Wednesday, November 30, 2005


We have at least mainly, 2 different personalities.

One is the at home personality.

We have what we are like with our
family. Relaxed mostly. Usually
what you see is what you get...
inside and outside alike. You have
your way you take care of your house.
Neat freak, Martha Stewart type. Or
the house looks like the relax person.
Clean but cluttered. Especially if
there is young children in the house
hold. It is home.
Some like anyone to drop by, others
are the, please call first type. Some
are open house, some are private.

Then there is the job personalities.

This is usually the uptight you.
Or at least reserved you. You
know your job, you expect
certain things of your fellow
employee's and you know
your boss expects certain
things of you.
There are exceptions to this rule.
Some are happy campers, no matter
what. And some are real uptight
no matter what.

Then there is the blogger personalities.
That person is the inter you.
And the more unknown you are
to others, the more relax you are
to say what you want. The shy,
can talk to anyone. You relax,
and have fun... and then there
are some who are angry. So
they will let their hair down and
tell the world how it is, according
to them. I have found that
most bloggers have fun and
have a great sense of humor.

Those who have an ax to grind,
or on a soap box, leave me
shaking my head and wondering
why they are so angry.
Once in a while I do get on the
soap box myself. The When did
Children become Disposable,

is one.
But for the most part, I try to
find the humor in life.
So what are we really like? Ask
8 people and you probably get
8 different answers.

As a blogger, I think I take life
As a worker, I was serious, and
tunneled vision and accused of
being tactless, because I expected
the same out of others as I would
do myself.
As an everyday person, I am
concern about my friends, and
family. Hope to always be there
when needed. At home, I am
a cluttered person, trying to
reform... and play it loose.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Taxes....Gas or Mileage?

I read with interest this past
weekend that they are thinking
of a different way to get money
for roads and bridges repair.

The Government doesn't think
they are getting enough money.
They say they aren't getting
enough to keep up with the repair
prices. But I find that hard to
believe..after all they tell us all
the time, that more and more
drivers are hitting the road. More
and more families have 2 to 4 cars.
So as all those cars are gassing up,
aren't they getting all that tax money?

Seems in the works is a tax
on Hybrid cars. Now that ought
to just tick off the owners of them.
After all they went to those to save
money. Well, the government thinks,
that they should pay extra because
they aren't paying enough gas taxes.
Seems the government has figured
out that being they don't buy as much
gas, therefore not enough taxes are
being paid by them. But they use the
roads just as much as us gas hogs do.

Then there is the pay as you travel tax
they would like to pass instead of
a gas tax. Or maybe they want to
have both.

Seems Oregon has a voluntary GPS
installed in their vehicles and then pay
as you travel instead at the pump.

I am not sure how they do that. Do they
send you a monthly charge by what the
GPS tells them the miles you drove?

Will they give a break to the people
who commute to their jobs that are
50 or more miles away? Some how
that doesn't seem fair. The guy who
lives 3 miles from his job pays little.
And the guy who works in Spokane
or Coeur d' Alene, but lives in
Sandpoint pays thru the teeth...
or rather the GPS.

Then you have the Big Brother
attitude I am sure the people will
fight. While I don't go anywhere
of interest to anyone. Still the
fact that the government knows
where I am all times.. well,
that kind of unnerves me. How about

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday morning after.... ... two...
No, that is not an earthquake in
Sandpoint.That is all of us, trying
to lose some of those pounds we
put on over the weekend. I even
made it the full 2 and half miles on
my walk today.

After all we have Christmas coming
up. And if that isn't bad enough,
think food.... food everywhere.
Go visit friends.... have some
Christmas cookies.
Office party, got to have food..
pot luck food, and of course
seven kinds of cakes, pies,
candy, and all the rest. Then
the big dinner itself.

And it keeps coming. The stores
are full of it. And the worse is after
Christmas. Everyone is sick of food.
All the New Year diets coming up.
So you got to get rid of this food.
So you send home care packages
with your friends. You pack it up
and leave it at work in the break room
in hopes the MIKIE'S will eat it all.

Ah, yes, One...two.. one .. two..
jumping jacks, walking miles,
got to get rid of this weight.
All I did was take one tablespoon
of everything across the counter.
Then went back just for the
in-turkey stuffing, and yams, and
salad...just a little... But it
was just tablespoons. Trouble is
there was 35 different things to
take a tablespoon of. Filled up the
plate, those tablespoons.

BUT I was strong.... I did not
have any pie. Nope, no pie, cake,
or any of those... did I partake in.
That is until the next day, that is.

Well, can't type and do jumping jacks.
So here I go to pound those
pounds off. One... two .. one ... two...
maybe if I do an extra mile of walking
this afternoon,..... do you think?

Good luck all you partakers of food.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Day

As many of you set out today and
early tomorrow, to go to enjoy your
Thanksgiving Dinner with friends
and family, please keep in mind, to
keep it safe.

We are heading out to have dinner
and times with old friends. Ones that
go back 30+ years. This is our first
non-family dinner. And with the lost
of one of my Head Chefs, this month,
from the past, aka Dad, my thoughts
will be with his family.

So I wish you all a wonderful day with
friends and family. Eat well, and count
your blessings.

And if the creek don't rise, and the snow
doesn't drift,
I will be back here early Monday morning...
tossing words again..

God Bless

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

3 Styles of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving……Mom’s style

Many years ago, when my husband
Marvin was alive, we had moved to
R.I. And then there was the first
Thanksgiving dinner together at Mom
and Dad’s house. We went to sit down
at the table, and I saw the look on
Marv’s face. I whispered in his ear….
Outside in…

You see on the left is 3 forks… on
the left is two spoons and one knife.
You say WHAT? Well, it gets worse
for those of us, who use one plate and
one fork, one spoon and one knife.
There is a large plate, but don’t put
food on it. There are extras and after
all these years, I have forgotten some
of them. I am sure there is someone
who was raised like I was, who will tell
you all of them. Because they still use
them all. Me, I am a 3 utensil gal.

So what does Outside in, mean? It
means to use the utensil from the
outside and go inward. The first fork
is your cocktail fork. The second one
is the main fork and the third fork is
your dessert fork. But then again, there
might be a fourth fork. That one would
be between the cocktail fork and the
main fork. Because that would be your
salad fork. Got it? Cocktail fork,
salad fork, main fork, and dessert fork.
Now going over to the other side…
you have a large head spoon. That is
your soup spoon. And then your main
spoon. And of course every one has to
have a knife to cut with.
Then there is a tiny bowl with salt in it…
it has a teensy spoon in that. And if it is
really done up right, there is a tiny bowl
of water. To wash your fingers off. All
these are of course, as my mother would
say… are sterling silver.

But what about the large plate? Well,
that one is called a serving plate. You
NEVER EVER eat off the serving plate.
That is to sit each course on. First the
shrimp cocktail cup sits there, then the
soup bowl sits there, and then the main
plate sits on top of that..(that being the
second large plate.) and then to finish it
up, the desert plate or bowl sits there.
BUT never eat off the serving plate.
One of my uncle did that once.
Oh, what a rise that was. My mother’s
friend got up from the table and went
into the kitchen and said… Betty, do you
know what he did, of which … my mother
looked. Oh, the Horror of it all. And it
was the tale of many years later, Thanksgivings.

Thanksgiving Dinner was served as this,
year after year…and my duty as a child
and as an adult was to wash and polish
all that silver. Which, I hated with a passion
as a child. As an adult it wasn’t so bad, as it
was like polishing up an old friend. (my
real friends will like that phase). And this
is what was served.

Shrimp Cocktails,
Onion Soup,
Turkey, mashed potatoes,
mashed summer squash,
mashed turnips (my favorite)
gravy, stuffing,
Relish dish was 3 kinds of pickles,
black olives, green stuffed olives,
tiny pickled onions, stuffed celery,
green onions
Choice of pies, usually apple,
mince and pumpkin
Ice cream for the pies.

I am sure my brother could remember
more of these than I, as he attend more
of them than I did. He always lived in R.I.
Me, being the wayward child, only did
the first 17 years and then 4 more with
my family in the 70’s.

The other Thanksgiving is California style

Skip the cocktails and soup. But the
rest was pretty much the same. Oh,
yea, skip the fancy table settings.
And add about 10 more people. The
Chef? My Uncle.. better know as Dad
to all of those of us who shared our
meal with him.

Both dinners were quite filling.
Both great cooks.

My Home

Pretty much the same as
the California style. And in the past
18 years the Chef changed to the King.
He loves to cook. He does a great job.
Although the King cooks his carrots
and turnips together. No squash.

May you all have a great Thanksgiving…
great food, great friends and family and
many great conversations. And remember
you are adding to the memories of
Thanksgiving for your children and theirs.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Life is a Bowl of Cherries,But

Life is a bowl of Cherries….
But watch out for the Banana Peels

As I live each day since retirement,
I have spent it by having a positive
attitude and doing things to enjoy life.
Not that life is a bowl of cherries,
of course. We all know that there is
ups and downs in life. But I figured
I had it pretty well in hand. So when
I slipped on the banana peels of life,
I was surprised.

See last Friday, my daughter took me
to see the movie I WALK THE LINE.
The story of Johnny Cash. She, of course,
living with me 2/3’s of her life, knows
what a Johnny Cash fan I am. I use to
have over 48 of his albums. Back to the
days of Sun Records. Giving them away,
was hard to do. But I was going to be
moving again, and the records would
be in storage a long time. So do I keep
them in storage and have them ruin,
or do I give them away so they would
be save. I chose to keep them safe.
I don’t regret that, not even with the
knowledge that the Sun Records ones
would have a money value.

So there we were in the theater, watching
the movie. Being the fan I am, I know
he was not a choir boy. I knew he did some
not so admirable things in his life. I
really enjoyed his, or actually the actor’s
singing. The actor, did a great imitation
of him, singing and all. But as the end
of the movie came, and they had the read
out of when June had died and then 4
months later, Johnny died, (all of which
I knew) it started to hit me. We got up
and walked out side to the brightness of
the day, I felt sad. A lot of emotions hit
me all at once. One of appreciation of
my daughter surprising me, by taking me
to the movie. See she drove to the parking
lot of the theater on the pretense of taking
me to get a latte. As she got out of the car,
she said come on, we are going to the movies.
Hurry, it starts in 15 minutes. To say I am
shocked, and surprise is an understatement.
So her thoughtfulness, the emotion started.

On the way home, I told her it dawn on me
how much Johnny Cash and his music was
involved with my life. I started liking Johnny
Cash, when he was on the Tommy Dorsey
Show, which covered for Ed Sullivan Show
in the summer months. While all my school
friends were screaming over Elvis, I loved
Johnny Cash music. And it kept going thru
2 marriages, and even now. That the last cd
he did, still was heart felt in my heart.

Then as I walked into the house after telling
her how much her gift of love meant to me,
the surprise and the movie too, it hit me.
I found myself, in tears. The King asked
me what was wrong, and I couldn’t tell him.
You see the banana skin has laid me low.

I was facing my own mortality as well as
Mr. Cash’s. As I thought about how I
appreciated 50 years of his music.. it hit
me, that I too, am in my winter of life.
Something I don’t usually admit to others.
I guess because I don’t like to dwell there
myself. I rather think of what I can do
with this last 15 years, if I am lucky, rather
than think about the 15 years themselves.

I guess it goes back to the time I was
talking to a resident, who was weak from
the flu and losing her husband. So she
thought she came to the nursing home
to die. I asked her, did she want to sit
around and wait to die, or did she want
to live until she died. Which is what I
remind myself, when I hit these low spots
on the rare occasions.

And I chose to live until I die,
I chose to live it to its fullest,
and I chose to live it in humor.

The resident checked out 2 weeks later.
And as she was packing her bag, she
called me in her room, gave me a hug,
and said Thanks. She and I knew why.
She chose to live life. I saw her a year
later at her sister’s wedding. She was
laughing and looked at me and winked.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Guest Commentator

Today, I am running a comment
from my niece in R.I. who read
Education on my blog. Because
I think her comments have merits,
I decided to run it today.

When I was in H.S. (1974-78) there
was a program which gave you
hands-on. The girls mostly went
into the nursing program and every
morning they went (by bus) to the
technical school for nursing. This
program gave them a grade in H.S.
and allowed them to cut time from
college also.
I am not sure what the boys did but
I think in was machine shop and auto

I do know what you mean regarding
a lot of adults returning to school and
somehow it does seem backwards.
Here is some thoughts:

Maybe when you have a child getting
up at 5:30 in the morning to catch a
bus at 6:45 to be in school at 7:15 and
then get out at 1:30 they are just too
tired to learn.

Maybe when the parent doesn't get
home until 5:30 they don't do homework
and the parent is too tired to check.

Maybe the parent doesn't understand the

Maybe the child doesn't understand the
homework and knows the parent doesn't
understand the homework.

Maybe the teachers don't have enough
authority over the children and therefore
don't care like they used to.

Maybe the classes have too many children.

Maybe the teachers have too much job
security and the Union protects them
too much.

Maybe the teacher thinks the student
read the assignment before class.

Maybe the student has a part-time job
and thinks he/she is rich.

Maybe the student is in the hole with
a car payment and insurance and
doesn't see the whole picture.

Maybe there isn't enough guidance
at the school level.

Maybe the students are thinking too
much of drugs,sex, and rock-n-roll
or maybe they are not thinking about
it but actually doing it.

Today I took my daughter to UMASS
to interview for an internship with
Disney. I am surprised at the many
opportunities students now have with
so many BIG companies! The interview
was very informative and I am so

Here is how it works (more or less):
You interview like a regular job.
In about 2 weeks they extend and
invite (or not).

You go to Disney from January to
May living in the Disney Apartments
Disney pays you $6.40 per hour
while you work an average of 30
hours a week.
Disney provides the uniforms
Disney has a private college where
you choose a college course you take
while at Disney. The grading is either
(P or F) or grade, your choice.
You get Thursdays nights and Fridays off.
Free transportation to work, college,
shopping (Wal-Mart's) and other destinations.
Free pass to enter the parks.
Attend Disney enrichment programs on
subjects like: networking, time
management, job shadowing and such.
Disney extends the benefits to visiting
family members with 1/2 price on lodging
of choice and park tickets.

Then on the other side of the coin:
Her college in Quincy gives her 15 credits
for the internship with the completed
assignment of a daily journal, read 2
books with a book report on each, and
communication with the Disney contact.

The downside is the competition!
You can imagine (get it?) how many
students apply for this.

Another thing that I shake my head on
is the school bus issue. They say they
have to cut extra activities because of
the cost of running the buses. But there
is also a rule of the student who lives
within 1 mile (sometimes more) from
the school has to walk. Well, if that
child has to walk, why not have the child
who is bused ...walk 1 mile to a pickup point
where they meet many other children
who had to walk (that mile) and make
1 pick up (instead of 50) then drop them
off at the front door of the school. This
way you save $$ and time. The child
walks (overweight children in America)
and you know that every child has
walked at least 2 miles per day, the cost
of transportation goes down in the form
of money and time,there is money for
the extra activities and the child doesn't
have to get up at dark o'clock because
they need that school bus to pick other
children up at their front door.

This just seems to obvious to me, I must
be missing some details!

I told her that out here in our area,
that wouldn't work as our bus stops
can be 5 or more miles apart. But in
other areas it might be something to
think about. The other downside of
course is, predators, both kinds.
But she made some good points.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rodney Dangerfield Town

We get no respect…. I live in the
town of Kootenai.
Sometimes I wonder if anyone
knows we are here.This election
time it really showed up.

Spokesman Review did an article
on the people, who had put in for
office in Idaho towns.They listed
Priest River, Sandpoint,
Ponderay, Clark Fork, Hope….
But not the Town of Kootenai.

So I wrote an email to the
“Ask the Editors”. But I happen
to hit the time when most of the
Editors were on vacation…so it
was a while before I got an answer.
Then it was “I will check and see.”
Then several weeks went by, and

So I wrote again. Telling them
I wasn't mad at them, but
I thought we were the Rodney
Dangerfield of the communities.
Of which one of the editors,
did answer, explaining he had been
gone but he would pass it on to the
Idaho office and one of the Idaho
employee’s answered in the Ask the
Editor on line as well as an e-mail.

It was the reason, no one
running against anyone, so it really
wasn’t newsworthy. And she was nice
enough to apologize for not giving an
answer sooner.

Then they gave the results in the
paper. For, Sandpoint,
Priest River, Hope, Clark Fork
and Ponderay…
see anything missing?

So I wrote to the reporter who
did the article. And this was her

“Unfortunately, because of our
limited staff here in the Idaho
office, we don’t cover Boundary County
unless something really big is
happening, and as far as election
results go, we didn’t have the space
to list every town in North Idaho”.

“I will pass your feedback onto
editors, though, so they can keep it in
mind for next year’s election coverage”.

Do you see a problem with this? Do you
wonder why we feel like Rodney Dangerfield
of the communities? For those who are not
familiar with our area. The town of Kootenai
Is in BONNER COUNTY, not Boundary, like
the young lady reporter suggested.

And I have to tell you, our own local paper
doesn’t do any better. Even though they
brag that they are a local paper. That they
cover the local news…

I asked our Mayor one time why the local
paper doesn’t report on our council meetings.
After all they use the paper for the legal part.
And she said, they told her to call if we were
going to have something really important
to report. I guess it could be worse. They
could ask for the town to send in our own
articles about the meetings. Shh, I didn’t
say that… it may give them ideas.

You know maybe it is better being the
Rodney Dangerfield of the
communities after all.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I have a friend who went back
to school to be able to keep her job.
That the school district put
demands on the job description,
that one would need more education.
This is just for teachers aides.
Not for a teacher. So this
isn’t even for the big bucks.

Anyway, she did excellent in school.
Great grades. I should ask her if she
did as well in high school 30 years
ago. But it got me to wondering….

Where would we all be today, if we
had applied ourselves to school as
we do today. Are we smarter today
than we were at that time. Has the
school of hard knocks made us
smarter? Maybe we should postpone
colleges.Or do we become more
experienced by the employment?

I personally am not impressed with
college’s. I think they are over rated
and under educating when it comes
to the first 2 years. I believe in trade
schools. (Drs. and Lawyers being the
exception.) Let’s get with the program of
what your job is going to be. Let’s have
classes in what you want to do for a
career. I like to see that started
in high school. Some of it is… I
understand they have a Health class
that heads you towards nursing career.
Last I had heard that they downsized
the auto mechanic classes.

The girls seem to have a better jump on
a job, than guys do.There was always a
business subjects for girls to become
secretaries or bookkeepers. But is
there welding for guys and girls and
the other types of jobs classes? But for the
most part, high school really doesn’t do
a lot of heading our youths towards
a job. And the discipline leaves a lot to be
desire in high schools now. I am not talking
about punishment. I am talking about
showing up for class on time. Dressing
appropriately, Respect for their elders,
meaning teachers. 60% of the class is lacking
all this. So when they go to be interviewed
for a job, they don’t make a good impression.

Some ways it seems things haven’t
changed. College first year. is almost a
repeat of your high school last two years.
In 1986, when one of my sons was going
in to college, to get an education of
computers and even the mechanic of
computers, he wouldn’t be able to touch
a computer for a year and half. To me
that was a waste of time. They should
start off where the kid wants to go job
wise. Trade School would have serve better.
As it was he dropped out, because he
had 2 jobs as well. Ended up getting his
education thru the service.

But I digress… how much more would
you have done, if you had asserted
yourself at the right time of education?
Could you have been a contender? Were
you not, because of your attitude, or
because all you could think of was the
freedom from the parents rules or worse
yet, the financial condition of your
life at the time. After all college and
even trade school, is almost as expensive
as a home now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Price of Toys


$399. for one toy…

I know… kids call it a game..
And a game it is… but
considering that this is mostly
For kids… it is a toy.
$399. and that isn’t counting
the games.. Which run
from $29.95 to $45.95 a piece.
Which is a 1 and half inch
by 1 and half inch, and little
thicker than cardboard.

I remember when my kids
were being raised..$25.00
was the top price for their
major gift. I sure feel bad
for parents who feed into
this frenzy.

Heck, that gift is almost
the same as my monthly
S.S. check!

While at Costco, I saw one
of the toys from my days.
TINKER TOY..The super
size was $29.95. It was
$9.95 when I bought it
for my kids.

Also the Chocolate fountain
that I wrote about before…
I saw it at Wal-mart. For
$28.95, don’t know if it is
the same brand or not. But
this seems to be a hot item
these days. You can use it for
caramel too.

Still a lot of money to pay
for something you will use
once or twice and then put
it in your cupboard, to be sold
at a yard sale 3 years later.

Monday, November 14, 2005

40...nice years

My number 4 child turn 41 last
Friday. Yes Veteran's day...
I joke about how I was a veteran
of having children when she
came along...... and it sure was
a memorial when I had the twins
on Memorial Day, 4 years later.

Any way I was thinking ... which
is a dangerous thing in itself, that
maybe that's reason in my mind I am
45... is because being in your 40's
is a good place to be in life.

No, it isn't because I want to be
younger. I am satisfied here at 65.
But 40 is a good time in your life.
In your 40's you have gotten rid of
all your wild times, and insecurities.
(at least I hope you have). And
life is starting to mellow out. You
have learn what to worry about and
not to worry about. How to address
the lumps and bumps of life.

With me, when I was in my 40's
I had some major upheavals. I
became a widow, I went
back to school to learn a trade
(Reg. Cert. Nurses Aide) and went
to work at the age of 46. After
many years of just being a Mom
and wife. I don't think I would
have handled it as well had I
been in my 20's or 30's.

And 40's as you are handling
life, you are still young enough
to enjoy life to the fullest. To have
the physical body to do the things
you still want to do. Dancing,
snowmobiling, horse back riding,
playing baseball, and all the good
things in life, with ease.

Yes, being in your 40's is a good
time in life. Maybe that is why
they said... Life starts at 40...

And here I told everyone life starts....
when your youngest one leaves home
for their own life. Come to think...
I was 48 when that happen.... lol

Friday, November 11, 2005


Serving during World War II

Herbert Brownell
Everett F. Linekin
Harold C. Richardson
David Emanuel Hagstrom.

Serving during Korean War Time

Marvin K. Hughes
Charles W. Chalfant
Herb Huseland

Serving during Vietnam WarTime

Parker Linekin
Gary Gors
Sandee Millius
Dean Thompson
David Hudlet
Thomas Summers
Garlyn Tupper
Richard Garofalo

Serving Now
Shelley Sorrel
Stanley Worel
Blake Brown
Michael L. Austad

And to all of you other
Veterans who served, are
serving, and for all those
who lost their lives, so we
could live free.
Thank you....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Council and Discisions

Our little town is about 300+ people
in it.

But will be joined by 100+more
in just two new additions to our
town that annexed in. We have
another one that is promising 60
homes more for starters..

We are a very small town,
that is starting to burst at the
seams. Our council is not
going to have it easy. . We
have a lot of new contractor,
and some old ones who are
having a tough time adjusting
to what use to be the good ole
boys system and now has all
kinds of rules and regs. And the
council has to stay on top of it.

We will be losing a great brain
trust soon because of health.
The remaining 2 who have
worked hard for the town for
little pay, and the new gal, is
going to be great addition, will
have their hands full.

Then the Mayor watching the
town grow more than double
what it was when she first ran.
I know they have the best in
mind for the townspeople. But
it is hard to make everyone

I have been going to our council
meeting for about a year now.
My husband is just finishing his
4 year run. He was asked to step
up to the plate about a year or
so before that. Even he has said
it is getting so complex. With
new rules and regulations, more
consultants, newer laws, he felt
he was getting in over his head.
Just trying to represent your fellow
townspeople is not enough anymore.

That is 50 per cent of the job. The
other is to make judgments on
how much to bring to the town. What
is it that the townspeople want of
this town. There is commercial zoning
to consider. How much does the town
need? How much does the town want?
You can give a simple thing for someone,
and have it turn into a can of worms.
And while they like to help out those
who want to do more with their property,
they have to make sure it is safe.
They have to make sure, what seems
like a simple thing on one property,
but do you want it on every property?
Because what is good for one, has
to be good for all. And they want to
keep the community the nice small
town that we all moved here for, years
ago. Then there is the outside discisions
the new Highway200 Corridor Improvement
Project and the Urban Area Transportation
Plan, are these good for our town. Yes and
maybe no.. The council has to decide. The
townspeople have to speak up.

No, being a simple quiet little
community is not an easy job for
the townspeople nor the ones
they vote in.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No, Thank You, Not Me

When it comes to national scares, I don't
scare easy. And it is my mother's fault.

The frenzy over the bird flu brings to mind
the years of the 1950's. We were taught
to jump down and under our desk at a certain
tone that was given over the P.A. system.

I was in high school at the time. I really felt
sorry for one teacher we had. He would shake
at the sound of the warning. We learn later
that he suffered from shell shock from World
War I, Some of the boys and maybe
some girls were cruel, as they would slam
their books on the desk just to see him duck.

In the 1950's there were bomb shelter built
in people's back yards. I don't recall any in
friends of the family. But then maybe they
didn't talk about it. Because along with
the scare that the Russians were coming,
was the scare of your neighbors breaking
into the shelter and stealing your food and
water. So mum was the word.

I asked Mom why we didn't have a bomb
shelter, as it was on the news, in the
paper and magazines. (Life, was her
choice). She always had the attitude
that the Russians weren't coming.
A bomb shelter would do no good
if there was a bomb. As you had to
have air in a shelter. If you have air
coming in, so would the gases. So
you are dead anyway. So why bother.
Dad, seem to be in agreement, as he
never talked about it either. So we
went thru the 50's not really knowing
or caring about the threat.

Sadly, I was so absorbed with my
teen years, of horses, girlfriends,
boyfriends from afar, Coke, Pepsi,
smoking cigarettes, and Elvis, that
I missed out on the Korean War and
what it meant. We didn't have
any friend or family that was in the
war. Dad worked civil service since
before World War II, so life had
not changed. And by the time I
went to work for the Naval Exchange,
we were thru the war and living what
we now call the good times.

So over the years, when "they" say
beware, it is coming... what ever the
scare of the year is, I tend to just go
about my business. Even when we
had a flu scare a few years ago, I didn't
get a flu shot, even though they were
given at work for free. It wasn't that
I wanted to get sick. Just I have been
one of those lucky ones who usually
has good health. I don't usually get
colds. And it only is the last 5 years,
that if I do get one, I get the bronco one
and the best way to get thru it, endure it.
At the place I worked, I saw just as many
get sick that had the flu shot as the ones who
didn't. The residents, were guarantee to
be sick with in 2 days of the shots. Thus,
finding out that the shot only lessen the
effect of the flu, not prevented it.

The only time I had a flu shot was
the year before I retired. We were
told if we did not get a flu shot, that
we would not be paid for sick days.
As we brought it on ourselves by
not having a shot. Being I believe in
the Gods that will prove you wrong,
I decided to get the shot, even though
I didn't think I would get sick. As
the law of averages was not in my
favor. Never is. Murphy's law is
alive and well, in my life.

Even when we had the scare a
couple years ago, of Anthrax.
The country was gathering up
shots for that.

I was sitting in the back
of the room, at the in-service we
had on it, so I could bolt out the
door, if they decided to hand
out free shots. But they said
they didn't have any as there
was a shortage. Then the
in-service person who is of
good knowledge, told us that
on the food chain of life, we
in Idaho were on the low side.
Besides that Anthrax was all
over the field floor in Montana
where cows eat daily, for many
years... That was good enough
for me, no shots.

So any of you, who want the shot,
and if they are short, just them
you know a gal in Bonner County
who is going to refuse the shot, and
you would like to have hers...

Guess I didn't read the book
Chicken Little, well enough, or
too well.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day 2005


You have just slightly more than 12
hours to make your choice of
candidates. Every vote counts.
Just ask the ones who were running
for Governor in Washington State.
If you don't vote, then you have no
bitching rights.

There is a lot to vote on in other
cities. In our own little town we
have nothing ... none of the candidates
have anyone running against them.
I don't believe Bonner County has
anything running so we are
a peaceful voting town this time.

But I am going. It is my right.
And choice or not, I will vote
for those who I want in... and not
mark those who I don't. But in
this case, it is going to be a vote
of confidence in our council.

My husband chose not to run
this time. And the gal who is running
in his place is a good choice. So I will
go and mark my ballot. They
usually have about 31 that vote here.
Out of 300+ people... but of course
some of those are children.

I will be interested in how others did.
In San Diego, the mayor race. In New
Jersey, the Governor race, and New York
City, the Mayor race. And little more local,
how Mike Kennedy does. I have Dish
for my television viewing, so I see the
races back East. And some of them
have been the using dirty tricks.

Politics, if nothing else, is interesting.
So get out there and make your mark.
After all you could be in Iraq and
have to fight to get to vote. Be kind
of neat if we could get a purple finger
to show we voted...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Dreary Saturday

No, I am not going commercial...
but here I was, alone, on
a Saturday morning, (the King

and grandson out hunting)
and in the email I get this....

"Dream of it... hot fudge sundae

type machine." On a
dreary, rainy, overcast, cold day...

Hot Chocolate Fondue
Fountain ....On Sale....

sounds so good....

Life is not fair. How do they know
what kind of a day it is. To send this
alluring ad to my computer
Just happen to happen? I don't think so.....

And all that Chocolate!! never
have see so much chocolate for sale..
Chocolate ... Heaven...

So I hit the DELETE button fast... well, not
too fast, had to do the blog you know...

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Friday, November 04, 2005

I am Woman, I am invincible.........

The question on some of the blogs...
was the question that Oprah asked.
Who are you?
Not what are you, but who are you?

As a young person I did depend on
what I was. Was I popular? No,
I was the class nerd without the smarts.
I was a farm girl. Folks didn't let us
do much like kids do today. After school
stuff. We had chores anyway. Did I look
ok, would people like me? All the young
insecure of what are we.

Then from 1960 to 1988, I considered
what I was... to who I was, all rolled up
in one ball. I was a mother. That was
an important job, lifestyle, and being
to me. I figured if I brought a human
being into this world, I should take care
of, protect, love and nurture that human
being, that was who I was. As it turn
out there were 8 to do so with. It was
a lifestyle of many ups and downs. I
know for sure I didn't do it perfect.
I am not even sure I did it well. But I
took everything in my being to do it
well. I had many obstacles thrown in
my path. I was tore apart thru the
journey, and I had a lot of joy in the
journey. I was mother, Mom
(most of all) and MOTHER!! and
MOM!!! many times. We all
made the journey, and then they
all went their own paths. To return
from time to time..
And that is what I wanted.

I tried my best to build a good
foundation under them. Giving
the lesson of honesty, stand up
for yourself, you can be what you
want to be, and most of all and
thru it all, I taught and showed
LOVE. The rest was up to them.
And they have done well.

Now they are on their own path.
And what am I? I am a wife,
mom, grandmother,
mother-in-law, sister,
cousin, niece and friend,
mostly in that order, but not necessarily.

But who am I? I am a woman,
I am love, I am mostly good health,
I am honest, I am considerate,
I am comforting, I am concern
about others, I am compassionate
and try my best to do my motto....
Do no harm... Not only am I this to
all others, but to myself as well.
It took me 65 years to be comfortable
in my own skin. To know my limits
and to stretch them from time to
time. I am not the cure for all the
problems of friends and family.
I can not fix all the problems of
friends and family. But I can be
there to stand with them to comfort
them as they go thru their problems.
With kind words and with hugs.
I am woman and I am invincible...
says the song. I don't think I am that....
but I do like myself.
Too bad it took me so long to find that out.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Autumn? or Winter?


What would happen if you left the
leaves on the ground in the fall...
for the snow to rot and dissolve like
mother nature does? After all who is
raking up the leaves in the forest?
Who is munching the lawns of the

I don't have trees that shed. I only
have one tree which is of the cedar/fir
family. That is the way the King wants it.
We had a small tree here when we
moved in. But the King dug it up and
donated it to our daughter who has it
now. It is a willow of some sort.

But what does happen in the forest?
Why is mankind determine to rake
and munch the leaves? Doesn't mother
nature have them fall for a reason?
Doesn't it protect the ground?
Just wondering.

And we have skier's delight... Snow
in the mountains... winter is closing
in on us...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

E.F. LINEKIN Posted by Picasa

83 Years...6 months...6 days....

Quite a lifetime.. and so much in it.
A childhood in Maine. That was so
packed full, I had no clue to that
part of his life. Until recently
in the past couple years when he
decided to write some passages of
that time.

I had only known the time I was
around him off and on over the years.
I remember as a child, he was so strict.
So strict that when my parents left my
brother and I in their care, he had us
Saying “yes, ma’am, yes, sir” “thank
you, ma’am and thank you sir”, "may
I please"by the time we return home
several days later. He and I laugh
about it over my adult years.

He was my hero, they came to visit,
our folks were gone somewhere.
And there was a large rat in our yard.
He picked up a pitch folk and threw it.
Like a spear, and killed that rat. I never
seen anything like it before, or since.

Over the years, he kept his own children
in line, and myself included. While some
of that was out of fear, fear of disappointing
him, a lot of it, out of respect.

He serve in the United States Navy, and
was so very proud of his time there. 26
years worth, if I recall right. Answered
to the name of Chief by his fellow shipmates.
Served on many ships over the years, served
in Vietnam. Taught on the base in San Diego.

This was a very proud man. He was definitely
Head of the house. (when his wife let him, lol)
He loved his wife more than the stars in the sky.
He had 5 children he was very proud of. And 7
grandchildren, and several great grandchildren.

Quite a legend in our time. We all have our
stories of our times with him. And now he
has left us. To be buried at sea. Just like
he requested. Our lives will have an empty
space to be filled by no other.

We will miss him so very much, each
in our own way. You see I was one of
the lucky ones that was gathered in to
the fold. He addressed his letter to me,
Oldest Daughter, which he wrote
just about every Tuesday to us all.
And I, the procrastinator, who wrote
too few. I will miss those letters, as
we talked about politics, the weather,
how the families were doing, and any
thing else. I don’t know what I will do
with the stamps, I save in the jar, to
send to him. As he was a stamp collector.

So good night sweet Prince, good
night Uncle Tiny, good night….

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Visiting Dinners

Visiting.... visiting dinners....

What ever happen to Friday or
Saturday night visiting... or sharing
a dinner and visiting.

Remember when we were kids, our
parents use to go to a friend's house.
The kids would head to the kid's bedroom
or basement. In those days, the
playroom was down there. And the
adults played cards, or games.
Or they just visited, drinking
coffee. Then about 9 or so, you
headed for home.?

Or you went for dinner and the
same? Some times it was
just the couple, most of the
time it was the whole family.
Most of the time the family
you visited was a relative.
An uncle or aunt. And the
kids were your cousins.

Guess that is something
that has gone to the way
side. This came to mind,
as we did two of these
dinners this past weekend.

One was friends who are
getting ready to leave
for the winter. The other
just invited us. It was
really nice, both times.

Seems to be a lost art. I
can't remember the last
one I did before this past
weekend. Years and years
ago. Definitely when my kids
were little.

Even getting in the car
on a Saturday afternoon,
or Sunday afternoon, and
go visit someone. Does
any one do that anymore?
I know I haven't. I wonder
why it all stopped.

Maybe people are like me,
I like staying home and
relaxing on the weekend