Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Positive and the Negative...

Let's get the negative out of the way....
As stated yesterday.. I. HATE. HOUSE. PAINTING.
We started out with the primer.. the King has this
fancy dancey sprayer that he just had to have...4 years
ago.  We finally got it out of the box... and started
with pouring the primer (oil base) into the filter.
Well, first he poured a little into this funnel thingie.
Then he filled up the can, attached sprayer.. and off
he went. Well, not quite. He sprayed back and forth.
It was not spraying primer.

So when things don't go right.. you read the directions,
right?  But I thought he knew how to do it.. as he watch
the video, he got with the sprayer, the day before. But
we had a open booklet.  sure enough
there is the little funnel and primer going thru. BUT..
they counted to 60.  So I asked the King when he did
it ...did he count....nooooooo. why count?  It is just to
see if it goes thru.. Nope it isn't. You have to find out
how fast. He did it again, and I counted to 60...and 70
and 80 and 90... it is too thick.  Add thinner...
2 hours later, one brush later, two cans of primer which
is only a quart.. we had one wall done.
NOTE TO SELF.. TODAY.. rent commercial sprayer.

On the positive side... here is the greenhouse that
the King is building on top of the raised garden. It
looks pretty neat.. it is 85% done. We have doors
for it and a fan. Then we should be ready to go.
He has some plants put in... The straw bales are
hanging in there so far. not real impressed though.

Have a nice day.. it is suppose to be 80's today.

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