Thursday, May 29, 2014

tending the sick husband...

Those of you who have husbands...
and have to deal with them, when they
are sick and at home for the day or two..
You know how this goes...

You know.. the man who says, Oooooo, I'm sick.
I am soooooooooo sick... with the conviction of
no one has been as sick as they are.

Being sick is one thing, and being a nurse for them
can be nerve breaking points as well. but providing
entertainment can break down even an angel.

When they get to the in between point, where
they are not quite as sick, but not quite well.

In bed, up in the chair, back in the bed.. get me this,
could you get me that.. can you reach that for me
(when it is only inches away)...why isn't this working?
And when they don't like your answers.. well, you
aren't a doctor anyway.  well, you know the

I am on day 2 and looks like another day is coming up.
So I am getting the "I'm bored." I am sick, and don't want
to do anything..but television is boring.
"How can you watch this stuff."  
"It is called news", I reply..... 
"Oh, isn't there something else on?"  
"Uh, change the channel, you have the remote control, I smile with  teeth showing....
Few minutes later.. "there is nothing on"....  
So I put in a dvd of hunting... He watches about 20 minutes and says, don't you have something better?"  
He must be sick, as he can watch the hunting channel 
for 6 hours on a rainy day. 

Yea, making it entertaining is almost a deal breaker.   

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memory Lane/ across country in our bus

This weekend I posted a picture of a bus on my page.
Which got 20 comments and still coming in..

The King and I had gone out to the cemetery twice. Once
on Sunday to plant flowers. And when we heard they were
having a military service on Monday, we went back out.

While there on Sunday, we figured we would make the rounds
to friends who live out that way. One I had not seen for about 15
years.  As we drove up his long winding driveway, I had the King
stop so I could take a picture of the bus that was on their land.
I had sold it to them about 26 years ago. It had a lot of old

The bus had taken my family in the fall of 1982 from R.I. to
Idaho. My husband, Marvin (who passed away in 1986) and
I bought it from a Catholic church for $500.  We filled it up
2/3 with our household possessions minus furniture except
for beds.  The other 1/3rd had seats and two tables. They
were used for the kids while we traveled. They got to play
games, use their coloring books and etc. And of course we
ate there as well. Each seat served as a bed for the kids
while we traveled.  There was 4 of us adults. Two to switch
off and on for the bus.. and two to switch off and on with the
pickup filled with our possessions and towing the car.

It was quite an adventure. For one thing..I don't know why, but
we decide to bring along a apartment size refrigerator. Which
I had a package of 3 frozen bread dough in the freezer.Which
was tiny. We were about half way New York by the time the
dough had decided to thaw out, and rise.. And rise it did, enough
to open the door of the refrigerator. Like a white monster creeping
out.  So that evening, I used the dutch oven on the coleman stove
and made fried bread.. 3 bread loaves worth of small fried bread.

We were in Wisconsin, heading towards Minnesota when the
pickup dimmer switch decided to short out.  Which meant as
we drove.. or I should say as I drove... at night... the lights
would go out and then back on, and then back out.. Which
led to some interesting driving. We were on a back road with
LOTS of hills.. tall hills.. so it was kind of like a mild roller
coaster.. And the lights would go out about the time I would
crest the top, leaving me with not much to see on the top of
the hill or now fast it went down. As some would level off
for about a block before it went down.. and other went down
immediately.  After about 5 miles of such fun, I finally got
Marv "to do something"... So he bypassed the switch, (after
he figured out that was the problem) and I had regular lights,
but not high beams. I didn't care, as long as I could see.

When we arrived in Minnesota, (we must have looked like
the Beverly Hillbillies) we pulled into visit and rest with
Marv's family. On the second day, we were off to Idaho.
In North Dakota, I was buzzing along near Roosevelt's
National Park, and blew a tire which took out my brake
line on the truck. I got it to stop after a few swerves, and
limped to a stop.  We were running cb radios at that time.
Got Marv to stop, and he had to back the bus up about
1/2 mile to get to us.  He and the other driver got the tire
changed. And then slowly approach the park parking lot.
And they fixed the break line. At 2am... We were ready
to go back on the road, after the kids got to see the many
colors of the stone walls of the valley there.

Our next fun, was going thru Montana. Another highway
with huge hills.  Some of them leveling off for a mile or
two at the top, and other were barely a half block and
down you go again.. Which was really like a roller coaster,
as you are pushing it, trying to climb the hill... to the speed
of 8 miles per hour for the bus.. floorboarding it all the way
up, only to find out was straight down and at speeds
of what seem like 80 mph... trying not to use the brake
very much... for two reasons.  One, not to wear it out.
Two to keep the speed coming, so when you started to
climb the next one, you still has some momentum going,
to keep going over the top of the next one.  By the time
we went over the final one, near Livingston Montana, we
hit the off ramp to gather ourselves and use the bathroom.
All of this at night time.

By early dawn light, we came to the WELCOME TO IDAHO
sign.  We stopped and had our picture taken by the sign. I
think one of the kids wanted to kiss the sign, he was so happy
to see it.  Hour and half later we pulled into our friends drive
way. Which the wife was so glad to see one of our
drivers was her husband.

Luckily it was an Indian summer, as the temps got warm by
10am.. the fog was rising... and sun.  It took us, I think 2 weeks
to find a place to rent.  To great relief of our friends.. and our
selves.  Oh, yea. our welcome to Idaho school system 4 days
in, was lice...  That meant washing the kids, and shampooing
their hair.. all 8 of them in an outhouse, as they didn't have a
bathroom in the house yet. Then the adults turn.
And going to the laundromat  to wash everything... bedding, clothes..
oh, so much fun..

It was a great adventure and the kids still speak of it when
we get together... We didn't come West in a covered wagon,
but we came in an old Catholic church bus. I think St. Christopher
watched over us.

So the comments on Facebook was a combo of those in Minnesota,
who saw that big bus pull in... and the wife of the driver who we camp
in their yard when we arrived... (and yes, we are all still friends)
although she lives in France now. And a few of the kids made comments
as well... And some newer friends made comments of wonderment
that we did come across country in it.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Election was a disappointment...

To say this past primary election was a disappointment
is an understatement. What happen to recognizing your candidate? Of the ones that ran...I had never heard of them. My understanding is that 60% of those running, have lived here less than 10 years and couple of those less than 5 years.

Which if you knew Idaho, that is a big deal. In Idaho you are not a native unless you were born here. I have lived here 32 years and while I am an Idahoan.. I am not a native. But those of less than 10 years are usually looked upon with suspicion.  Because they usually want to change Idaho to what ever state like they left. So to have a new comers
win it is a big deal. Sometimes good and some times bad.

I watched a video of one of the debates.. after the letters to the editor were written on what I saw, I wondered if I saw the same meeting they were talking about.  Some of the candidates they called bored, arrogant, and vague.... I saw
someone who was answering the questions honestly, precise and with details. After several of these letters,
I had to wonder if there was a group who was writing the letters to throw off the voters who didn't go to the debates. 

So what happen to the people you know around town? Are we getting so big that we don't know enough people?

I did get to meet one candidate today... first one in a long time.. I don't know how long they have lived here. Do know his wife has long time connections. The King knew her family..  I was talking to the wife for quite a bit.
And then her husband came over and we talked for
about 10 minutes before she introduced me to him
by his name.. and when I asked if he was the one
who was running for commissioner ... he said yes. 
He won the primary, and now had the November
election to face.  Because when we first were talking,
we were not talking about office, I got a chance to know
him without any agenda.  So got to see the body english, 
his views on the subjects of hand. Found him to have an opinion without being opinionated.  Then with the politic
part came into play, I didn't see his mannerism change. It was matter of fact style, of how things were and the political part of the county. He wasn't on a soap box, just a polite quiet man.
I know he will go on.. and win as this is the running red state of Idaho. And he is a Republican.  But in the back of my mind, I was thinking like the beginning of this post... wouldn't it be nice to meet each candidate in a non debate, pumping hands for me.. but to see them in an everyday life (like we use to) and see how they act, what they are made of, and their body english.

I wish you well, Mr. Bailey, it was a pleasure to meet you. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Military Services at Seneacquoteen Cemetery

one more practice...

 Commissioner Bailey  in brown jacket

                                      A TON OF THANKS TO.... 

 All of this is due to these two men... the upkeep of the cemetery and the military services.
Jim Hester and his wife Gale....
 Eldon Smith.. who has done a beautiful job of redoing all of the fencing of the old area and the new area, and so much more .

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Plow day with the Tractor Club

It was great day for plowing... mostly sunshine, with a few clouds... young and old, women and of course men... watched as the tractor club made the grass into good brown dirt.  First the tractors with the plows, and then the tractors with the disks.... making mountains of dirt in to mole hills... 
The faces of the drivers.. some smiling.. some with determination on their faces... People came and went. There was even refreshments for those who cared to ask... and the Museum people were accepting donations, 
for their hopefully soon to be built building in the city of Kootenai with the Tractor Club having a building there as well..   Great day.. so for those who missed it.. here are the pictures.. Old drivers, young drivers, all doing what they do best. 

 Marianne Love was there taking pictures and visiting with friends as well..

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Your car is tattle tailing on you..

Did you know that your car can tell on you? How fast
you were going? Where you have been? If it has a
GPS, you kind of figured that it knew where you went.
But there is a system called EDR (event data recorders)
in your new car, it is kind of like the black box of sorts.

As we get more vehicle communications technology, the
more the car can tell who ever wants to know.. about you
and your driving habits. Even letting the factories access
your data. All while you have no idea that it is doing it.
Information that can become open to your insurance
company, even the courts can ask for this information.
Because at this time.. there is no privacy limits on those

Which is scary.. as we all know.. when it comes to computers, which is what all of this technology relies on.. it can be hacked.  I know this is in the future.. and hopefully in the far future...where the powers that be, can protect us... but how long before someone hacks into that system? The
evil always finds ways to take a good thing and use it for
their works.  Look at the ATM card.. which millions or more
rely on daily.  The Target Store and also our local stores,
system was hacked. So why not cars?

Myself, I don't have to worry about this.. so far.. because
my vehicles are too old.. I guess there is a good side of
not having the latest and greatest vehicle.

Oh, while I am at it... are you reading this on your laptop?
Do you have one of those little dots on top of your lid?
You know..the camera that you talk to your kids, grandkids
with, and friends?  It seems that as long as you have your
laptop on.. there are hackers who can see in your house.
So be careful where you have your laptop pointed. One
young lady had hers in her bedroom.. So someone could
see her dressing and undressing.. hence, got some
photo's of such.  Imagine her shock when she found out
they were on the internet.

So you might want to have a patch to put over the "eye"
when you are not talking to the kids...
I use to think this was all hooey... paranoid people..
Sadly the more we open our lives to connect with others
the more we open it up to the evil side of life.  

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.. (little early for me,
I am use to the 30th.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gentlemen, (and Ladies) start your bar-b-ques

It is time... do you have yours out and cleaned up?
ready to go?  We have had ours out for almost a
month now.

Here in Sandpoint, Idaho, we practice a little bit,
get a little more serious the 2nd weekend of the
month of May.  That is LOST IN THE 50'S weekend.
Weather promising, we get our grills ready...

Then, of course, the official start is May 30th.
That is when we bring out the steaks, the chips,
salads and the full table full of food.. weather
permitting.... after all this is Idaho.

Every night is cooking out night.. and a rest ...ha ha.
for the women. I say ha..ha.. because as we all know
that while the man is doing the cooking outside.. it is
the woman who gets all the stuff ready for him.. running
back and forth, getting last minute things he forgot..
All the while she gets the veggies, table set, drinks lined
up, and all the rest which it takes to make a meal.

But it is great to start eating outside.. enjoying the sun...
weather permitting... and hopefully without the bees and
flies joining you...

Also the start of watermelon eating... so enjoy..
In the good old summer time.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Brace yourself...

It is primary time in Idaho... and the nuts are

Any one who has Facebook or even just internet,
has seen Idaho politics at it's finest...NOT...

They had a debate, if you want to call it that...
for the Governor's office... As they call it the biker,
curmudgeon, the cowboy (our now governor) and the
"normal guy".

The Governor wanted all the candidates on the platform
with him... I think his purpose was to make him seem like
the best or sanest of the bunch..  But I think what he
ended up with is... Idaho being the laughing stock of the
nation, as the debate has hit You tube and the rest of the
internet media.   And it didn't have to take it very far to
get the rest of the nation to think we are all a bunch of nuts.
If Randy Weaver didn't have it started, there is the Senator
Craig.. and a few others we have sent to Washington, D.C.
that has given us the country bumpkins name.

Well, today the primary is going to be over.. In our state,
the Democrats have an open primary. The Republicans have
it closed as they think it will be tarnished by the Democrats.
But there is no worry there, as the Republicans do a dandy job on their own.  They are so bad off, that they can't get along with each other.  We have 4 or more Republican parties here in Idaho.
2 Reagan (they don't like each other and fight over who is going to claim Reagan) then we have the swift right religious ones, and the Conservative ones.. and that is debatable too.. and then there is the middle Republican. 

So by tonight, we will have some winners, lot of losers, and hopefully
the losers don't include us citizens...

for those with internet.. this is the primary debate.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The green house

This is going to be a mostly picture post today... 
This is what the King has been working on for the past couple weeks.
And this weekend... even with our running around to Lost in the 50's
parade and show, and run to Cda... he got the doors on and got the
fan in.. I scored the fan at Goodwill for $3.99.. it is a double with
intake and exhaust ..... Now he is ready.. He has some of his plants
started in there.. As you can see this is built on top of the raised
garden we put in years ago.. So there is 2 to 3 feet of dirt inside .
He had soaker hoses installed as well.