Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wasted Days, wasted....

I wanted to go outside... but it is rain, rain, rain.... talk about wasted days.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Marianne's Challenge

Marianne of Slight Detour challenged her readers to
complete the following with their own stories. Being I didn't
want to clog up her comment area, I chose to answer here.

Best Never Told Smoking Stories
Two for one. The first one, was my neighbor pal and I smoking
straw for starters. We didn't want to go straight into smoking cigarette,
so thought we try straws. Not good. Got sick, her father found us
behind his garage, and I think he said something to the fact of burning
down the garage with our matches, it was hard to understand him,
when you are sick as a dog.

Second one, was when my father found out I smoked. Well, I think
puffing on them, would be a more accurate description. So he decide I
should smoke in front of him. I had bought a pak of Pall Mall ..reds.
For those who are young, that is a straight cigarette with no filters.

I bought that brand as my mother smoked them and figured if I
got caught I could past it off as my mothers. Which goes to show
I was not a smart child, as when I got caught, I was accused of
stealing her cigarettes. And of course we all know that children lie,
so no amount of protesting on my part was going to change their minds.

First Dad, started out with one cigarette. Then when he caught on that I
didn't inhale, he told me I had to inhale if I was going to smoke. It was a
waste, not to inhale. So he showed me how to do it correctly. You inhale,
long and kind of kept it in the lungs for a little bit, and then you let it out
slowly. (Oh, come on now, in those days, everyone inhale and blew it out
slowly, and made circles and etc.. this was not child cruelty......yet).

I say yet, because, I was almost done with my cigarette and kind of holding
my own.. just a little heady... then my father dropped the next foot. He lit
up another cigarette, and handed it to me. I told him no, thanks, one was good
enough for me. Oh, no, a real smoker has a few. As I was getting thru the
second one, I was trying to find an escape route. As I was drawing out the last
one of the inhales.......Dad lit another, I begged off, saying I was fine. 2 was just
my limit.. I know I had to be glowing green by this time. He told, me no, a true
smoker ...smokes one right after another... all day.. and handed me #3, after
about two inhales, I really couldn't tell you what he was saying, as I was heading
for the escape route outside, and throwing up on the lawn. I decided smoking
wasn't for me. Sadly, I figure out that cigarettes calmed the nerves and started
at the age of 31. And finally gave them up for good at the age of 48. It was
a financial thing. It was either a monthly product for women or cigarettes. After
thinking about how I could use the filter after I finished the cigarette, that I decided
I had gone over the edge and quit for a month. Then the next month and the next
and etc. Even thought they cost me 88 cents for my last pack. And they cost 3
times that now or more, and I know they are not good for me at all... I still crave one ..
once in a while.. especially if I have had a few drinks. Hard to explain.. it was kind
of a private, quiet time for me.

Best Never Told Food Stories
When I was a teen, I was left in charge of my kid brother (who was 4 years
my junior) on Friday nights. I guess it was kind of a date night for them.
They went out to dinner. It was my job to make sure I fed my brother dinner
and kept him out of trouble. The funniest one was when I made him hamburgers.
As I was cooking the meat, I had laid out the bun, put mustard, mayonnaise
and ketchup on the buns, then closed them while I finished cooking the meat.
As I swung over the first pattie to put the meat into the bun, .....two of the buns
were gone. I put the meat in the bun. And asked my brother, what happen to
the buns. He laughed at me and said I already ate mine, so I finished first. ha ha
Thinking this was funny. So I had decided to wait about 2 hours before I told him,
he ate his without the meat. lol... I don't think I should go into the time I told him
that Exlax was chocolate candy.

Best Never Told Report Card Stories
Report card time wasn't bad until I was in the higher grades. And by that
time, I had my kid brother. His always seem to be worse than mine, so I
had him go in first with his... and then I would show up half hour later with
mine. That way, mine didn't seem so bad.

Best Never Told Lying Stories---now tell the truth
I never was good at lying. Not to say I never ever did. I am sure I must have
slipped a few white lies in there. But the main reason I decided to give up lying,
was memory. Even as a kid, I wasn't really good at memory. And if you tell a lie,
you have to remember exactly how the story goes. And because I couldn't get
that straight...and got whipped for it, I decided the true was the best way to go.
I could always remember the truth. And facing the music, I found was easier.
You got your punishment and it was over. Instead of waiting weeks for the
parent to figure out the lie, and knowing any day it would happen.
Fear is worse than punishment.

Ok, I have met the challenge of Marianne's... anyone else want to
take up the challenge? I will check out your blog to see how you

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Places that give you Anxiety

Why is it, the mere mention of
the IRS, makes you sweat?
I got a letter today from them,
which scared me.. I thought, oh
no, I am going to be audited. But
I got my money already, don't they
audit you before you get your money?

Any way, it was just telling me they had
adjusted my refund (which I got two
weeks ago) and it is slightly more. If I
wanted to contest it, I could call the numbers
given. Yea, right, who is going to call the
IRS and say.. ......
"Well, no, you sent me too much
money, so I am protesting this".
Yea, right.

Then yesterday, I went down to
get my drivers license renewed.
What is it about going there that
makes you sweat. At least that
room seem awful hot to me. I was
dreading the eye test. I had my
glasses upgraded last Nov. But
still, it is looking in there and seeing
which block is closer and which one
is further away, and etc. I am dreading
it. So I let the young couple who was
finishing their test, go in front of me, so
they could finish the paper work. Anything
to keep away from that eye machine.

Then it is my time, I give the old license,
(wondering what will I use if I fail the eye
test) and the little paper that they have
you fill out. Make sure all the data is
correct. And then she says, step over
here. So I head to the eye machine.
She said, no over here, to get your picture
taken. I am thinking what is the sense of
taking my picture, (she already has my money
for 4 years), if I don't pass the eye test.

After I get the picture taken, (had to have 2,
as my face was froze with fear in the first one
with a slight smirk), so I smiled and she said
good. Fill out this donor (as I had said yes) paper
out, and the picture will be here soon. I filled out
the paper, telling them to take all parts (not going
to do me any good when they cremate me) ... then
the other gal called my name. I gave the papers,
and she said there you are... you are good for 4
more years! I said that is it? She said, yep.

I sweated all this for nothing? No eye machine.
No, I didn't say that aloud as I was walking
out of the courthouse, looking at my new
driver's license. Great, I won't have to go thru
this for 4 more years....Idaho trust me for 4
more years. Good.

Then it dawn on me... will I be driving in 4 more
years? I will be 71 by that time.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Global Warming??????

I am really having trouble getting a handle
on this global warming. There is so much
information out there, but I am still having
trouble believing it.

I guess because I have lived long enough
to go thru so many different weather changes.
I can remember back in the 60's or 70's that
they said we were going to freeze to death.
That everything was getting colder. That the
Ice Age was returning.

I was so busy raising kids, I couldn't get
excited about it. Besides their prediction was
for something like 5 million years from then.

After that, I read a book called "Looking out
for #1". There were many chapter of how not
to believe everything you hear. That when you
hear THEY and THE COMMITTEE in any
reference, to start putting on your doubt
signals. As there is really never a clear deal
For every bit of information of the pro, there is just
as much for the con. Con in many ways.

I know Al Gore is running around with his movie,
which I have not seen. Don't plan on seeing it.
Movie.. Al Gore.. doesn't instill great trust in me.
After all, he is the one who claimed he found the
computer and online. Maybe he was a Bill Gates
school mate and saw him drawing up the plans?

So I am sorry if I don't jump on the wagon.
Especially because one of the things that
most do agree on, it is going to happen in
about 5 to 15 million years from now.
So those of you who are still around, at that
time.... yes, you can say to my ashes... see
I told you so...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Simplest of Times....

The King was getting a little
stir crazy, so I put in for a visit
from his brother and sister in law,
on the side. They live over by Tri-cities.

Friday afternoon, they walked in
and it was all smiles. We had a
wonderful visit. We took them on
a ride from Kootenai to Bonner's
Ferry, to Troy,Montana to Thompson
Falls and then to Clark Forks and home.

I had to drive the car, which I am not
fond of. The car hates me. It refuses to
start for me. It won't even let the key turn.
So the King had to start it from the
passenger side. He was the tourist
guide, so he was suppose to find....
a store that had fish in Troy, live fish,
and stuffed animals and had a peeing
bear out front when you went by. Then
we were going to stop on the Bull Run
road to see the petrified trees... and then
have b-b-que in Clark Fork. We found
none of them. Lol. We told him he was
fired as a tourist guide. So we had great
lunch at the Sub sandwich/coffee shop in

We had the greatest of time traveling
thru the states and back. It was the
simplest of times. Which makes me
think of 2 other times we had a great
time together.

We went to Canada for
lunch. At a A&W restaurant. On 4th
of July. The waitress thought we were
odd as the Canadians go to the USA
to watch fireworks, and we were there.
We also found a yard sale to go to.
It was a very enjoyable time.

The other time was in Seaside. We
walked thru little shops, we walked
the beach, had lunch and dinner, and
watched the sunset and then rise the
next morning. It was just a simple time
and most enjoyable.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Baby Boomers

As we all know the Baby Boomers
are alive and well. They are calling
themselves, the 60's that is the new
30's. And I have to admit, they are
a lively bunch.

We, who are just a little too old to
be baby boomers (pre-war babies),
watch as they run up and down the
street. Seeming to have more ambition
that those of their age did have a generation
ago. They seem to be scared to get old.

We, who are a little older, have embraced
it. We claim our 10% senior discount with
pride. Enjoy retirement. Enjoy life.

But you know, it isn't too bad being in the
half generation before the Baby Boomers.
With all their fear of growing older they are
working on different things that is making
it easier on us. They are making sure all
the things are assessable to us. Better health
care, more in home health than before. So
one can be independent longer. Communications,
and so many things that have come down to us
all in the past 20 years. All due to the Baby

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Neither rain, snow, hail ......

It was a dark and stormy day......

but nothing stops fishermen from getting ready for KK week.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Old hometown feeling Sandpoint

We, here in Bonner County,
cry about losing our old town.
The feeling of the old hometown, the
losing of familiar buildings.
The building of monster size
buildings and parking lots.

I am in the front line of those who
cry the blues over this, or just get
down right upset over such things.

Yet on Tuesday, I was running
around looking for a cane for the
King. Went to some of the second
hand stores. (we lost another one
recently, besides the Senior Citizen
one) and only one to be found,
that was a claw bottom...needed
a straight bottom. So after none to
be had... I decided to go to a store
and see what a new one would cost.

I went into the store and my first flow
of feeling was, why don't I come here
more often. Convenience I suppose, as
I live 3 miles away. But the feeling I had
as I walked thru the door... was old hometown
Sandpoint. The friendliness of the employee's.
The different things I saw as I walked to the
back of the store. Things I don't find in
the big stores. And things of quality. Well,
made things. Not the thin plastic stuff.
I use to shop at this store quite a bit before.
So why don't I now, why don't I think of it

I walked back to the home health
section and there was quite a selection
of canes. Some really nice fancy ones.
But this was going to be a short term
cane, so got practical instead of pretty.
And the price was very reasonable.
About the same price as the one I
saw at the second hand store.

I took my purchase to the head of the
store and as I was paying, I remarked to
the clerk, about my feelings as I came in
to the store. She reminded me they were
only 4 minutes pass the big box stores.
I told her yes, and that I would be back.

So where was I, that made me feel so good
about being in an old hometown Sandpoint place?
That has a big size parking lot, that is
easy to get in and out of. That the employee's
are friendly?

that where.

So if you are tired of losing the old Sandpoint,
you better start appreciating our old time
stores we have left. Where the prices are
reasonable, you just have go there.
The local in-town people go there all the time,
it is those of us who are 2 miles to 17 miles
out, that forget the old hometown feeling.

I know I will be back. It just felt good to
be there.
p.s disclaimer... no, I do not know any
one who is there or works there.

You know the old saying... if you don't use it,
you lose it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Ethical, principles, beliefs, moral,
right, fair, decent, just, proper,
honorable... all words to
describe ethics.

We had a tragic situation that
happen here in our town. I thought
I might write about the ripple of
the situation. And how the situation

But I didn't have my heart in it. After
all if I get upset with the media, getting
up front and personal. Or reporting all
the details of something, feeling that
the public, I think doesn't not need to know
everything. After all, which one of us,
wants every detail of our lives reported
by the media. Some of it is..well, just

If it doesn't mean the safety of the public,
then how much do we need to know.
The media has to walk that fine line.
And not always on the side we like.
Which can be taken either way.

Bloggers, on the other hand are only
accountable to themselves. They don't
have a company to answer to. But we
do have to answer to ourselves. And of
course, if it isn't true, then it is a lawsuit.

So I have chosen, to decide on the side of
right, fair, decent, thing to do. Not write about
the situation. Maybe someday, I will. But
it will be about a situation and not THE
situation. And how it effects so many people.

Now that is clear as mud. But when I do write
about it... I will mention this post.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Just Didn't Feel Comfortable

Please read this whole thing before
you make a judgment call. You need
all the facts before you say how you feel.

There is voting by mail in the state of
Washington. And Idaho would like to
follow suit.

I have not been great on the idea and recently
I have had my fears grow even more.

When you go to vote, you sign your name
that you are about to vote. They have your
name on the list. Then they give you the ballot.
You make your decision and then fold as told.
And slide it into the big box. I feel comfortable
with that. I know, they know it is really me, who is voting.
Not some one who is in my household or picks up
my mail. I feel comfortable because I take the
ballot, and I put it in the box with all the rest. And
there is no way after, that they can tell which
ballot is mine.

Yesterday, I did not feel comfortable about a
ballot. My husband had his knee operated on.
So getting out is not easy. He put in for a
absentee vote. Because we sent it in too close
to the time, I had to run over to the school district
office and get the ballot. I brought it home, my
husband sat at the table and made his vote and
put it in the ballot envelope. Then he had to sign
a validation declaration, put it and the ballot
into another envelope. And that was the end of
the comfort zone.

Understand I am very guarded with voting.
I think it is horrible when those who can, don't.
Being from the East Coast, New England, where
ballot stuffing was a norm...not legal..but norm, in
the 1900 to who knows how long. Before electric
voting I guess. There was a word for it, but can't
think of it. Anyway, I am very guarded about it.

I have never asked anyone how they voted on
something. I rarely will answer if someone ask me.
It is between God and I. I feel the same way about
my husband. I will sit there and tell him who is
running, or what they are trying to pass. He makes
the judgment himself. I never tell him how I feel
about it, as I don't want to sway him one way or
the other. He is to decide what he wants.
Then I took his absentee ballot over to the
school district office to have it turn in. I was told
if we mailed would be too late to be counted.
Mail can't get there on Tuesday if mailed on Sat.
Oh, yea, we are talking about the US POSTAL

Anyway, I went there, Monday afternoon,
there was a young lady who is the receptionist.
Who put her hand out for the envelope, when
I told her I was turning in his absentee ballot.
She said ok. And put her hand out again to
take it. I asked her, isn't there a box to put it
in. No. She would give it to the person
who is sworn to take care of the ballots. I was
not comfortable about that. I told her so. Again,
she goes thru the deal of it goes into this folder
above her head, for the woman who takes care
of the ballots. That is it. Another gentleman
came in, and he gives her his absentee ballot.
So I give it to her, but not happy about it.

To me, how did I know who was going to get
the envelope? When they got the envelope, did
they open it right there, after all they have to have
the valuation slip. And then do they put the ballot
in a box? How do I know she didn't open the ballot
envelope right then. Then she would know who my
husband is... and what his vote is. Making this worse
is that my husband works for the school district.

I don't know how my husband voted on the levy.
And maybe I am paranoid to think that this woman
could open this envelope, see his name, open the
ballot and see how he voted... and if my husband
were to vote NO... how would that effect his job?
There has been threats over the years. Subtle hints,
of how one's job is a day to day job, no contracts,
so you can be fired. Remarks made about better
vote, we will know if you did or not. Of course this
was about 6 years ago. But it doesn't help, when
you go to put in a absentee ballot. And there is
no box.

Now this is where I had asked you to read the
whole post
...because when I went to vote, I ask
the woman there and told her how I didn't feel
comfortable about it. And this is what she said.
"The absentee votes that went to the school
district office, will be transferred to here, at the
Kootenai school tonight at 8, to join the walk-in
votes. At 8, we will open the first envelope and
verify that the voter is registered. Then after
we have verified all of them... we will take the
ballot envelopes and open them with the walk-in
ballots." "No one opens any of the
before they get here."

Well, it made me feel 50% better, but why
don't they have a locked box at the school
district office? And now my question for you..
Would you feel comfortable about it, if you
were a school employee? Or even just the
average Joe, doing an absentee ballot?

I am not looking forward to mail in voting.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

pets food

It is getting pretty bad when you find
out that you have to watch the food
for your pet that you buy from the store.

I can remember when we use to feed
our dogs and cats scraps from our table.
Now they frown on that. All I knew was
we couldn't feed them chicken or turkey
bones. We feed them all kinds of bones
over the years. Pork,beef and etc. Just
no fowl. Things sure have changed from

Well, here is the list incase you haven't
see it. Seems like there is no company
unturned. From the high price to the low
priced. Glad we feed ours dry food. As
these all pertain to wet food and snacks.
So be careful out there.

The recalled brands are:
Cat Food
Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
Best Choice
Demoulas Market Basket
Fine Feline Cat
Food Lion
Giant Companion
Hill country Fare
Key Food
Laura Lynn
Li’l Red
Loving Meals
Meijers Main Choice
Nutro Max Gourmet Classics
Nutro Natural Choice
Pet Pride
Presidents Choice
Price Chopper
Science Diet (The recall affects

only 3-ounce and 5.5-ounce cans
of Kitten Savory Cuts Ocean Fish;
5.5-ounce cans of Feline Adult Savory
Cuts Beef, Chicken and Ocean Fish,
and 5.5-ounce cans of Feline Senior

Savory Cuts Chicken.)
Special Kitty Canada
Special Kitty U.S.
Springfield Prize
Total Pet, My True Friend
Western Family
White Rose
Winn Dixie
Dog Food
Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
Best Choice
Big Bet
Big Red
Demoulas Market Basket
Food Lion
Giant Companion
Great Choice
Hill Country Fare
Key Food
Laura Lynn
Loving Meals
Meijers Main Choice

Mighty Dog (The recall affects

only 5.3 pouch products that were
produced from Dec. 3, 2006 through
March 14, 2007.)

Nutro Max
Nutro Natural Choice
Ol’Roy Canada
Ol’Roy U.S.
Pet Essentials
Pet Pride - Good ’n Meaty
Presidents Choice
Price Chopper
Roche Bros
Shep Dog
Springfield Prize
Stater Bros
Total Pet, My True Friend
Western Family
White Rose
Winn Dixie
Your Pet

Monday, March 19, 2007

Things I don't Understand

Avista. higher rates....
later newspaper shows higher
wages for the ceo's.
some times it shows about how
they gave away millions to some
politicial cause.
If they are doing so well, why
are we getting stiffed.

Gas prices jumping 6 cents to 10 cents..
raise of 38 cents in less than a month...
and why..more demand??? how is that so,
with so many buying hybrid cars?
Change over of winter to summer
refining oil plants.
Why never before in history.

School levies... more money for
less children..
More homes, higher price homes...
but still more money...
It would seem if our tax money being
collected, is way more than what it was
when the other levy ran, than
why is it going up?

Marianne Love is running on her blog for Monday some
answers to this and others. So if you want more info.
Go to

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cat in a Chair

I don't see what all the fuss is about.. This is the way everyone else sits in this chair...

Up date on the King

Here he is ... a little worse for wear. But so happy to be home.. And Misty is happy too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This is how I feel.....

Headlines and sub the
Spokesman Review...
Man gets 9 years for drugging girl...
Seems he was drugging her....he is a
registered sex offender.. BUT they dropped
the sexual abuse charge, he was found
guilt of drugging even though he
had a really poor excuse for that.
My question...why did they drop the
sexual abuse charges. He wasn't
drugging her, for the look on her face.

Woman sentenced for beating boy, 6
This was a foster mother....who beat the
boy and he was sent to the hospital with
head injuries. Another foster child said she
beat him because...."he ate Mommy's
chocolate bars."... she was given.. 40 days
in sheriff's labor camp and 6 years in prison,
BUT was suspended prison term, for 4 years of
supervised probation.
I guess you have to kill the child to go to prison.

Subtitle, which is worse than the headline.
Records say dead girl had been disciplined
with shock collar, beatings....
The natural father and step mother...said this was
an unruly child. So they had to take these steps.
At the age of 4, yes that is right,4 !!! she was put
in a tub to wash urine clothing and towels that
she had wet on. The step mother saw her with
a wet t-shirt over her face. The step mother went
to make a anniversary dinner instead of helping the
child... the father saw bubbles coming up out of
the water, where the child was laying in the
urine water. They admit to having this 4 year
old child washing urine clothing and towels
from 10:30am to 9 p.m.!!!! The step mother
admits to the authorities, that she pushed
the child with her foot, causing the child to
fall into the urine filled water. While the step
mother gives cpr..the natural father steps out
side to have a cigarette? Then he takes the
girls to the hospital. There is more, but I
can't write it anymore.

All of this is too much... Hillary Clinton
said it takes a Village to raise a Child.
It takes a Village to watch out for a
child. A village of neighbors, police,
child protective agency, and judges.

When are people going to do something
about this? I have said it before and I will
say it again....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Without the King

It just not the same........hope he gets home soon... so he can cuddle me...
I'm soooooooooo lonesome.... I could cry........

Friday, March 09, 2007

For the next couple days......

I was going to punt and try to throw
something out here for today. But
to tell you the truth, I can't think of
anything. I guess you could say, I
have my mind else where.

The King is going in for knee surgery,
so if you are reading this in the morning,
I will be in the waiting room, reading a book
to pass the time away. The rest of the time
I will be checking him out and make sure
he is ok, before I head to the house and let
the dog out and then go back to the hospital.

So for the next couple days, my posting could
be spotty. As Monday, the King comes home
and I will be busy getting him settled in and
taking care of him.

So if you see something here, I had the time,
if not, I didn't.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

We Don't Know Any One Any More

We don't know any one any more

When we went to town, we would see
a friend or two in our journey. In the
restuarants, and stores.

When we went to Yoke's, we would
see a couple of friends or even more.
Wal-mart the same if not more.
We could hardly get thru the store
for the friends we see, and stop and

But the more we mix, in our walk
thru life in our area, the less we know
of the faces we see.

Did we change our time of shopping?
Or our time of going thru town? Did
we change our routine in some way?

No, I don't think so. But we don't see
anyone we know anymore. We see
the sea of faces come and go. The
polite thank you, as we hold open the
door. But all these faces are strange to
us, as we smile and hope it gives the
others a brighter day....

No, we don't know anyone anymore.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

2 for the price of 1

On Tuesday, there was a woman who entered
the Public Safety Building with a package, I
would guess, as I didn't see what form it was
in when it entered the building. It was a actual
pipe bomb. They have arrested her, as I am sure
the camera had all kinds of pictures of her. I would
hope anyway. But she is out of the public, arrested.
My question when I read the breaking news item,
was... how did she get into the building with it
in the first place. I thought with the Homeland
Security that they have metal detectors at every

I read in the paper, about how the U.S. Congress
is trying to get the Japanese government to
apologize for what they call women sex slaves.
And what ever else they called the men who
gathered up women for brothels during the time
of WWII.

My question is...but WHY is our government
getting involved with this. It is not something that
happen in the United States. Don't get me wrong,
I don't condone it. It is an age old despicable problem.

Worse than our pimps of New York, Chicago, L.A. and
other cities. Who pry on the teen girls and even young
men. Of which brings me to the fact we can't clean up
our own pimps in the USA. Who do we think we are,
to tell another country to apologize. Especially when
if I understood it right, they apologized almost 10 years

What part of none of our Congress's business,
don't they understand. We are paying them well, to
help make life better here. Let's have our Congress
apologize to our troops for lousy health and benefits
follow ups. Apologize to our troops for having them
lose their homes and etc. because the Government,
run by Congress, drags down the family with red tape.
To the point that the family almost gives up. And some
have considered committing suicide so to get help for
their families.
Yes, Congress apologize for your own transgression
first. Then get to work on our roads, health benefits,
fair wage and etc. Let the other country's govern their
own and take care of their own business.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Time Freezes

You know you have friends who have small
children. And then you don't see the children
for a couple of years and they are teens. You
are amazed. Or if they move away and come
back for a visit after a long time, you see these
children who now have a baby. It really blows
your mind, how time has flown by.

Well, I saw a picture in the paper the other
day where someone was asking about the
actor, Van Johnson. Where he is and what is
he doing? This attracted my mind pretty
quick, as my mother graduated from
Rogers High School in Newport, R.I.
in the class of 1936 with Van Johnson.
His father was the local plumber, I

What surprised me was Mr. Johnson's
age. 90. Then I dawn on me, yes, in
fact Mom would be 90 now, if she was
still alive. And then the realization that
Dad would have be 95.

So I guess while children in our minds,
age freezes, so does our parents age
freeze at the time of their death. As Mom
was 74. And Dad was 82.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Starting year 3

710 Postings......
103 weeks of postings....
2000+ visitors
all equal to 2 years of blogging.

This picture is all over the internet. I have receive
it over the past 3 or 4 years probably about 12 times.
I love it.

This picture says it all to me... It's meaning is ....
my friends and myself. It can just be us gals....
or it can be just us old broad's, looking good.
That is what this blog is about. Just me sharing
words of fun and some times serious subjects.
Just for the fun of it. This is a picture of my friends
and I, on and off the blog.
With laughter in the air. Carefree.

Blogs come and go. And I am sure I will be
one of those as well. I try to take enough breaks
(weekends and holidays) so as not to get burnt out.
I know I will be taking a break this summer.
For the first time in our lives, we hope to have the
time and the money ... at the same time, to do trips.

So unless I win the lottery and can afford a laptop,
my posting may not be daily. So that is the future of
this blog. To keep going until it isn't fun. .
So .... From a Simple Mind... will continue as long
as it is fun and be carefree

After all, as the saying goes....
"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive
and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways,
Champagne in one hand - strawberries in the other,
body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and
screaming WOO HOO - What a Ride!" .

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Weather not fit for man or beast

This was Thursday afternoon

and these three, decided it is a good day to watch tv and stay warm.

Friday, March 02, 2007

So you want a child

I am still holding up the fight of this
dang cold.... and this came across my
email today. I thought it was pretty cute,
so I thought I would send this test to you
all who are young enough to have children,
but don't have any yet. The rest of you can
laugh as I did, because it is pretty close to
the truth.

How To Know Whether or Not You
Are Ready To Have Children

Smear peanut butter on the sofa and
curtains. Place a fish stick behind the
couch and leave it there all summer.

Obtain a 55 gallon box of legos (or you
may substitute roofing tacks). Have a
friend spread them all over the house.
Put on a blindfold. Try to walk to the
bathroom or kitchen barefooted.
Do not scream because this would
wake a child at night.

Borrow one or two small animals (goats
are best) and take them with you as you
shop. Always keep them in sight and pay
for anything they eat or damage.

Obtain one large, unhappy, live octopus.
Stuff into a small net bag making sure that
all the arms stay inside.

Obtain a large plastic
milk jug. Fill halfway with water. Suspend
from the ceiling with a cord. Start the jug
swinging. Try to insert spoonfuls of soggy
cereal into the mouth of the jug, while pretending
to be an airplane. Now dump the contents of
the jug on the floor.

Prepare by obtaining a small cloth bag and
fill it with 8-12 pounds of sand. Soak it thoroughly
in water. At 3:00 pm begin to waltz and hum
with the bag until 9:00 pm. Lay down your bag
and set your alarm for 10:00 pm. Get up, pick
up your bag, and sing every song you have ever
heard. Make up about a dozen more and sing
these too until 4:00 am. Set the alarm for
5:00 am. Get up and make breakfast. Keep
this up for 5 years and look cheerful.

Take an egg carton. Using a pair of scissors
and pot of paint, turn it into an alligator.
Now take a toilet paper tube and turn it into
an attractive Christmas candle. Use only scotch
tape and a piece of foil. Last, take a milk
carton, a ping-pong ball, and an empty box
of cocoa puffs. Make an exact replica of the
Eiffel Tower.

Forget the BMW and buy a station wagon.
Buy a chocolate ice cream cone and put it
in the glove compartment. Leave it there.
Get a dime. Stick it into the cassette player.
Take a family size package of chocolate chip
cookies. Mash them into the back seat. Run a
garden rake along both sides of the car.

Obtain a large bean bag chair and attach
it to the front of your clothes. Leave it there
for 9 months. Now remove 1/2 of the beans.
Leave it on for the rest of your life.

Go to the nearest drug store. Set your wallet
on the counter. Ask the clerk to help himself.
Now proceed to the nearest food store.
Go to the head office and arrange for you
payback to be directly deposited to the store.
Purchase a newspaper. Go home and
read it quietly for the last time.

Find a couple who already have a small child.
Lecture them on how they can improve
their discipline, patience, tolerance, toilet
training and child's table manners.
Suggest many ways they can improve.
Emphasize to them that they should never
allow their children to run wild. Enjoy this
experience. It will be the last time you will
have all the answers.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Her Most Serene Highness Lady Cecelia
"the Free of Much Madness upon Avon"
that is what it says at the end of my blog...
but the last week or so... I wonder.

snow, snow snow.....the robin that was
here on Monday, must be snuggled in
someone's tree.

Here we thought spring was coming.
50's weather, sunshine... I should have
kept my mouth shut... I am really getting
sick and tired of snow... But the dog is
loving it. The King snow blows a path for
her and she uses it for a race track.

It doesn't help that I feel like crap anyway.
Here I thought I made it thru... no winter cold
or flu... then wam... but I should have known.
The grandson showed up last week with the
whole dose, runny eyes and nose and coughing.

Drat, kids... germ carriers...