Monday, November 14, 2005

40...nice years

My number 4 child turn 41 last
Friday. Yes Veteran's day...
I joke about how I was a veteran
of having children when she
came along...... and it sure was
a memorial when I had the twins
on Memorial Day, 4 years later.

Any way I was thinking ... which
is a dangerous thing in itself, that
maybe that's reason in my mind I am
45... is because being in your 40's
is a good place to be in life.

No, it isn't because I want to be
younger. I am satisfied here at 65.
But 40 is a good time in your life.
In your 40's you have gotten rid of
all your wild times, and insecurities.
(at least I hope you have). And
life is starting to mellow out. You
have learn what to worry about and
not to worry about. How to address
the lumps and bumps of life.

With me, when I was in my 40's
I had some major upheavals. I
became a widow, I went
back to school to learn a trade
(Reg. Cert. Nurses Aide) and went
to work at the age of 46. After
many years of just being a Mom
and wife. I don't think I would
have handled it as well had I
been in my 20's or 30's.

And 40's as you are handling
life, you are still young enough
to enjoy life to the fullest. To have
the physical body to do the things
you still want to do. Dancing,
snowmobiling, horse back riding,
playing baseball, and all the good
things in life, with ease.

Yes, being in your 40's is a good
time in life. Maybe that is why
they said... Life starts at 40...

And here I told everyone life starts....
when your youngest one leaves home
for their own life. Come to think...
I was 48 when that happen.... lol

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God's Helper said...

Gee, my oldest just turned 41 last Sunday.. Maybe that is why they don't get along????