Monday, November 26, 2012

The Survey says...

For years, surveys have very little effect on me.
I just don’t believe them.

Take the news of Black Friday Night, which told us that
the buying on that day was up 4 per cent, more than the past
two years.
Yet, to read the paper this morning.. they say that the spending was DOWN  1 per cent.  So which do you believe?

Even reports about the economy is deceiving. One report is
about the new homes being built.. is up 35 per cent in Oct.
in our nation.
Yet another source says that housing is in the toilet. Very
little new housing is being built.

Unemployment is at 8 per cent the worse that it has been in
the nation for over 75 years.. How can that be? When I remember in the 1990 there was times that the unemployment was in double digits?  

I read a book called…”Looking out for # 1” by Robert J. Ringer, in the 1980’s. I learn a lot from that book and probably is the reason why I am the cynic that I am today.

While there is much in the book but one of the main things I learn is always question the words…THEY SAY, THE COMMITTEE SAID, IT IS KNOWN THAT, and other such wording… Because you should question who is .. THEY? Who is THE COMMITTE, do you know each one
of these? Have you ever heard of any of these people on the committee?

After all the book or whoever… can just make up names with titles.. for their own purpose.  And “it is known that”… it is known by whom?
And do you know who they are?  After all, you have come to know that the Doctor who is telling you on television that this pill or that pill  is the only one for you, is actually an actor..

And then there is the Global Warming debate.. and the numbers crunched by each side…

So next time you heard, the survey said… be careful of what you believe.   

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