that person sitting waiting patiencely for the evasive fish was....
the King. Not looking very happy.... but he had fun.

Looking down the river.....
looking up the river

We were down in a hole like... and the sun shone up on the hills around us...

This is the jawbone we found...don't know what it belongs to

This is one of the catch and release fish that didn't make it... the wild ones are catch
and release while the hatchery ones are keepers... that is if you are luck enough to
get some... which the campers above us were... they got 2 for the day.
We saw 4 of these laying on the shore in different stages of rot..

Some more of the view.... we are a very lucky country... and especially those
of us in Idaho

I love rocks... of different colors and shapes... usually bring some home, to
the King's disgust... but if I had my way, all of these would have been in the camper
before I left... I could use them in my gardens... but I was kind this time.

So you see, I only took pictures this time.. well, I did sneak a couple small ones
in my pocket, but not this one.

of course a trip isn't without our Misty... and she was so polite as you can
see with her table manners

Did some one say dessert???