Thursday, April 30, 2009


Remember a long time ago in the 1990's or late 1980's
Our President Bush Sr. told us about the trickle down
system? That somehow by the rich spending money
and saving on taxes, that money would trickle down to
us poorer people.

Well, I waited and waited for that trickle down to come
my way. And after about 20 years I gave up on that.
Even told the King, maybe the trickle down system
was good after all. After all the bad economy had not
come down so hard on us. At least not as hard as
it had on the higher income people...

But on Wednesday, I got word.... the trickle down system
was going to work for us after all. After all these YEARS!!,
it is finally going to be here for me. I got the word in the mail.
As I am sure there are some others. The Stimulus package
has reached me. Those sweet words.....It said.....

"Good news! The economic recovery bill that our
President Obama signed into law in February 2009 provides
for a one time payment of $250 to retirement beneficiaries.
You should receive your payment by late May 2009. "

Well, thank you, President Obama, for finally letting the
trickle down system get to little old me....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And the Wind Blows... Still

Well, so much for the yard. Everything has been
shuffled from side to side. We have some of the
neighbor's and they have some of ours stuff.

My little windmills in the yard are spinning so
much they are leaning now. And it is a wonder they
are still attached. And as you can see by the picture,
I have lost my canvas gazebo top. I put it up without
the very top in hopes that the wind would just blow
thru. That idea failed.

I wonder...maybe Bonner County should look into
putting those windmills that Ellensburg, Washington
has up on their hills. Sure would help us with our
electric bill.

I know everyone has had their say on the swine flu,
and I have on blog comments and emails. But I hope
you readers understand the whole story and not the
scare tactic that seems to be happening thru the media.

First of all, remember where this came from. Also where
the Bird flu came from. Both countries are NOT know for
being sanitized. Also every year we lose over 100,000 of
our citizens to even the common flu. We lose just as many
to the common cold, pneumonia, and other such diseases.
There are far more, millions who actually get the diseases.

Who died from these diseases? The highest numbers are among
the two weakest citizens we have. the babies and the elderly.

So to those who are concern, and you should be concerned, not
scared.... wash your hands, wash your hands.... wash your hands.
As you should anyway, with out any disease going around.
Haven't you seen the commercial of the lady who is in the
store, coughs in her hand, and then puts her hands on the cart
handle and the veggies?

It scares me every time I see a young
mother put her child in the child seat of those carts and that
child puts their mouth on that cart handle. So watch cart
handles, and door knobs. Get yourself a small bottle of
sanitizer for your pocket, or wipes.

Be careful out there, but don't feed into the scare. Also
watch getting any shot they are talking about. Remember
the people of the 1970's who got sick from the shots. Hundred of
thousands, of course no one talks about that.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do you dance....

A blog was asking about a song that
brings back memories. Which I named
American Pie and Johnny B. Good.

The Johnny B. Good reminded me that
when I do hear it, my feet start to dance.
Which is odd as I haven't danced in years.
I think I can say 10 years at least and be
honest about it.

I use to love to go out and do the fast dances,
and even the slow ones. I was never really good
at it, but I tried and I had fun. I didn't do as bad
as Elaine on Seinfeld, but I was about average or
lower. Think, white girl has no rhythm.

So what stopped? I don't know, as I look back
at it. I guess it was when I went to work, at the
nursing home. My days or nights off, which ever I
was working, had a lot to do with it, It took 6 weeks
to get a weekend off. And there was so much more
I rather do than go to a bar and dance.

That could be another reason too. I don't do well in
the bar scene. The loud music so you can't talk, the
smoke so heavy you can't breathe. Maybe that had
a lot to do with it too.

And dances like the old grange dances were as good
as gone. Then there is the music. Rap sure isn't my
deal. Hard Rock wasn't mine either. Swing and sway,
rock and roll, was more my type.

So do you dance still? where? what type of dancing?
Did you Sumba, Rumba, Tango or Can Can?
Not me...before my time. I started out with the Two Step
and Waltz and some Polka. Then the jitterbug. But now,
nothing. How about you?

Monday, April 27, 2009

First 100 Days

There are those who ask how did Obama do in his first 100 days.
It would have been nice if each problem he inherited could have
been taken care of in a day.

Say, he takes care of the economy the first day. Well, maybe that
would take two days with the banks involved and etc. Third day, he
takes care of health coverage for all. Fourth day, he takes care of all
education problems. Fifth day, he takes care of all foreign policies and
our relationship with all countries. And etc. each day.

Guess these people think Obama is God. Remember God solved all problems
in 7 days. Well, he built life and its supporting system with it, in those days.
So they are giving Obama 100 days, being he isn't God. Think about that
for a minute, job performance in 100 days, and answer the question at
the bottom.

I think Obama and his wife and family have brought class to our
country, much like the Kennedy's did. He/they are someone who
we are proud to send to other countries to represent us.
On how he is doing? He has made mistakes, there are times I
shake my head. But I still have HOPE. I have found in life, that
some things aren't always like they seem. I hope this is true of
how it seems when I shake my head. I hope all justifies the means.
Could I be disappointed? Yea, but then I have been before. So I still
have faith and hope it will all turn out ok. Even if it isn't how I think
it should be done.

What I like to know... how did YOU do in the first 100 days of YOUR job?
Was your Boss, family and friends amazed at how great of a job that you
did in your first 100 days? I don't think so. I know it wouldn't be true of me.
I was still treading water at 100 days. I would venture to say my boss thought
I had durability and was trying really hard to do my job well. Making mistakes
as I went along. And that was with 3 months of training. Last I saw there is no
training to be President, closest would be Vice President, and third would be,
maybe Governor of a state.

So tell me... how did you do in the first 100 days, of your job?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

best email of the week

"Warshing" Clothes Recipe.........

Never thought of a "washer" in this light before. what a blessing!
"Warshing Clothes Recipe" -- imagine having a recipe for this ! ! !
Years ago an Alabama grandmother gave the new bride the following recipe:
this is an exact copy as written and found in an old scrapbook -
with spelling errors and all.

Build fire in backyard to heat kettle of rain water. Set tubs so smoke wont
blow in eyes if wind is pert. Shave one hole cake of lie soap in boilin water.
Sort things, make 3 piles
1 pile white,
1 pile colored,
1 pile work britches and rags.
To make starch, stir flour in cool water to smooth, then thin down
with boiling water.
Take white things, rub dirty spots on board, scrub hard, and boil, then rub
colored don't boil just wrench and starch.
Take things out of kettle with broom stick handle, then wrench, and starch.
Hang old rags on fence.
Spread tea towels on grass.
Pore wrench water in flower bed. Scrub porch with hot soapy water.
Turn tubs upside down.
Go put on clean dress, smooth hair with hair combs.. Brew cup of tea, sit
and rock a spell and count your blessings.
Paste this over your washer and dryer Next time when you think
things are bleak, read it again, kiss that washing machine and dryer,
and give thanks.. First thing each morning you should run and hug
your washer and dryer, also your toilet---those two-holers used to
get mighty cold!
For you non-southerners - wrench means, rinse ;)

Now I didn't have to heat the water outside when I was a kid.
I was a helper until I was 12,
but then I was given the chore of running the wash thru the
ringer... and why my hand and arm aren't at least
a inch thinner than the other, I don't know ... as it surely
ran it thru the ringer enough times. And my other hand
was quite good of socking that release button.
And then there was the carrying the clothes up the stairs from
the basement, and then hang them on the clothes line that ran
out to the middle of the yard. With the spindle on it, so you could
hang out the clothes, then push it out, hang up more, and push it
out. You lost all modesty when you had to hang out the under
clothes. And the freezing of the clothes? the sheets especially.
One time I was playing with the corner of one of the frozen
sheets, and it broke off. Mom was ticked...
And we say the "good old days"...

Friday, April 24, 2009

WHOA!!! maybe they were right....

Last week or so, the town of Sandpoint
and the people who deal with Sandpoint,
were up in arms about drive thru businesses.
And also in the mix, yet not really talked
about that much, was the color of the buildings.
There was talk about who was going to decide
which colors were considered politically correct
for the town.

Well, this mornings Bonner County Daily Bee,
sure has alot of us say, WHOA...maybe the
council did have it at least half right.

I would show you, but their site doesn't have
the picture up yet, if in fact they will. But I am
here to tell you the "Wasabi green and edamame"
(Japanese soy bean)vertical strips are in the
"Gawd Awful" description.

They say that the older citizens will not like it, but
the youth will... well, I guess that is right, as I am
in the first classification. And this is definitely a
"in the eye of the beholder" situation. Although
David Keyes, the publisher of the Daily Bee, was
not thrilled with it either. You can read his column
on it.

And this is for a restaurant. Sushi, in fact. Well, I
am not a sushi fan, but even if one was, you got
to wonder how the color affects your appetite.
Picture neon lime green and light avocado. About half
a block of it.

Once again...Sandpoint is bound to be in the
news again and surely will be the talk of the town.
This is the only Wasabi Green item I could find... couldn't
find the edamame color... remember vertical stripes.
Hopefully the Bee has the picture up after 9am. Because
this is definitely a pictures says a thousand words deal.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

pillows and one of those days...

Today seems like one of those day, so these pictures seem to apply.

What makes these pictures a little more than the usual lazy cat pictures is the pillow.
When the King and I were cleaning out the back room a while back, I came across this
pillow. I don't remember who made it and gave it to me. But I took it and threw it on
the chair and it slide off the chair and on to the floor. Where Rokon found it and seems
to like it... So what is so different about that... as you can see from the picture below,
why it seem kind of comical she picked out this pillow above all others available in the

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


HALL MARK sent this ad to me, but I can't buy it...

I am not Grandma, nor Granny, I am a Nana.
And there are a few of us out there. I think I
can say that there are more of us out there,
than most would think.

But when I went to Hallmark to buy this mug
they advertised, I was told they didn't order
any because there isn't enough calling for
them. I was told, there just isn't enough Nana's
out there for us to order them.

So I called the Hallmark in Sandpoint. Same
story. In fact every place that I knew had Hallmark
with in 25 miles, said the same thing.

Nana's, it is time we march in protest. As I called
Hallmark's 1-800 number and was told, they don't
sell on line or thru their company. Only thru the stores.
I told her, that would be nice, if the Hallmark stores sold
what is in the advertisement they sent to my house.
The person had no answer. I told them to tell their
supervisor, that this one customer was not happy!!
I wanted the mug.

Yes, Nana's unite...
My baby is 39 today... Happy Birthday, JC
and yes, she was born on Earth Day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too nice of a day....

Today is too nice of a day to be inside.
I feel like a kid looking out the classroom

Today is my one work day a week. And luckily
for me, my boss is the best. And one of
the most enjoyable people to be with.

So it is off to work and then I get to
play outside. Well, I guess it isn't
exactly play, but it is enjoyable.

Then this afternoon I get to watch
my grandson play tennis with his

Looking like a great day all the way

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tea Party Ironic

I find the Tea Party of 2009 ironic.

Who bought all these bags of tea?
Who paid and how much, to collect these
bags from the sites across the country?
Who paid for them to be shipped to
Washington, D.C.
How much tax payer's money was spent to
deal with the bags in Washington, D.C.?

And then what happen to the millions of tea bags?
Can't give them away as they have been contaminated by
the handling. So they are sent to the landfills or burnt?

So what does that tell all of us? There was probably millions
spent for the tea bag party day. To protest what?
"Money wasted, spent foolishly, for waste?"

Anyone else see the ironic part of this, besides me?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best email of the week....

I don't know if this will work... but if it does...

I didn't put it up on Sunday because while you watch

it.. the words out of your mouth, may not be Sunday words.

As you say... OH.........

I had 3 different people send this to me, so it should be

ok to post.. if the ones who publish it first want credit

let me know.. as I surely will give it.. it is the best email

of the week. Not the best video, as U-tube wins that hands

down with the Susan Boyle video.

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Tech

New Tech.

When I was a kid, there were records.
Big records. And then as a teen I had
small records..45's. Then came tapes.
And then cassettes, and cds and I-pods.

When I was a kid, we got a television
and it was black and white. I was 8.
Mom and Dad didn't get a color TV,
until I had moved out by quite a few
years. Then comes along HD, and
Flat screens. Some almost as big
as movie screens. Some of them so
tiny they sit in your hand.

When I was a kid, we had a camera.
And then as a teen I had a small
camera called a Brownie. And later,
came the Polaroid, with instant pictures.
And then there were digital camera's.
And IPod cameras.

When I was a kid, we had a movie camera.
16mm. And along came the 8mm when I
had kids. And then there was the VCR, and
the camera that you could take pictures and
put it in the VCR and see them instantly.
Now there are digital cameras that take
pictures and puts it on the tiny disk.

When I was a kid, I went to the theater to
see a movie. (Saturday morning serial movies
for kids) And then along came movies you could
buy. First on tapes, and now on DVD's. And even
that has changed. As there is something called
Blue Ray.

When I was a kid, we had a large heavy
telephone. That was attached to the wall.
And then there were smaller lighter phones.
Then came a book like phone. and now
cell phones, that not only take your calls,
but can take pictures, and typing text to
other to read, all instantly.

When I was a kid in school we used pencils
and pens to write on paper. Then in high school
we got to use typewriters. Then came electric
typewriters. And down the road came computers.
Starting out huge, and now they are small enough
to carry around. And even small enough to hold in
your hand. Talking to people instantly.

So many things are speeding up our lives....all this
technology, getting to be as fast as light.Some of it
is old and outdated within months of buying the news
and the fastest. Some times
I think it is leaving us humans behind.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Motherhood, worth it all....

This is going to seem like a little like self serving.
And really I am not here to toot my own horn.
The purpose of this post of today is, to let you know
that mother hood does pay off.

If you read my blog you will have read a little while
back, this post.

and my last line was...I hope I did it right... it looks like I did.

Well, Wednesday I found an answer.

I have an automatic send to my hotmail address, any comments
that are put on any one of my post. And as you go back and check
it out, you will see that one of my children, did in fact make a comment.

This is #4 (I do not post my children's names) child. One of which I am
sure she will admit that there was a tumbling times of teens between
she and I. Lasting some in to her 20's. We have patched that up many
years ago, and I am proud of her and what she has become. By her
own works. I may have put in the foundation, but she built the life.

So for those out there who have toss and tumble lives with your
children. See, it is all well worth it. I have said before I didn't think
any of my children read my blog, or if they do, it is spotty. So this
was a total surprise. I have written to her... and told her, she can
forgo any Mother's Day cards, as she gave me a Mother's Day gift
of a life time. So go read, I still have tears in these old eyes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today there are TEA PARTY'S all over the nation.
A play off on the tea party in Boston, Mass. over
200 years ago. That we all learned about while in
school history classes.

People have been emailing letters about it,
People are texting and Twittering (I think that
is what you call it. As to be honest I am not
sure what the difference is).

But to me, this is about the same line as those
who write letters to the editor about national subjects.
It is only ego soothing, as the nation and those who
it is pointed to ....could care less. And will not even
see it, never mind read it. It only makes the
writer feel better.

While Congress, who it is really directed at, will not
know who actually was at the rallies around the country.
Even if they send a list to them, with the names who
attend, the most the rallies will get out of it, is to be
put on the Congressperson's list for donations for their
next election.

But it will make the rallier themselves feel better, and
that is ok too. We all have to bat at the wind from time
to time, to feel like we can do something, even if it doesn't
make a different to others.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Double Standard?

As the Easter day ran down, we sat
watching an old Star Trek. It was a story about
how this Princess that they were suppose
to transport to another planet to be married.
The Princess was a spoiled brat. And demanded
to be treated like she was on her own planet.
That she was not to be spoken to unless she said
it was ok, and not to leave the room unless she
said you could. And they were to bow to her.
Captain Kirk informed her that she was on his
ship and went by his rules, that if they were on
her planet, then they would go by her rules.

Which made me think of the recent news
headlines. First of all, the hoopla about the
Queen. The touching bit. And also my
understanding that the President and
the First Lady were to bow/curtsy to the
Queen when they met.

Then you have the big blow out over Obama
bowing to the Prince of Saudi .

Why does one outrage us, (the Prince) and
not the other (the Queen)? Is that a double
standard? Is it not the custom of their country to
have people bow to them? Were the Obama's being
correct? I don't know the answer, but Captain Kirk's
answer kind of rang true. When in Rome.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Expense

Easter use to be very expensive in years past.
It wasn't the candy. Or the eggs. Or even presents.
Which by the way, when I was a kid, there wasn't any
presents, only candy eggs, cheeps, and jelly beans
eggs. Same for my kids.

The expense was clothing. All the sales ads for at least
a month ahead of time, where of Easter clothing. You had
to have your Mary Jane's (for those younger than 50, that
is white shiny shoes for Spring, black for fall) and white
gloves. You had a new dress just for Easter Sunday morning.
The young men had to have a suit. Yes, boys wore suits.
Same for the parents... all new clothes.

For those who weren't so well off, or those whose mothers
who sewed, there were newly made clothing. My mother
made me for my last at home Easter Day outfit, was a black and white
checked coat and purse that was reversible with black on the
other side. Also a hat that match them, what was also reversible.

When I was at church this past Sunday, I did not see anyone in
new clothing, and surely there was no gloves, or Mary Jane's in
sight. Nothing that there is anything wrong with that. But I just
noticed while everyone looked very nice, it just wasn't like it use
to be. And no, I didn't have anything new on either.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter to you all...

The King and I wish you all the very best of day with your family and friends...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

These aching bones...

Well, it is finally good weather, so I have
been out there, pruning roses, pulling weeds,
spreading the sawdust that cover the rose roots.

I was loving it... the warm sunshine. Ended up
taking off the jacket, then the outer shirt... and
it was tee shirt weather...

But this morning..OH. MY. GOD. At first I thought
I was having a heart attack. My arm hurt so bad.
Then it dawn on me, it was both my arms, my
back. But I will survive...because I know another
week and I will be back in shape.

I hope...

It felt so fine to be out there.. I can hardly wait
for the dirt to flow thru my fingers again...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tuition and Mattresses

This morning's head lines scream,
"Gregoire Proposes Tuition Spike"
Which is the Governor of the near by
state of Washington. But the same can
be said of our state as well. But so far
our Governor is cutting the school's funds,
so of course the follow up will be more levies
for the high school and below, and higher tuition
for the colleges.

What is so sad about all of this, is that 85% of
the college kids are going there on a string as it
is. And the parents who are helping are also on
a string. Say nothing of the ones who are losing
their jobs, homes and etc. So exactly where is
it that the parents are suppose to get this new
raises of tuition? And even the college kids who
are now trying to pay their own. Their jobs are the
low side of the wages, as they are considered temps.
Be it the food service or big box stores.

Seems like the colleges could find a way to cut
from the inside. The colleges surely have somewhere
they can cut the non job orientated classes, or what
ever. And I know I will hear the screams of the sports
fans, but how many football, basketball players go on
to be in that field? As a coach or player? Enough to
justify their teams?

I just hate the thought that college will once again become
the education for the rich or at least well off.

Mattress.... we did buy the number select mattress, and
the King is very pleased with it. I am still in the trial area
of it. I feel like Goldilocks... this setting is too hard, this
setting is too soft, and hopefully the one I am using now
is just right. We found the price not bad, putting it
together was easy. And when we talked to someone who
was at the store buying a cover for theirs, and they have
had theirs for 10 years, and love it as much today as they
did when they first got it... So we are looking forward to
finally have a bed that matches both of us.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


One of the side effects of birthdays
that I am not fond of, is the thought of

I do fine with each year, although next
year I might have a problem with...
I don't deny my age, but I don't think of
it for the most part. If someone ask, yes,
I say I am 69 (now) with pride that I have
lasted that long, besides for the most
part, age is just a number, as I still feel
like 48. Before it was 28. But I feel some
of the limitations, so 48 it is now.

But as one approaches their birthday and
they have gone over the age of 65, I find
you start to think of your mortality. I don't
dwell there, as it is depressing. But once
in a while it slips you up.

Case in point, I was talking to the King
about something the other day, and it
had to do with a particular many years of
a guarantee for a product. Which I said
off handed, well, that is ok with me,
because it will last long enough for me.
After all I have 5 more years left and if
I am really lucky, it could be 10.

Just from the look of the King's face as,
I matter of factly said that, it surprised me
as well... I can tell you, it not a nice feeling.

I am glad to say, I rarely think about it...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Is my eyes playing tricks?

Is it true, can my eyes be deceiving me?
Or is that really the sun? Can it be true.

I felt the warmth. I am only using a sweater.
Can that be true, or have I finally gone over
the edge?

Do I even dare to mention all of this?
Do I dare actually mouth the words of

For I fear, if I actually say it out loud,
it will all go away and once again my
lawn will be white.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Another year....

Well, by the time you read this.. I will
be long gone. We are heading out to
go to the land of April's.

There is April 1.. my gal pal
April 2, is the neighbor
April 3, is my grandson,a gal pal
April 4, is the King's and sister
April 5, is mine....
There are more thru the month.
Cousins on the 14,
my mother's was the 13
my friend in San Diego is the 15,
another the 20th.
Then there is my daughter on the 22,
and friend as well...
and my uncle's was the 26th. or was
it the 27th. My grandmother's was the

But this weekend at the land of April,
is the celebration of 69, there are 3 of
us who will celebrate.. and then of course
the mere child, the King, he will only be

So when I return here, I will be another year
older. And I am fine with that...but the pending
next year age, I don't seems to be
bothering me, underneath. When I think of it.
Why is it the 0 ages bother us the most.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Irish Lace....

Do you know what Irish Lace is?
It is found in the house but not called
Irish Lace there. And despised.
But in the barn it is treasured.

If a woman see it in her house,
she is horrified and hopes that
visitors don't see it.

But in a barn, at least a horse
barn it is treasured and left alone
to grow. Because it has medicinal
purposes. See it stops bleeding.
My mother would slap anyone
who touched it in her barn. Any
one who tried to clean, and remove
it, was threaten with an inch of their

So what is this Irish Lace that my
mother treasured? What is it that
brings horror to a housewife. And
how can it be two things in one?

It is cob webs. The story is that
in Ireland, the Irish used it for
stopping bleeding. In barns, you never
knew when it would be needed.
Or how much. So every barn had
it and it was treasured. And it looped
thru the barn ceilings from stall to stall.
Hence, Irish Lace,

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

THE END......

Well, this is the end. I guess......
I should be happy it lasted 4 years.

But one can only think of so much,
and then like notes in music, it will
all start to sound alike. After all,
words can pile up, and they can only
mean so much.

And I said I would do it as long as it
was fun... so the end has come, as
I am having fun with you... as you can
guess the date of today is for fools.
I hate to say it but April fool..see you
tomorrow.... hope you didn't fall too
far for this babble...