Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Buying underpants

I am buying my own underpants...
Now that doesn't seem like much,
maybe even be more than the person
wants to know.

But you got to understand, I didn't buy
my own underpants for over 20 years.
No, I don't by in lots, nor were the ones
I was wearing 20 years old.

See, my aunt use to buy them for my
birthday each year and also for Christmas.
She sent white ones because, for work I
had to wear white pants, so colors were
out. Twice a year I got a years supply
of white undies.

Then she passed away in 2006. And then
it dawn on me as I was opening the last
batch, that I would have to buy my own.
Which was quite a shocker as I didn't
know what size I wore. I never looked
before, I just wore them.

Then the next Christmas, I got a package
of underpants, from my daughter. And
also a nice little note came from my
cousin, the daughter of my aunt... with
a note of here is some $$ to buy some
... you got it.. underpants. lol..

But I finally had jumped in
and bought some underpants. I even
broke the line and got colors. And I
couldn't believe the choices of sizes
and shapes.
How do those girls wear those tongs?


MarmiteToasty said...

Smiling at this post LOL

you can make ya undies last 4 days..... wear them normal, then back to front then inside out and then inside out and back to front :)


Word Tosser said...

I heard that guys do that...lol.. ones that live by themselves... and no wonder... the smell would be enough to drive a gal out. lol