Monday, November 05, 2012

Creeps me out....

Mice, rats, snakes, spiders make me jump back.  Don't like any, in fact to me, the only good mouse, rat, snake or spider is a dead one. Not even the cute story about Charlotte's Web, endeared me to spiders. After all, it is just that.. a story..

But I realized something recently... there is one thing that creeps me out.
And I have seen these a couple of times in shows.. shows about carnivals, pier parks like Coney Island... Even in the movie shows.. I think BIG had one.

The show Restoration with the guy Rick, they had one up close.. meaning it was the main thing.. and they restored it for some guy.. After they got it all done, they put in a dime, I think... and it started to move, and the EYES..
(shutter) just creeped me out.  It is a Gypsy Fortune Teller in a box..  You know you have seen them at places like Coney Island and places like that. Just makes my skin crawl just writing abut it. 

 Remember everyone ... tomorrow is a very important day.. Probably the most important day for some time... It is election day.. Even more important than 4 years ago.. And surely the hottest and some times the nastiest one in a long time. And we thought last time was.. But there is also
some pretty intense things to vote on locally, and also some important decisions to make on different people coming in to office locally.  

I honestly... really, honestly, I don't care who you vote for.. or for or against what laws that they are getting you to vote on.. but please.. vote. This is your American right.. VOTE... and you don't have to tell anyone who you voted for...after all that is between you and God who or what you make your mark on. so VOTE.. it gives you bitching  rights.


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