Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I just don't get men...

When women have a project or a job to be done
in their home or for their children… other women
will offer to help out… and that woman will accept
the help.. two set of hands makes the task so much

But what the heck is with men? My husband is among
those who will have a job to do, that it would be so much
easier for two. Even when help is offered, he will either say
“no, I got it” or worse yet, he will accept it and say “first thing
in the morning”… then because he is an early riser.. he does
it himself… so when the one who offers gets here… he has
it all done.

And God help you, if you as the wife tell someone he could use

Case in point was this past weekend…Our light went out over
the sink. So we went to Home Depot and got a new one.

For 4 hours we fought it, fought it because in the process somehow
we blew a breaker, and then for a while we had no electric for the
heater, several lights. All those on the same breaker BUT the
breaker wasn’t blown, the second time. The tester showed there
was power to the fixtures and lights…
Finally by trial and error we found out that there was a loose
connection of a ground wire on middle of the kitchen ceiling light.
It is all the same junction box. It was only by the flicker of the lights
coming back on, that he found it.

After he fix it, he wanted no part of the over the sink light. So that
is for another day when nerves aren’t so fragile. During this mess and
trying to figure out what was going on.. about 2 hours into the mess…
I said….. maybe we should call Tim, (he does maintenance for
a living). That didn’t go over well…

Is this a macho thing?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Trying to find my house..

With the holidays and visitors,
things get put away in darnest places…
Some of it was in the back room (catch all room)
And some of it in our bedroom, and then there
on top of the washer, and shelves… up here,
over there…

Now I have to find all of it, and put it back where
I had it. The worse time I had was a few years
ago, when I just boxed it up… then forget where
I put the box for about 6 months.

I sure wish I could declutter my life… or at least
the house… I have gone thru many times since
I retired…gave away, threw away more stuff, yet
here it is…. stuff everywhere…

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Past couple days

The table was set The cook was putting the final touches on it...
then that night....... winter started to rear its head....seriously

And the return of Misty's running track....

and the calm of the evening sets..... after 18" of snow or more...

Monday, November 22, 2010

The GooseThanksgiving...

In the past, I have told about Thanksgiving at my parents,
and at my Aunt and Uncle’s… which will
stay in my heart and mind all the rest of my mind.

But there are the little Thanksgivings too…one which is
the time my deceased husband decided we were going to have
goose for Thanksgiving.. He didn’t like turkey all that
much… So that year, in Rhode Island, he got a goose.

No, no, not the store bought kind… He was a hunter, so
he went out and shot one.. brought it home.
He defeathered, and cleaned it out. I took one look at it
and I bought a turkey for the rest of us.

Don’t get me wrong. I have always ate what Marv shot.
but you had to be there… the kids took one look and
started to laugh. I went over to see what was up. I am
telling you, that goose must have came across with
Columbus. I thought goose had a large breast on them.
more so than a turkey.. but this goose, the poor thing,
had a very high breast BONE… and the breast were
as shallow as 1920 flapper dancer. I asked him, is that how
they really are suppose to look? He said it wasn’t bad.
And he was eating goose. No problem… that was the
Year of the Goose and Turkey Thanksgiving… and I
saw him sneak some turkey meat… but the goose was
the most pathetic thing I ever saw… and there was no
more talk of goose for Thanksgiving… Venison? Yes, but
no goose…

I will be having a full house of 12 around our table this year.
I have one son with his family up visiting thru the holiday,
but he decided to have dinner with friends. I am sure his
little ones will have a better time there… nothing is more
boring for little guys than 12 adults talking…
So we have been enjoying his family ,they came Thursday,
and will leave next Friday. So I won’t be blogging the rest
of the week, as I enjoy my grandchildren.

So I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, with lots of good
food, good friends and family and laughter heard thru your house.
And remember to take a minute before you start your meal, to
remember all the things you are thankful for in your life and others.

I am thankful for my family… all of them.. children, grandchildren, and
great grandchildren. I have been so blessed… I am thankful for a man
who tolerates my attitudes when they surely could be better.
I am thankful for all the troops, men and women, who are overseas…and
my heart goes out largely to their families who will have to depend on
family and friends to get thru this holiday. And I am thankful for God, with
His patience with me, and helping me thru these health test that I have
endured and will go thru… I am truly a piece of clay, in his hands… and
I have promised to try to keep my fingers out of the clay..

God bless… be safe, be health… and remember patience in the crowds.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old man is snoring...

It's raining, it's snowing... the old man is snoring..
that was what I thought of when I looked outside this
Guess we are going to be dealing with this for a couple of days,
and then the temps are dipping into the teens for daytime... so guess
I have to give in and admit winter is coming in the back door...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This and that...

Had kind of a busy day today, so I am late.

Got up this morning and the King said… it snowed..
I looked out the window and said what snow… that isn’t
snow.. there was only a 1/8 of an inch if that. I see more
frost on the grass in the early morning… than that…
and of course it was gone by 8.

Then I headed in to the hospital for a bone marrow test,
and I got to say they were really nice there. Great really.
While I have always thought of myself as a tough old bird,
I found out that not quite as tough as I thought. Years ago,
I saw where they were asking for people to be tested for
bone marrow to become donor’s.. and I thought about doing
that.. Well, forget that… well, maybe if it was a love one.
They take it from your hip bone, just in case you are going
in for one… they give the area a couple shots of novacaine.
Which they said it is like a bee sting.. A GIANT BEE…
I will tell you, it is do able…but it was no picnic either… now
got to wait a week to get the results..

Headed for home and it is raining like a banshee… but at least
it isn’t snow… and I swear every time I go by the bypass that is
going in, they change the road that goes under it on the north
end… never know which place I am suppose to be on. I will be
glad when it is done.. They sure have a lot of it done.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MAD as HELL...

And I am not going to take it anymore…
That is the way we feel when things go
wrong with a product we buy. Or a company
who acts like you don’t exist after you bought
the product…

Well, your worries are over…you now have a
place to vent your frustrations. A place that even
the company checks out because they don’t want
their company trashed. So they check it out and
give their side or contact you fast so you won’t
complain anymore or you will go back and tell how
well they took care of the problem. This is better than
word of mouth. It is word of computer and on line…
go their site and check it out…http://www.gri.pe/

Monday, November 15, 2010

Of Winters Past....

As winter starts to raise its head, it brings back
memories of winters past.

I like snow, I don’t like ice. And now that I am
retired, it is really nice. I don’t have to drive
when it is nasty. I can stay home and look out
the window, with hot tea in my hand… and
admire the beauty of it all.

A good winter has 4 feet of snow. That is what I
like. It packs against the house and helps it keep
warm. I can remember as a kid that people use to
stack bales of straw around their houses up to the
windows. Especially those who were out in the
middle of the farm land and the wind could whip thru.

We use to take our wheelbarrows out of the barn
after doing a stall and put it against the barn until we had
it covered around the north and east sides. Other wise it was
down the trail and up the ramp to the manure pile.

Many winters was full of sleds and then later snow
mobiles. With snow angels, even in the middle of the
night. Many of mid night calls were to my kids as we
would go out and do snow angels, or play in the snow.
Sometimes, especially when they got older….when they
would refuse to get out of a warm bed, until I shamed
them into joining me.

Yes, winter is still fun, and I still do snow angels, just not
in the middle of the night anymore….maybe I should…
Never too old for snow angels....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran Day....

Every year we honor our Veteran’s. Some get invited
to schools. Some are at the cemetery to honor those
who have gone before us…

It is always a sad time. To know so many died for
us..you and I and the rest of the country. So we have the
freedoms we share these days.

Which makes me wonder sometimes…
were we worth it? So many young men, and
now we have middle age and women, in our troops.
Are we worth it?

We have become a whining, sniveling bitching
country. Nothing is good enough for us. We want
everything now. And as our country sits on the edge,
we citizen cry about us. What it is doing to us. We
want the government out of our hair, yet blame it
when we don’t have what we want.

For today, let’s hope everyone can put their problems,
and ideals to the side… and honor the men and women
who gave us the chance to live in this wonderful country,
with all of its warts.

And pray for the ones who are overseas, and about to go
overseas… pray for their families who go without their
spouses and parents. And don’t forget to say thank you,
most humbly ….THANK YOU, to you all, Vets as well as
the troops serving now.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is snow???

This doesn't look like snow....
The forecaster said snow on the ground by morning... we got a update at each
news time all day yesterday, how it was coming across the state of Washington.
And by nightfall it will be in Spokane and surrounding areas (we qualify as
surrounding areas) so we were ready... we didn't even get rain!

The good news is, no shoveling, which it wasn't going to be that much anyway...
but also in place is the wonderful SUNSHINE..
So I am out of here... early, to do something, even if it is wrong...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Daylight body....

My body goes with daylight. Meaning when the sun is up, my body
wakes me and I get out of bed. And when it is dark, I start to run
down. Probably comes from my childhood. As we woke up at dawn
to do the farm work. And my folks had us in bed by the time it got
dark or shortly after. I think 8p.m. was our bedtime for winter.

Over the years, I was always an early riser. And raising kids you are up
early out of survival or call. And when I worked I was up at 3am, to
be at work by 5am. Then I switched to going to bed at 6am and going
to work at 10pm. When I went on Noc shift. So my own body had to adjust.

Now that I am retired and have no deadline, or early call, I can get
up when I want. Which is usually dawn. So summer, I am up and
on the run early and loving it… And of course, the sun is still going
at 9 to 9:30 pm. So I love summer…

I think the coined phase OLD MAN WINTER, is for a good reason.
because that is how I feel in the winter. And these gloomy mornings,
haven’t encourage my bouncing out of bed. More like dragging a wet
dishrag out. I mull around in my pj’s with my cup of coffee and paper
in hand, looking out to a bleak day. At least the afternoons were
deemable last week. But this week the forecast isn’t looking good.

So when we went off daylight savings and had gloomy mornings, and
dark afternoons… well, my body doesn’t know what to do. Heck, on
Sunday, I was thinking it was bedtime, and it was only 5 pm.
This isn’t looking good, for this winter, if I am in this mode already.
Usually this hits about January or February.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Private Lives...

Are we expecting the same of reporters as we do teacher and preachers?

Are they not to have any personal life..any personal thoughts that they can
say out loud?

Do you agree with all your bosses or companies beliefs? And do you change
yours at home or quit and go where they have the same beliefs?

As far as I am concern, if a journalist or reporter reports the news as it is…
I don’t care what he things of that news if he voices it at home. Or while he
is not working. If he does an opinion show then they are paying him for his
opinion. And then if he decides to support that opinion in his private life, they
should not be surprised. If he gives money for a candidate or party, that is
his business.

Two reporters have gotten into more trouble for voicing or supporting their
own thoughts. Not while on their show, but in private life. One from his home
and the other on another show. For their networks to take them to task for it, just
doesn’t seem right. To fire them for that, seems unreasonable. Maybe a violation
of their rights, freedom of speech? I know that both companies have talked about
other things they were upset with the reporters, but that isn’t what they were
fired for.

Nor is it ok to go into shock or horror, if you see your child’s teacher having a
beer and enjoying him/herself with friends while on their own time. Same thing
with the preacher. He/she is not going to go to hell for having a beer.
Drunkenness is different, but I wouldn’t want to see my boss drunk or anyone
for that matter.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Why I love living in Bonner County, Idaho.......

The snow is back, as some of us locals know, for a week.... but will there be more on Tuesday?While taking that picture of the snow in the mountains... at my feet were the Johnny Pop-ups as some call them.. Tiny violets is what I call them..

And this is an unsolicited commercial.... I got one of those coupon books a couple weeks ago..
In there was a new place I had not heard of... so I venture out to check it out. It is where
the old Northern Lights building use to be. There is about 3 places there in one building.
One called the DISH, one is called SUBWAY and this new one is called BABS... I tell you,
the food was wonderful.. got a pizza and something called a Stromboli. The King
said the pizza was great.... got him his favorite Meat Lovers... I ordered the Stromboli for
myself... I am here to tell you it was to die for... Never heard of it. There have several
East Coast type foods... Hero sandwiches.. (haven't heard that term since I left home.)
and MEATBALLS... REAL ITALIAN MEATBALLS... not those sawdust combo.. but
honest to goodness MEATBALLS.. I am really looking forward to going down and
ordering the Meatball Hero... So if you are up in Sandpoint area, go to hwy 200 and
Division Street intersection... on the left side is Babs, on the back side. So turn down
Division and go to the back of the building. If you are come from Priest River, turn
right just after the light and go around back.
It will be well worth your trip... And Babs is a nice gal to talk to as well...

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Officially Old...

I knew I was old.. after all 70 is not young.
I don’t feel old, still feel like 48 even tho
the mirror tells me some old lady took over
my body…

But yesterday’s mail made it official… I am old.
I got an ad for THE SCOOTER STORE… they
gave me a coupon for a free consultation. Even
a free puzzle and game books… WTH????

They must have a mailing list from SS or AARP.
Because so far so good, I am walking quite well,
Thank you very much.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Day after Blues....

Or as in this case, reds… as Idaho is so red it bleeds..
On the National level, it ought to be interesting how
the Freshmen and women, of Congress do with the
Old Guard.

On the State level, as I said Idaho is so red it bleeds.
The people have never seen a Republican they didn’t like.
They rather have a bad Republican than a good Democrat.
and it is showing this day after. With the Governor who
supposedly no one likes, is leading by a 60% or more as
the last tallys of the absentee are being counted. He knew
he had it in the bag. That is why he rarely does debates and
etc. After all if he wins the primary, why go to any more trouble.

Then there is the State/National meaning the person we send
to D.C., to do what we want… ya, like that happens… although
we did come close last time. It seems like he isn’t going to
make it this time… So if you believe the campaign ads, we
will have a pro illegal immigrants lawyer going to Washington
for us. REPUBLICAN, of course… These two races as you can
tell, disgust me.. while I suspect the Governor would get back
in… I truly thought the Democrat candidate had a chance and
it would be close. And it truly saddens me that it was such a
wide difference. The other is still in question, as we have
the absentee ballots yet, and it is a close race. It will be interest
to see how Mr. Hart did as we know the write in didn’t have a
chance.. and Mr. Hart is the one on our tax commission, yet
decided he didn’t like income taxes, so he hasn’t paid his state
nor federal for quite a while. So other than the write in, he is
unchallenged. So it will be interesting to see how many people
actually filled in the oval dot FOR him.

On our local area, it is politics as usual, most ran unchallenged,
But they are good people even if they are Republican. Lol..
And the commissioners race is still up in the air, a little. The
absentees will make the difference if they win big or barely got

And the bug in the ointment, is a Republican Challenger, which
I didn’t know they had an official title….but he already started
his protest about the absentee ballots… He is one of those
Professional complainers about anything non Republican.
One of those that we shake our heads at, because of his sour grapes
attitude even before there is time for it.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Here we are as a nation, some sitting on pins and needles,
to see if their guy/gal got in. Or do we have new laws to
abide by.

What I am wondering is… what does the Tea Party, and the
rest think is going to happen from February 2011 to say
December 2011 or 2012? As of January, their person is there in
the state capital or Washington D.C., what changes do the
people of “throw the bums out” generation think is going to
happen. Is the government going to come to a stop and do
a reverse? The Government is like a freight train. It takes
miles/months and sometimes years to put on the brakes.
And then to build up steam to start off in a different direction.

So what are these “newbie” going to be able to accomplish in
their 2, 4 year term, that they can run back home to their state
or district and say to the voters…LOOK what I did. See I told
you I would be the best choice because I did this…

What are the chances, other than voting on issues, will they be
able to make a difference? They will try to get on committees,
but they won’t be on any big time committees. Newbies, better
known as Freshmen, (neither congresses are political correct with
the word, person) are put on committees of the older ones choice.
They also are on the low step of that committee. It isn’t until they
have been there years before they get to be the head of any good
Committees. And to bring up a law or ruling, forget about it.
Freshmen rarely get their voices above the floor level. Kind of
like being back in high school. The Seniors don’t like the Freshmen
any more than they did in high school. They are tolerated.

So what do you all expect to happen in the next year? And will
your guy/gal be the one that the ads will be complaining about
next election time around? Or will things be so quiet, no one will
know they were there? Did you keep a list of promises made so
you can see if they did. I really didn’t see any promises of things
to be done by the candidate. It was mostly the other guy is the
rotten egg and I will save you.

The other thing that bothers me is, why is it outsiders come in
And tell us what is good for our state? Either our guy/gal is good
or not for us. We should be the only ones deciding that. Should not
be any outside of the state money nor people coming here to tell us
how we should vote. Go tell your own state people.

Hope I am around to see in 2-4 years from
now to see how this all turns out.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Finally the end of the ads...

Well, tomorrow people go to vote for whom they desire
to represent them, and vote for different laws, policies and

Some of the voters have already voted, which seems odd to me,
a long time poll place voter. But if it works for them, that’s ok,
at least they voted.

We already have challengers up here in Bonner County raising cain.
He has decided that he doesn’t like how the envelopes for absentee
Votes are being treated.
Of course his own candidate is running for County Clerk, makes
one wonder if that is the reasoning behind his challenge. Maybe
he figures his guy is going to lose, so he wants to get a protest
in early.

But at least the ads will be gone. But I am not foolish enough to
think this will be the end of this election. With so many zoom to
the right wingers, they protest everything, if they had seen the
program I saw on Sunday on PBS, it would send them reeling. Giving
them more to run with, as their sabers wave in the air.

But vote you must… think yours don’t count? Ask Mike Kennedy, in
Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, after winning by 3 to 5 votes and almost a year
of lawsuit over it. Do you really want a policy, law, or any other voting
selection, be passed by a mere 5? Do you want the guy or gal, you can’t
stand win?

Remember, if you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice in the outcome and
you deserve what you get. The rest of us may not get who we want, but
at least we had a voice. We get to gripe, you do not…

Hope to see you at the polls, if you haven’t already voted.