Thursday, November 29, 2012

Got my Christmas cards mailed...

Ok, so I am sick.. but you got to understand..
The week before Thanksgiving.. I was getting
my extra table and chairs down for our dinner.

There was the Christmas boxes of stuff…so took
some of them down too, as we will be using them
It was …to quote Snoopy……
It was a dark and gloomy day…
with nothing really to do, I went out and
got the Christmas cards I bought last year.
Found my list of those who sent cards last year..
and started.. address all the envelopes first.
and then started in..

Some I didn’t have to write anything in them. I see
them or talk to them often enough, they don’t need
an update.

I have never been one of those who has such an
interesting life, that I can do the form letter to everyone.
So added a few words to those who I hadn’t talked to
since last year at this time..

And Saturday after Thanksgiving… I mailed them..
laughing all the way home.. Knowing I would freak
out of few…. Yet others won’t be surprised.
it is just that I like to get it out of the way.

Got 99% of my baked goods done for baskets.. Just
need to load them up.. which I will do about the 14th,
and give them away. Then it is just as good as done.
I have some of our outside lights all ready and lit each night.
Yep, let’s get this over with and get on with the new year.

As you can see, I am not a very good Christmas person.

Bah, Humbug… lol…

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Noise...and more noise..

I have gotten so I hate to shop anymore…
If I go to Wal-mart or Yokes, I have started
going at 8am.. or even earlier.

It isn’t the crowd.. the crying babies, although that
does get to me, if it is the high pitch seal squeal
type.  It isn’t even the baskets parked in the middle
of the aisle.. although if I am in a hurry that irritates
me as well.  You know the type, who park the basket
towards the middle and then stand in the left over

What it is, is the constant talking.. not two people, but
the ones on the phones.. what is it about those on cell
phones who feel like they have to share their side with
everyone in the store, using their outside voices?

And even in the bathroom.. FOR…CRYING..ALOUD…
I want peace and quiet when I am in there.  I have the
instant urge to scream.. WILL YOU JUST.. SHUT… UP…
take it outside.

I must be getting old.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Hunt is done....

Another hunting season comes to an end….
Elk… won.. The King…0
Deer… 0… The King won..
It came down to  the end, but he did succeed.
And I finally got rid of my Jonah-ismdom
See, it seem like whenever I went hunting.. the
animals seem to know I was in the woods,
and would hide. Of course I wasn’t good at
spotting them in the first place. Many of times
the King would see one without antlers and tell
me… I would squint and look up and down and
sideways… nothing… Until the animal moved,
I wouldn’t see anything..  Luckily the King could spot them
a mile away… unless I was with him.. then there
were no legal game.

 But it started to change 2 years ago.. as I was with him
when he got his moose.. I did a post on that 2 years
ago.  And then this year, this is the first time I went out
as he usually has his buddies with him. But I don’t like
him to go by himself… so I told him I was going today.

 Bingo, at the long end of the ride.. just 5 miles from the
highway.. I spotted one coming up to the road. We stopped
and by the time the King got gun and was on the run, into
the woods it went.  So did the King… and then BANG..
Sweet success…  We thanked the deer for giving up it’s
life for our dinner table.. and then dragged it down to
the truck.. and the comedy of errors started… as we
tried to get it in the back of the truck.. LIFT… drop…
lift and drop.. then I got into the truck.. he lifts the feet up
for me to grab.. and I pulled while he lift.. and half is in..
and then all the way in… and tagged and home we went.
Another hunting season down… and didn’t get skunked.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Survey says...

For years, surveys have very little effect on me.
I just don’t believe them.

Take the news of Black Friday Night, which told us that
the buying on that day was up 4 per cent, more than the past
two years.
Yet, to read the paper this morning.. they say that the spending was DOWN  1 per cent.  So which do you believe?

Even reports about the economy is deceiving. One report is
about the new homes being built.. is up 35 per cent in Oct.
in our nation.
Yet another source says that housing is in the toilet. Very
little new housing is being built.

Unemployment is at 8 per cent the worse that it has been in
the nation for over 75 years.. How can that be? When I remember in the 1990 there was times that the unemployment was in double digits?  

I read a book called…”Looking out for # 1” by Robert J. Ringer, in the 1980’s. I learn a lot from that book and probably is the reason why I am the cynic that I am today.

While there is much in the book but one of the main things I learn is always question the words…THEY SAY, THE COMMITTEE SAID, IT IS KNOWN THAT, and other such wording… Because you should question who is .. THEY? Who is THE COMMITTE, do you know each one
of these? Have you ever heard of any of these people on the committee?

After all the book or whoever… can just make up names with titles.. for their own purpose.  And “it is known that”… it is known by whom?
And do you know who they are?  After all, you have come to know that the Doctor who is telling you on television that this pill or that pill  is the only one for you, is actually an actor..

And then there is the Global Warming debate.. and the numbers crunched by each side…

So next time you heard, the survey said… be careful of what you believe.   

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful Day 3

As we all sit down to enjoy a meal tomorrow.. let us
remember those who aren’t so lucky, and be grateful that you are.

Look around the table, be it at your home, a home of friend or family. Or if you don’t have that, a restaurant that is giving away a meal that day. And think about what is in your life, you should be thankful for.

Maybe even share that thought with those who you share the meal. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are.  Some forget and count their richness in money, when it is actually the richness of a good family and friends..  As long as you have a roof over your head, food to eat each day, a warm place to be.. a job… and enough money to keep the bill takers from your door… you have a lot to be thankful for. 

There is no good will that comes out with arguing with Aunt Ethel, or Uncle Fred, or cousin Ruth, so try to let go for this day, as a practice.
Just smile and say, “I never thought of it that way”, and walk away to another person in the room.  No matter what is served on the table, even if it isn’t the way you would have cooked it, or served it,.. remember for this day, you didn’t have to cook it. And you are luckier than a 1/3 of the people on this earth.  Just for that day.. smile, be a people watcher,

And know tomorrow is another day.  Be thankful for the life you have. No matter how small or how large it is.. 
And be thankful it only comes once a year………….joking…

Enjoy.. I wish all of you readers, a wonderful day.. filled with good food, great friends and family and full of laughter… I know our house will… We will have 17 in our little house.. but it will be full to the brim, with friends and family… and love…

Thank you, Richardson and Linekin family for showing me .. what a real Thanksgiving day is like.. I will have you all in my mind and heart, as we celebrate ours.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful Day 2

Being I started yesterday with a week (short one of 3 days),
I figured I would come up with some more… and there is so
much in life to be thankful for.

I am thankful for friends…people who seem to think I am worthy of the word Friend. Of which I sometimes don’t understand what they see in this white haired old broad, who seems to be opinionated at times. Even when I try not to be.

I am proud of my few friends who have cancer in their families or they, themselves,are giving it a run for its money, who fight the good fight.
I am truly amazed at their courage, and thankful they let me help in any way. Some times small ways, sometimes a little bigger. And keep praying next year they will be cured and freed.  I am thankful for the medication that is available to make their lives durable.

 I am grateful for the fact that my husband has a job, as I know there are many who do not. I am grateful that we have a warm house… as many do not.  None of this we take for granted.

I am grateful that I live in a country where we still have rights. And one of those rights is to vote for whom ever we so chose. And every one’s vote is so important and should be honored, even if it isn’t the one you voted for.  I am grateful to live in a country that is far from perfect but better than most.

I am grateful we still have peace within our own borders, and grateful for each day we don’t have anyone killed in a war that none of us want to have.
As there are a lot of days we do have someone who comes home, and another family lives in sorrow.

I am grateful for a country that still stands by their citizens, such as those in the hurricane Sandy area.. who have lost everything, yet stand tall, with the help of strangers near and far.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

A week of Thankfulness...

Personally, I thank God each night for all the things I am thankful for. From the big to the small.. and then only asking for the health and safety  of others.

But with Thanksgiving upon us in 4 days.. it reminds us to be thankful for all the things we have.  So for these 3 days before Thanksgiving, I am going to keep that in mind.
For I am thankful for so much.  My needs are small, but I am grateful for many things.. big and small…

For the love of a man, who calls me his wife.

For my children, who have made me proud each day of my life.

For my grandchildren, who have made their own way in life.

For my great-grandchildren, who are discovering life..
And the good health for them all.

For my own health, each day I put my feet on the floor and able to stand up and take a step, is a blessing to me.

For my ability to still have my right mind, and it is still working, even if there are times I wonder if it is…

Having lost one of my generation of cousins, I am thankful for
the good health of those left behind.. And my brother whose health hasn’t been the best for the past 4 years.. yet he still has good quality of life.

These may seem selfish, my gratefulness for those close to me.. But this is going to be a 3 day series, so figured I would start out with those who are the closes to me.



Happy birthday..MM… on your 22nd  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Presidents, past and present...

I was reading my magazine and saw an article on…
You guess it.. the next election!!

Next election? My head is still hurting over this past 2 years
of hype..  The flavor of the week Republican candidates.. falling out of favor as quickly as they popped to the top.

Lot of people I never even heard of.. and to no bother to me..
After all, they may be long gone by 3 years. 
While it will be interesting who will come to the table next time.
Sadly one that I would love to have, will probably never make it. Christie….. I like him. He is up front and he doesn’t care if you like what he has to say.  But never mind.. I want quiet space until then.

And I am getting really tired of the negative crap that comes across now that this one is over.. I just want to tell the people… Pull up your big boy pants and get on with life.

Then as I turn the page.. there was an ad for a movie that will be showing soon.. LINCOLN… 

Which made me wonder … in 10 or 20 years from now, who will write about Obama?  Who will come to praise him as they do Clinton now. And those who were almost destroyed by Reagan, do now.

Those of who were living as adults during the Reagan years as Governor of California and President, who paid more taxes.. were thrown off Social Security Disability to be told to prove you belong there.. having family life throw in turmoil, don’t see the wonderment of the man. 

But history does have a way of taking men who are President and who were not appreciated at the time.. and turn them in to heroes.   FDR was not the wonderful President to everyone during his terms, even though he was voted in 3 times. People were protesting about his interest to join the WWII, very much like they did during the Vietnam war.  So what will be Obama’s life story be like? Who will play his part and all the rest of the people of interest during his time? 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lost keys, clean house...

Nothing cleans a house more than a lost set of keys.
We lost the keys to our garage a week ago..
The frantic search of all pockets, back stepping
all moves for the past couple days before we figured
out they were gone.

Checking the yard, digging thru snow in case they fell
out of our pockets. ,Going thru the garage and the shed
where the keys were used last..

Checking memory, which is the hardest of all.. what memory? And then the daily search of where else they could be. Cleaning out key areas, cleaning off catch all area’s.
Removing everything from a dresser top and while there
clean up the area.. throw away junk, replace stuff..

Searching chair cushions, couch cushions.. found lint.
Moving furniture, in case they were dropped out of pockets.
Clean up counters..
Frankly I was tired of cleaning up areas… straighten up areas,forced cleaning is not fun.

Praying to St. Anthony as he is the one who is suppose to find things that are lost. The blame game that goes with it.. I know I gave them to YOU.. To asking God if he could just let me know where the hell I put the damn things.. well, not quite in those words… Not cool to beg for help with cussing words…

Then yesterday, I was getting something out of the freezer. The freezer is part of a side by side, which has a section on the door for putting a glass so you can get ice or water…(which is disconnected at this time)…a glimpse
of something on that ledge.. could it be… YES, YES.. YES…. THE KEYS.. DANCING back to the house…YES, THE KEYS..  Thanked God, literally, at least 10 times… and called the King to tell him, I found them.

We both had open that door several times and never noticed them..So we have our keys back.. and there are a lot of places thru out the house that has been cleaned and uncluttered…     

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So he isn't SUPERMAN, so what?....

So he isn’t SUPERMAN, so what


As we all know, we found out that the General has feet of clay…
He is human.. makes mistakes…a few bad choices, who doesn’t.. well I have been told that there is one man who hasn’t.

The General did the right thing.. he resigned before it became an issue.. An Issue country wise, that is.. as there are people out there who would use his secret for blackmail.. it has happen in the past.. Especially for those who are gay over the last 50 years.  Sometimes government types,
some of them corporate.


There will be those from the right who will be screaming to have his retirement taken away from him… The man has served his country for what, 30 some odd years.. yet take it away because he was human. To those right wingers, with
heavy religious backing… what would Jesus do? What Jesus did was tell them, HE, WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE..  I am sure, as the Biblical days, there will be a lot of those who will walk away… even more so than back then, after all we have internet search and etc. to track down those who lift the stone up…  People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

 It is sad to see such a man fall from grace.  And from now on.. I think it should be left alone.. He has to explain to his family.. he has had to face his wife. Only they have the business of deciding where he goes from here.  His government service is over… it is no longer a public issue…once and for all…

One of the things that surprise me, is the heavier critics are men… wow, when the polls say that 78% of the men cheat on their wives….. and those were only the ones who admit it..

 So General David Petraeus, thank you for your years of service… and I am sorry that you made some human choices that didn’t work out…. As I would have wanted you to be there for us in the future..  Sorry that didn’t work out for either of us.  I wish you well with your family…hope forgiveness is there for you.

Nope, he isn’t SUPERMAN… he is just a mere man… you do know that Superman is just a cartoon… why would you put such a heavy duty on any mere man..  Yep, those without sin………   

Monday, November 12, 2012

Life was going to change as we knew it....

All the negatives people are in an uproar.. the Republicans,
who are telling us another 4 years with Obama, will change
our life as we know it…

I was there in the 1950’s where we had to dive under
our desk, in case a bomb came. Because life was going
to change as we knew it.

I was there during the 1950’s when people were digging
holes in their yards…Bomb shelters..because life was going
to change as we knew it

I was there in the 1960’s during the Cuba missile, …………..
when we knew the bomb was going to end our world as we knew it.

I was there in the 1972’s with waiting in line to get gas, and the Watergate,and life would be changing as we knew it..

I was there in 2008 when the people told us that because of Obama winning, our life was going to change as we knew it…
Yet here I am.. still… I am still alive.. I still have a home, as did my parents in the 1950’s

So those with all those negative words and thoughts.. who spewl out the downside of our recent elections… tell me.. what war, what argument has been won with negativity?  Because I have yet in my 72 years, seen or heard of anything being won by negative words..

And, life will change as we know it??? I sure hope so. As no one wants stagnation… and be it for the good or not… it will change… as you can see it always has.. and thru those bad times?? We, as AMERICANS, have survived...
that is what we do..

So all that negative, how does that work for you? Doesn’t it stress you out? Doesn’t it wear you down? Is that really what you want out of life..

I have found out thru my years… it is all how you approach things. If you follow negative around, you will be negative… If you decide to follow the road that has an upbeat, finding the positives… you are a lot happier… I was once accused of looking thru rose colored glasses of life… maybe so.. but I can tell you, I am sure a lot happier than you are.. only down time for me, is being around you, with your negativity.  Again, how is that working for you?  Mine is working just fine for me.. so pardon me, if I don’t stick around, I have things to do, places to go, and people to be with...

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Lack of posting the blog...

As you can see I didn't post today... Just didn't feel in the mood.
Had to deal with so many downers... I just can't believe people.
Such radical remarks.. to the point it makes me almost wonder..
maybe I don't have the right friends.. Or I have too many
Republican friends..  After the 3 calls today, I had to get away.
Facebook was the same.. If I thought it was bad before, with
all the remarks.... that is nothing.. to what they are saying now.

Everything to cussing, racial remarks, (friends who I didn't ever
think of them as racist) remarks of doom and gloom.. And some
of the remarks of what they thought of Obama as if they knew
him personally and how horrible he is. Which, of course, they
don't know him personally.

I just don't get it.. why do they hate him?  It isn't because of him
personally.. as said before .... they don't know him..   So it must
be what he represents. But even that should not bring on such
hateful remarks.

Oh, and God forbid, don't joke about it.. The King was joking
with a few of his co workers..and they were nasty in their remarks.
So he told him, he was going to become a Muslin.. and go to the Mostic
he was buying into the 10 virgins and one old hag, that they promise
on death.. and he has the old hag at home.. so he couldn't wait until
he got those 10 virgins.. and he started to laugh. But he was
the only one who was laughing.. they got angry at him and started to
scream at him, and doesn't he realize that his life was never going
to be the same.. Talked about how Obama should be shot.. He
stared at them in disbelief... and told them.. they needed to get a grip.
That American has been thru a lot worse things, and survived very
well, and will again..  And you guys can't even take a joke...

Yep, both of us.. were glad to get away this afternoon.  We needed
space.... what downers they are.  We decided we may just take
a couple of days off from friends for a while, until they can calm

And those who say that is it.. They are moving to Australia... well,
good bye.. I will miss you... but then again, maybe not... Oh, by the
way, last I heard.. Australia doesn't let people just move there. You
just don't pack up your stuff and walk in... You have to put in a
request, and it can take up to 5 years to get a visa to move there.
At least that was so, about 12 years ago, when we were talking to
someone who moved there from California. Maybe Canada might
be better.. but then again, Canada isn't too thrill about us moving
there either.

Also my trusty new machine is in the shop... so probably won't
be posting much until it gets out.. This is my old one.. and it is
slower than molasses..

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I stepped inside and drew the curtain behind me... I said a little prayer... and made my marks for my choices... and then added an extra prayer.... not for the candidates, but for our country...that tomorrow morning we can stand united, no matter how we voted... BE gracious, be it your team won or lost.... AMEN


As you know this is an important day…
And at the end of the night or the next morning.. there is going to be some very happy people… and some very sad, upset people..

Go out and vote..

But remember.. your friends and family will be there for you tomorrow and the rest of the time… so don’t try to make them miserable, because their guy lost, and yours won… Don’t demean people and friends and family, if your guy lost and you are upset with that.

Because at the end of the day.. there is so little we really actually can do one way or the other.. and in every day life.. it is your friends and family that matter.

Be a gracious winner, or loser… no matter who the candidate is or what the cause is..  Because it is family and friends who will have your back.. not some politician ..



Monday, November 05, 2012

Creeps me out....

Mice, rats, snakes, spiders make me jump back.  Don't like any, in fact to me, the only good mouse, rat, snake or spider is a dead one. Not even the cute story about Charlotte's Web, endeared me to spiders. After all, it is just that.. a story..

But I realized something recently... there is one thing that creeps me out.
And I have seen these a couple of times in shows.. shows about carnivals, pier parks like Coney Island... Even in the movie shows.. I think BIG had one.

The show Restoration with the guy Rick, they had one up close.. meaning it was the main thing.. and they restored it for some guy.. After they got it all done, they put in a dime, I think... and it started to move, and the EYES..
(shutter) just creeped me out.  It is a Gypsy Fortune Teller in a box..  You know you have seen them at places like Coney Island and places like that. Just makes my skin crawl just writing abut it. 

 Remember everyone ... tomorrow is a very important day.. Probably the most important day for some time... It is election day.. Even more important than 4 years ago.. And surely the hottest and some times the nastiest one in a long time. And we thought last time was.. But there is also
some pretty intense things to vote on locally, and also some important decisions to make on different people coming in to office locally.  

I honestly... really, honestly, I don't care who you vote for.. or for or against what laws that they are getting you to vote on.. but please.. vote. This is your American right.. VOTE... and you don't have to tell anyone who you voted for...after all that is between you and God who or what you make your mark on. so VOTE.. it gives you bitching  rights.


Thursday, November 01, 2012

The love - hate of electronics

I have bought myself a NOOK… that was the easy part.
Charging it and get it started.. well. Charging was easy.

I went to register it with Barnes and Noble… now that
is the hard part…

I put in my name and email address and hit submit… it tells
me that I already have an account with them.. to use the sign
in section.  Only trouble with that is… I have never ever signed up with them before.  So I checked my password book, just in case my memory is faulty…. Maybe years ago I might have.  NOPE.

So being they believe me to have an account with that email
address…  I figured I would go there, put it in and click on the
forgot password… which brings up ….. THIS EMAIL IS NOT
ASSOCIATED WITH ANY B&N account…  which I already knew.
But they are the ones who told me there was one..

SO I go back and try to put in for a new account.. only to be told AGAIN… that I have an account with that exact email address… go use the sign in section.. So I tried again and used a couple of the older passwords I use to do, of course it is tell me that is not a correct password… so back to the forgot password… and again told that email address is NOT associated with any of their accounts.

Now my patience is not very long, in fact you could say it is like a short fuse… so I went on the computer and tried to set up an account from there… same story… so hit contact us… got an email off with my problem… and we will see when they will answer…

Then I went with the big guns….. MY DAUGHTER… when things don’t work, you go for the younger generation..  she got the same thing I did… BUT… she got it to recognize the email… and it said..

There would be a change of password thingie sent to my email address… well here it is 3 hours later… no email… so we will see what morning brings.