Wednesday, May 14, 2014


May 14, 2014

We are in the process, the long process of painting
our house. We did this 7 years ago... but it was slightly
and I do mean, only slightly easier... Because our grandson
lived here in town. And he helped us.. mostly me.. with the
prep work.
The scraping, the brushing with the wire brush. The taping,
and putting paper over the windows.  A 4 day, job.

This time around it is me... yes, the King is helping, but he
is working too. So I have scraped, every side of this house.
I have taken a wire brush to this house.. walls, windows frame.
All this after the King power washed the whole house. And
now he has gone around a corked every hole area.

But I have the windows to cover yet...And the bushes away
from the house.. some of the trellis's have to be lowered.
I have taped around the window plastic frame, not the frame
itself... So that will make it easier to slap up newspaper and

This time around it should be better. As the last time we
painted, they did not tell us.. to prime the house first. We
have cedar shingles. So they bled thru.  So that is our next
move. And with the hot weather of the next 3 days, we are
going for it.  Then it will be painting time. But will have to
wait for the next series of hot days.  Then we do the window

They said ... it will last 10 to 12 years this time.. that is fine..
because in that time, I won't be here... I will either be spread
across the land or in a nursing home.. lol.. as I will be 84 to

Did I say I hate house painting... oh, yea...


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