Sunday, April 30, 2006

You know this is a great window they did, I can see all the birds, even down the street. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 28, 2006

Do you remember?

May Day....
not the call for help,
Mayday... but the day

May Day was May 1st.
It was flowers. You put
flowers in a container and
left them on the door knob
of a neighbor. Usually an
elderly lady, who you thought
would like them. But had
to remember not to
pick hers for it. See, we use
to pick flowers when
I was a kid. Not in someone's
yard. But in the fields.
Sure made a lot of ladies smile.

Then there was the Maypole..
Does anyone do that? Last
time I saw any pictures of it
being done was in the 1970's
and it was the flower children
of the Hippie's era....who
were dancing around the Maypole.

Sad when things slide away
And I wonder.. how did and where
did that tradition come from.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Old Age Sneaking Up

Old age is trying to get me.
But I am fighting back.

I think OA took a bite out
of my honch area. As it
sure is hurting. I can't sit
for long.

So I keep moving. Maybe
it won't catch up to me.

I think I might have gave
it an invitation on Sunday.
I was helping the King
move a couch into the
garage. And Monday
morning I woke to the

I have used Icy Hot, and
a few others. I have used
Aleve and Ibuprofen. Sound
like an dang commercial.

My mother's attitude was
you can work it out. Meaning
doing work.. Not exercising
in the general sense. So I
have been doing just that.

So far, not even time is
helping. I really depend on
that one. Just when I think
I got a handle on is back.

So I have a clinch in my getty
up and go

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Honest? Liar? Jester?

We step up and if we like
what we see, we are happy.
and believe it is an honest

If we don't like what we see
we feel we have been lied to.
We called it a liar. Question
the condition, its character
(it is a piece of junk) and one
of these days, you will get a
good one.

Or is it a Jester, as you step
off, and then back on. You see
two different answers... Then you
step up again, and again. All different
answers. Do you cuss it or do you
take the answer you liked the best?

Yes, the scale is a fickle machine.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

10 years...Before and After...

I'm not a chicken little attitude type
person. I guess I get that from my
mother. She didn't believe in the
backyard bomb shelters.

So the global warning is hard to get
excited about, when they talk about it
is going to happen in the next
10,000 years or more.

Bird flu is another one, but so
far less than 100 have died. Just
a lot of people are getting sick from
it. The yearly flu and even the common
cold kills thousands and thousands
each year, and millions get sick from it.

Now we have e-mail's and the paper
flying with rumors of doom of the human
race or the "white Americans". And the
quotes are 10 or 20 years old. So far
the ones that I have met are decent
people. Hard working people who do
jobs none of us want to do, nor do
we want our children to do. I can
remember when kids 12 years old
use to pick strawberries and etc. Now
none do it that I am aware of. Few
want to do domestic work or gardener
type jobs. Only thing is I just want them
to come in legally like all the rest have
done for years.

When I was a kid, we had Portuguese,
who came over. They did stone work.
Best rock walls in New England are
done by them. For over 100 years
the existing ones were deteriorating,
because no one wanted to or did them.
Best fishermen, farmers, and gardeners.
I can remember the adults going to
night school to learn English.

So are we all doom in 10 years
as they predict? I don't know. Is life
for my children or grandchildren, going
to be worse for them, when they get my
age, I don't know
Look at where we were 10 years ago.
Compared to now. So many changes,
that I can't list.

Was Dover Bay the land that was
advertised in 1997, for $36,000 for
27 acres with water view?

10 years ago, how many 60 to 80
year old people were blogging? Or
even using computers? Emailing?

How common was blogging? How
many were surviving cancer? Compared
to now?

How many adults over 70 years of
age were put in nursing homes at that
time? Now those same type are in
assisted living or at home with an
aide that comes to their home.
Leaving them a few more years
before they are dispatched to a
nursing home?

Yes, we have come a long way
in the past 10 years. And I am
sure there were people, that were
afraid that we were doomed then.

So am I afraid to face the next 10
years? no... You ask what about
Bush? I say, there have been
worse before, and we survived them.
Hopefully some one will step up
to the plate in 3 more years that
we can truly put our trust into.

But as my mother use to say...
This too shall pass

Monday, April 24, 2006

Good Weekend

As you can see the weather
changed to our favor. And
we have a new window.

The King started at 7am, with
grandson in tow. Pulled the
last of the framing. Got ahold
of the glass, put it in to the
truck and off it went to my
friend, Lorraine, who is taking it to
it's next level... A greenhouse.

Back, he starts with removing
all of the old window sill.
Our grandson was taking
care of the removal of pieces
as they hit the ground.

I had decided to get rid of
a couch and chair. So it went
out the window hole. You have
no idea how easy that was.
Compared to how we got it
in to the house. Our house is
an old house so the doorways
are not what is now standard.
So it took twisting, lifting,
pushing and lots of cussing,
to get those into the house.
With the couch being a hide-
a-bed, lifting was a hernia
getter. And it took almost 2 hours.
Removal took about 10 minutes.

There it was a naked hole.
Over came our neighbor and
then his friend. Within 3 hours
of putting in a new sill. Replacing
all the old wood. In went the

The King finished off the outside
framing, putting back shingles,
and etc. At 5:30 p.m. he was
beat. I put all the supplies and
tools away while he did the finishing

On Sunday, after church, the King
replaced one drywall area that got
cracked during the work. Has all but
1/8 of the framing done now. It looks
so great.

Thanks to good neighbors, grandson,
and lots of hard work from all of them
and the King, it is well worth it. We can
feel the difference as the wind came up
on Sunday and none of it came in.

This painting of the

14th try to publish... if this doesn't work
it will be afternoon before I try again.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Yesterday the Staff worked on the window..while I sunbathe Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Out with the old....... Posted by Picasa
In with new window... only the finishing touches outside... and inside left. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 21, 2006

I am Pouting

I went out to get my paper
this morning... and I am

We have had 4 wonderful
sunny days. Yesterday
it was in the 70's and I
had shorts on. (not a
nice vision) And I am
thinking, YES!!, Finally
good weather!

Today, this morning, I
walk out and it is cool.
AND CLOUDY. You know
the seriously gloom and
doom kind of clouds.

To day is Friday, that
makes tomorrow Saturday.
Saturday when we plan on
doing our window. Now
they say RAIN. I can't have
rain... I WANT this window
in. I am sick of this window.

It sits in the garage, as a
reminder. Every time I walk
in ...there it is. Telling me,
hey, remember me... I am
the too big window.

I just want it in the wall.
And now,
it is going to rain. ;-(

Oh, well, one nice thing
about tomorrow......
Happy Birthday, JC...
my baby turns 36...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nieghborhood Excitement

Excitement on Boise Street, Kootenai, Idaho Posted by Picasa

Well, this was an exciting day.

In the afternoon, I heard the
grader going by. We live on
one of the few dirt roads
left in Kootenai. And then
a few minutes later, I look
out the window and see
a fire truck blocking the
intersection. I see firemen
walking around. Then I
look down the street and
see a truck. Then another
one comes.

Well, such things, leads
to noseiness. Got to know
what is going on. So walked
over to the guys who are
gathering near the fire

Seems the grader hit
the gas line at the end
of the street. And sure
enough there was a
cloud and the smell.
In came some more

It happen a little after
2pm. They had to shut
off the gas. Dig up the
pipe, as the grader
had bent the pipe and if
I understood it right,
broke it.

They worked on it
into the night. Coming
around and turning off
everyone's meter at about

Luckily for us it was
a warm day. As it was
about 8:50 p.m. When
they return to turn on
the gas. They also wouldn't
let us light our own heaters.
A nice young man came
and lit it for us about that

For a small town we sure
have had quite a bit of
excitement. An accident
a month ago, that had
a log truck down in
a ditch and rammed
into the mud. Luckily
no one was badly

Maybe I should start
a blog about the going
on's in our little town.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My New Look

From a few of the comments,
I can see that quite a few did
not catch the Sat. entry or
look down on the left side
of this blog, on the bottom.

My face lift here on the blog
is many thanks due to Toni.
I can not tell a lie nor take
credit for such a fine job.

And believe me, she must
have the patience of Job,
because this past weekend
I must have drove her nuts.
My whole thing that I
contribute to it was ...
I like green. Oh, and I
did pick out the cartoon.

The fine job of the right
colors and style of the blog
is hers. So you can go to
her blog and tell her, she did
a wonderful job of it all.
That is either Calicogirls
or IdahoNatureTrails in the

I know I sure appreciate it,
and I can tell you do too.
Give the lady a hand!!
She deserves it.

And Thank You, Toni!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sunshine, ah, Sunshine

After so much rain, snow
sleet, doom and gloom days,
finally Spring is here.

Now will it last until the
weekends? I have this
9 foot window (remember
the window that is too
large for the hold) that
needs to be put in.

We need a whole day of
warmer weather. High 50's
would be nice. But some
how I think this will be the
start of those...sunny days,
wet weekends.

Anyway, I am putting in
my order, for dry, warm
weekends. Won't hurt
to ask.

Monday, April 17, 2006


There is one of the local
bloggers who pose the
question about friendship.
I gave many ways
to know if one is a friend.

One of those is if you know
a person for millions of years.
Don't see them for 10 years,
and can start up the conversation
like you never were apart.

Recently I got to join back
up with an old friend. We
go back almost 37 years.

I had not seen her for about
5 years or so. In fact, I have
to admit to you, that at
first site I didn't recognize

But at dinner on my birthday,
I got to see my friend. When
I say old friend, I mean the
friendship is old. As my friend
is 10 years younger than I. And
she has good genes as she looks
even younger.

But we started right off. How are
the kids, what are they are doing
now. We could have talked for
hours. But she was with her
children. And I was with the

Which normally it wouldn't matter,
but she lives in France now. So
her time is limited with her
children, and I didn't want to take
any of that away.

The great news is she has email,
and msm messenger. So she gave
me hers, and we have been burning
up the air with photos' and great
conversations. Thank goodness,
for modern communications.

My friend and I met because of
our previous husbands were
great friends. We met when we
were about 4 months or so pregnant.

That friendship lasted thru the years,
even tho they went to Idaho, and we
went to R.I. They are the reason
why we left R.I. to go to Idaho.

We have been thru great happiness,
great joy, as well as sadness. And
never has the friendship wane.

It is great to have such a friend.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

HAPPY EASTER.......I have my bunny and egg... do you? Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Going, Going, Going.... Posted by Picasa

Change coming soon

You will see a change very soon...
Thanks, Toni....

Friday, April 14, 2006


Here it is almost 8 A.M.
I am late... I have been lazy about
what to write today. I kicked around
several subjects yesterday. Even
worked on some future blogs.
Like one for Mother's day and a
couple others.

But figured I better get with it.
Maureen will be checking in
and no posting for today. She
will get worried that my injuries
from the fall are worse.

But it isn't that... It is my
thoughts of what to do for a
subject. Do I do one on...

My irratation, after reading last
fall's Consumer Report yesterday
of how the credit reports control
our lives. All aspects of it.
But decided I will do that another

Was going to do a few moments
of my kids lives and fun we had..

I was thinking about how miserable
it is out with all the rain, that even
the birds were complaing this
morning as I went out to get the

But I got to ask can
you complain on a day like today?

This is Good Friday... Easter is in
two days. With the unconditional
love that our Lord has for us. To
give his life for us and our sins, which
we seem to keep doing anyway. And
he still loves us...anyway.... How can
you complain on a day like today.

God Bless... Happy Easter

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Is this 2 out of 3?

Tuesday, in my zealous to
get my side yard cleaned up,
I went out to the shed and got
the metal rake, during one
of the sun breaks.

I stepped out of the shed,
backing out with the long rake.
As I turned on the cement
pad there, I only caught the
edge of the cement and down
I went twisting my ankle.

I don't remember it, but I guess
I stuck my hand out to catch
myself as I landed on the rocks.
So here I am with a twisted ankle,
my hand hurts, and my knee hurts.

And I felt like the lady in the
commercial. "Help, I have fallen
and I can't get up." I tried to
stand, and my ankle wouldn't hold
me enough to push up. My knees
hurt so bad I couldn't get on my
knees. I tried to push myself up
with my hand, but my lower
palm hurts and is all red from
where I landed on it. With rock

Finally I just bite the bullet, got
up on my knees, then
staggered to my feet, got over
where the grass was and stood there.

My thoughts were, how many
neighbors saw me from their
windows and were laughing
their heads off. I must have been
quite a sight. While I was down,
I was wondering the same.
Part of me wanting someone
to come help me get up, and
part of me glad, no one (that
I knew of) saw me floundering
around like a whale.

Damage: bruised lower palm
of my right hand, scrapped up
left knee, and an right ankle that
hurts and my instep too.

This is a fine mess I got myself in,
Ollie. (from Laurel and Hardy)
So today, maybe I should just
sit and drink tea and read my
magazines. lol...

Window mistake..1
falling down.........2
I am not looking
for ..................... 3

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So Nice So Wrong

How can something so nice..
go so wrong?
We have for 3 years wanted
to replace our old window in
the living room.
It is an old window. And I
hate washing it, as it is so
tall and so wide, I have visions
of myself falling thru it as I
stand on a chair to reach the
top. With snarls of glass
impairing me.
We want a window that slides,
so we can get a cross ventilation.
So this year is the year. We
measure last year... we measured
this year.
And last month we ordered it.
It is a special order as it is an
unusual size. Remember this
The window showed up last
week. We are thrilled. We,
especially me, are chomping
at the bite to get it in. We have
two people who will help and
even a third one will travel, if
So in our plan to make this work
as easy as possible. The King
and I took off the storm window.
So all they would have to do is,
take out the old and put in the new.
Sounds like a plan, right? Only
about 3 hours work. Oh, good,
just one morning and bing, it is in.
How can things go so wrong. We
were cleaning up the sill in the space
that was between the storm and
regular glass. The King goes to
see exactly how wide the new window
is, so he knows how much framing he
has to remove to put in the new one.
As the new one has its own framing.
The old glass was placed, sealed,
and framed.
The King came back and measured
the old window. Then back to the new
one, and then back to the old one.
His face didn't look good. He looked
at me and said those famous words
that husbands always use... "How could
you mess up on the size? How did
you mess up on the measuring? "
Now I was the one with the beginning
of the tape, not the end with the numbers.
I had the paper and pen... I wrote down
what I heard him say. So I gave him
the typical wife look. You know the
The thing is with the King and I. We
face disappointment hard like any
one else. But in the almost 20 years,
we stay there only a few minutes, and
then we try to figure out how are we
going to get things to work. How to
make lemonade of the lemon. And
find the humor in it.
Remember above, I told you to
remember the odd size. Well,
odd size, special windows are
So we will be pulling 6 inches
from each side of the window
wall. Just increasing the 3 hour
job to a possible, depending on
cussing and how smoothly this
goes, to a two day job.
My daughter and I have already
thought of things we could do
for a day at least, while this job
is in progress. This is one job
I don't want to be around to see.
Only the results.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


What is your purpose?
Not who you are, or what
you do necessarily, but
what is your purpose.

When you are young, you
don't think about what your
purpose is. When you become
a parent you know your
purpose is to raise your
children to the best of your
ability so they can become
good honest, fun loving,
adults that others want to
be around.

Then your purpose is to be
a good grandparent. But
that is not such a heavy
responsibility as being
a good parent.
And as you gain to becoming
a great grandparent, it becomes
even less of a responsible.

So what is your purpose to
yourself? As you raise up in
the morning...does anyone
care? Does anyone notice?
Of course if you have a spouse
they will care and notice. At
least I hope so.

But if you don't have a spouse?
Do you have a purpose?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Is that You Arthur?

I hate it when I go to bed,
in perfect health and wake
the next morning with some
part of my body gone out of
There ought to be a law against
it. What you are, should be what
you will be in the morning.
After all, you are just laying there.
Minding your own business.
What can go wrong?
Friday night I went to bed, no
problems at all. I wake on
Saturday morning, about 4am.
My wrist is screaming in pain.
Did I lay on it wrong? Did it get
caught when I turn over? I don't
have the vaguest idea. But I can
tell you, it felt like it was broke.
The pain starts at my wrist going
down to the hand between my
little finger and the next one.
No position helps. Up in the air,
hanging down, across my chest.
Nothing but pain. This can't be
Arthur. That is in finger joints.
For the life of me I don't know
what it is. But here now,after
a night of Icy Hot and being
wrapped, it is an ache not a
severe pain.
But I am mad as hell, and
I am not going to take it
anymore. Like as if I could
do something about it.
Monday morning and I am
back to what ever is called
Some days are roses, some
are thorns...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

YES, he is my rabbit WHY? Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 08, 2006

no, I don't need in... it is only sprinkling rain Posted by Picasa
Hey, I said it is RAINING HERE!! LET ME IN Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 07, 2006

Preparing for Grandparenthood Early

If you are a young parent
you need to start your
grandparenting journal.

You need to know
as your children frustrate
you, you will get revenge.
They are called grandchildren.

Why do you need to start
the program now? Because
there will be naysayers later.

This is to help you remember
all the things your child did,
when they were young. You
need to start a journal. Relating
stories of what your child did.
The cute and not so cute things.

You have to keep this up until
they leave home. Especially
their preteen and teen years.

You see they will call doubts
to your memory when they
become parents. When you
tell the story... they will say
you remember it wrong.

You need the journal started
now. Then when these children
of yours start to have others
doubting your memory, you have

When you see your child addressing
your grandchild about what a
perfect child, your child was. You
can tell your grandchild the difference.

You also can tell your child when
they come down like the wrath
of Hades on your grandchild....
like you did on yours... that
they need to remember when
they were a child and did a
similiar thing.

So go get your journal,
make it a big one...or
get several books for
a series.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

It wasn't just Another Day in Bedrock

Yesterday was a great day.
Not just because it was my
birth day. But it was busy.

Busy with people. First
call came in at 6:20am
from one of my son's.
He called from work.

Then my brother in R.I.
shortly after that. All
during the day, off and
on calls from friends
and two more kids check
in with their families.

My daughter came over
with her boyfriend. My
grandson gave me a
funny funny card. My
daughter & T, a sweet card.

This year the King and
I made out well with cards.
Lined up almost as many
as Christmas cards.

But to top it all off... we
went to dinner. As we
started to eat, a woman
walk by and then step
back. Her and her son.

She yelled my name. My
mind was a blank. (I hate
that one down side of age).
It was a friend I have had
for 37 years. I had not seen
her for 5 years. She had gotten
remarried and moved to
France. She is here visiting
her kids and grandchildren,
and her sister.

Her son I had not seen since
he was 15! and he introduced
me to a young lady that was
with him. I thinking it was his
girlfriend/wife. It was his 15
year old daughter!! I am barely
getting over the fact he isn't
15 anymore.. We had a wonderful
visit during dinner and exchanged
address and email address.
A great topping on anyone's

But the fun wasn't over. See I
found the down side of cell phones.
I was talking to my oldest son on
the phone. The cell phone rings,
and the King answers it. After a bit
he yells at me in the kitchen, who
are you talking to for so long! I tell
him I am talking to my oldest. And
he says well, this is # 4 son here on
your cell.

We had great laughs as the boys
bantered back and forth with us.
Messages of how one is more
important that the other. "How
Mom loves me more." "How I am
the oldest and known her longer."
So exchanging phones we both
got to talk to them and their
wonderful wives.

Yesterday I had said it was
just another day in Bedrock..
but it was a great day ... a great
day to turn 66.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just Another Day

Just another day in Bedrock...
but have gotten the email
that this is a special number

Which made me wonder, what
time was I born? The old
birth certs. don't tell you.
And God only knows where
my baby book is. I remember
seeing it at Mom and Dad's
house once. So I know one

But at this stage of the game,
it is just another day. Some
time is ok to reflex and some
days it isn't. So I am hoping
for sunshine thru out the day.

Like I said.... it is
Just another day in Bedrock
One year is like another..
and this makes 66 of them. So far
so good.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Two for the Price of One

Today is the birthday of
two people related to me.

One is my sister, Sandra
The other is the King's.

Sandra is older than dirt.
See I am the youngest
sister of the two of us.
I can tease her because
I am her sister... and she is
stuck with me.

The King is younger than
all of us. Such a sweet kid.
Even for an old man. I am
so proud of him. He has lost
36 pounds. He was been
watching what he eats and
has been very very good about
walking each night on the
treadmill. He has a goal
that he has set for himself
for Christmas time.

April seems to be a time
of birth. So many April
people in our family.
My mother, my two cousins,
my daughter, my husband and
my sister. It also was my uncle's.
I have at least 5 friends who
have birthdays this month.

So Happy Birthday, Sandra
Happy Birthday, King

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday Drive

What a wonderful Sunday.
It was beautiful out. So
after church we went for
a ride.

Now the back roads of
Bonner County leave
something to be desired.
We had half good road.
And half the usual Feb.
to April mud out roads.
But all of them passable.
Is that a word?

We were in the Pack River
Road area, and Gold Creek
area. Roads that really can
do you in. I was surprised
the King wanted to take his
old man car (Buick) there.
As it is known for being a
4 wheel driving roads

And the view was wonderful
We had the snow in the
mountains, some in the
dark side of the fields. The
rest is brown turning green.
The wildflowers were starting
their display.

Ah, Northern Idaho, how I
do love thee..
below are the pictures we

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The fields, trees and mountains..skies Posted by Picasa
trees surrounding the road Posted by Picasa
deep in to the mountain Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Is it the end?

I normally don't post on
I am making an exception

A lot of us who blog have
site meter at the end of
our blog. That tells us
how many people visit
our site per day. And
once a week it gives
us the numbers for
daily and for the week.

The numbers are way
down. I use to average
30 or 160 a week. But
now I am cut in half.

So with the weather
getting warmer and
more for me to do out
side, I have decided to
stop posting. I don't
think any one will really
miss it.

I still have a lot of ideas
to write about, and with
my recent cleaning of
files and visiting my
old floppys, I could
continue. But I guess
I have hit my limit on
boring you all.

So for those who
have read down this
far, I hope you have
figured out that you
have been put on.
Hope you have a good
sense of humor. As you
should not be reading my
blog if you don't have one.
yes april fool my friends.
and I wish you a great day.

Don't forget to set you clocks
forward... and I will see you