Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lost keys, clean house...

Nothing cleans a house more than a lost set of keys.
We lost the keys to our garage a week ago..
The frantic search of all pockets, back stepping
all moves for the past couple days before we figured
out they were gone.

Checking the yard, digging thru snow in case they fell
out of our pockets. ,Going thru the garage and the shed
where the keys were used last..

Checking memory, which is the hardest of all.. what memory? And then the daily search of where else they could be. Cleaning out key areas, cleaning off catch all area’s.
Removing everything from a dresser top and while there
clean up the area.. throw away junk, replace stuff..

Searching chair cushions, couch cushions.. found lint.
Moving furniture, in case they were dropped out of pockets.
Clean up counters..
Frankly I was tired of cleaning up areas… straighten up areas,forced cleaning is not fun.

Praying to St. Anthony as he is the one who is suppose to find things that are lost. The blame game that goes with it.. I know I gave them to YOU.. To asking God if he could just let me know where the hell I put the damn things.. well, not quite in those words… Not cool to beg for help with cussing words…

Then yesterday, I was getting something out of the freezer. The freezer is part of a side by side, which has a section on the door for putting a glass so you can get ice or water…(which is disconnected at this time)…a glimpse
of something on that ledge.. could it be… YES, YES.. YES…. THE KEYS.. DANCING back to the house…YES, THE KEYS..  Thanked God, literally, at least 10 times… and called the King to tell him, I found them.

We both had open that door several times and never noticed them..So we have our keys back.. and there are a lot of places thru out the house that has been cleaned and uncluttered…     

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