Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Hunt is done....

Another hunting season comes to an end….
Elk… won.. The King…0
Deer… 0… The King won..
It came down to  the end, but he did succeed.
And I finally got rid of my Jonah-ismdom
See, it seem like whenever I went hunting.. the
animals seem to know I was in the woods,
and would hide. Of course I wasn’t good at
spotting them in the first place. Many of times
the King would see one without antlers and tell
me… I would squint and look up and down and
sideways… nothing… Until the animal moved,
I wouldn’t see anything..  Luckily the King could spot them
a mile away… unless I was with him.. then there
were no legal game.

 But it started to change 2 years ago.. as I was with him
when he got his moose.. I did a post on that 2 years
ago.  And then this year, this is the first time I went out
as he usually has his buddies with him. But I don’t like
him to go by himself… so I told him I was going today.

 Bingo, at the long end of the ride.. just 5 miles from the
highway.. I spotted one coming up to the road. We stopped
and by the time the King got gun and was on the run, into
the woods it went.  So did the King… and then BANG..
Sweet success…  We thanked the deer for giving up it’s
life for our dinner table.. and then dragged it down to
the truck.. and the comedy of errors started… as we
tried to get it in the back of the truck.. LIFT… drop…
lift and drop.. then I got into the truck.. he lifts the feet up
for me to grab.. and I pulled while he lift.. and half is in..
and then all the way in… and tagged and home we went.
Another hunting season down… and didn’t get skunked.  

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Bay Views said...

Hunting game is simple if you plan correctly. You always hunt up hill. You can pull your pickup to the spot that it is, then roll it down the hill 'till it falls into the truck.