Friday, November 04, 2005

I am Woman, I am invincible.........

The question on some of the blogs...
was the question that Oprah asked.
Who are you?
Not what are you, but who are you?

As a young person I did depend on
what I was. Was I popular? No,
I was the class nerd without the smarts.
I was a farm girl. Folks didn't let us
do much like kids do today. After school
stuff. We had chores anyway. Did I look
ok, would people like me? All the young
insecure of what are we.

Then from 1960 to 1988, I considered
what I was... to who I was, all rolled up
in one ball. I was a mother. That was
an important job, lifestyle, and being
to me. I figured if I brought a human
being into this world, I should take care
of, protect, love and nurture that human
being, that was who I was. As it turn
out there were 8 to do so with. It was
a lifestyle of many ups and downs. I
know for sure I didn't do it perfect.
I am not even sure I did it well. But I
took everything in my being to do it
well. I had many obstacles thrown in
my path. I was tore apart thru the
journey, and I had a lot of joy in the
journey. I was mother, Mom
(most of all) and MOTHER!! and
MOM!!! many times. We all
made the journey, and then they
all went their own paths. To return
from time to time..
And that is what I wanted.

I tried my best to build a good
foundation under them. Giving
the lesson of honesty, stand up
for yourself, you can be what you
want to be, and most of all and
thru it all, I taught and showed
LOVE. The rest was up to them.
And they have done well.

Now they are on their own path.
And what am I? I am a wife,
mom, grandmother,
mother-in-law, sister,
cousin, niece and friend,
mostly in that order, but not necessarily.

But who am I? I am a woman,
I am love, I am mostly good health,
I am honest, I am considerate,
I am comforting, I am concern
about others, I am compassionate
and try my best to do my motto....
Do no harm... Not only am I this to
all others, but to myself as well.
It took me 65 years to be comfortable
in my own skin. To know my limits
and to stretch them from time to
time. I am not the cure for all the
problems of friends and family.
I can not fix all the problems of
friends and family. But I can be
there to stand with them to comfort
them as they go thru their problems.
With kind words and with hugs.
I am woman and I am invincible...
says the song. I don't think I am that....
but I do like myself.
Too bad it took me so long to find that out.


stebbijo said...

Well that was nice! I am not sure who I am yet -- maybe if I can look in the mirror after an extreme makeover, I will see her! LOL

Word Tosser said...

ah, but that is the outside... you are what is inside... and I see that as a pretty amazing woman...

Dogwalkmusings said...

I know who I am too. Maybe its an "age" thing - you and I being contemporaries. But today, reading your post, what I am most is proud to be able to call you Friend. It's a pleasure and a privilege.

amyrebba said...

I'm not that old, but I have learned to like myself along time ago. I was like you the odd ball who didn't fit in in school. Thanks to my parents religion at the time I was nick named "Pilgrim". I think that says it all. I had to learn early to like and be comfortable with myself, because if I didn't like myself who would (other than my parents of course)

I have another moto in my ever changing and somtimes spinning out of control life. Everything happens for a reason. I realized that more then ever when my husband and I both lost our jobs six months apart after just buying our first home that year. With in a mater of 1-2 weeks after my husband lost his we both landed new jobs better then what we were trying to hold on to. Then we really had to test our selves when we got the unexpected news that we were having another baby (our third) WE had only planed on two, and becuase of the cost of daycare it would mean me giving up my career and being stay-at-home mom for the first time in my life. That scared me, but I adjusted! My reward is the hugs and kisses I now get and the baby girl we finally got after two boys.