Thursday, November 01, 2012

The love - hate of electronics

I have bought myself a NOOK… that was the easy part.
Charging it and get it started.. well. Charging was easy.

I went to register it with Barnes and Noble… now that
is the hard part…

I put in my name and email address and hit submit… it tells
me that I already have an account with them.. to use the sign
in section.  Only trouble with that is… I have never ever signed up with them before.  So I checked my password book, just in case my memory is faulty…. Maybe years ago I might have.  NOPE.

So being they believe me to have an account with that email
address…  I figured I would go there, put it in and click on the
forgot password… which brings up ….. THIS EMAIL IS NOT
ASSOCIATED WITH ANY B&N account…  which I already knew.
But they are the ones who told me there was one..

SO I go back and try to put in for a new account.. only to be told AGAIN… that I have an account with that exact email address… go use the sign in section.. So I tried again and used a couple of the older passwords I use to do, of course it is tell me that is not a correct password… so back to the forgot password… and again told that email address is NOT associated with any of their accounts.

Now my patience is not very long, in fact you could say it is like a short fuse… so I went on the computer and tried to set up an account from there… same story… so hit contact us… got an email off with my problem… and we will see when they will answer…

Then I went with the big guns….. MY DAUGHTER… when things don’t work, you go for the younger generation..  she got the same thing I did… BUT… she got it to recognize the email… and it said..

There would be a change of password thingie sent to my email address… well here it is 3 hours later… no email… so we will see what morning brings.  



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