Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Election was a disappointment...

To say this past primary election was a disappointment
is an understatement. What happen to recognizing your candidate? Of the ones that ran...I had never heard of them. My understanding is that 60% of those running, have lived here less than 10 years and couple of those less than 5 years.

Which if you knew Idaho, that is a big deal. In Idaho you are not a native unless you were born here. I have lived here 32 years and while I am an Idahoan.. I am not a native. But those of less than 10 years are usually looked upon with suspicion.  Because they usually want to change Idaho to what ever state like they left. So to have a new comers
win it is a big deal. Sometimes good and some times bad.

I watched a video of one of the debates.. after the letters to the editor were written on what I saw, I wondered if I saw the same meeting they were talking about.  Some of the candidates they called bored, arrogant, and vague.... I saw
someone who was answering the questions honestly, precise and with details. After several of these letters,
I had to wonder if there was a group who was writing the letters to throw off the voters who didn't go to the debates. 

So what happen to the people you know around town? Are we getting so big that we don't know enough people?

I did get to meet one candidate today... first one in a long time.. I don't know how long they have lived here. Do know his wife has long time connections. The King knew her family..  I was talking to the wife for quite a bit.
And then her husband came over and we talked for
about 10 minutes before she introduced me to him
by his name.. and when I asked if he was the one
who was running for commissioner ... he said yes. 
He won the primary, and now had the November
election to face.  Because when we first were talking,
we were not talking about office, I got a chance to know
him without any agenda.  So got to see the body english, 
his views on the subjects of hand. Found him to have an opinion without being opinionated.  Then with the politic
part came into play, I didn't see his mannerism change. It was matter of fact style, of how things were and the political part of the county. He wasn't on a soap box, just a polite quiet man.
I know he will go on.. and win as this is the running red state of Idaho. And he is a Republican.  But in the back of my mind, I was thinking like the beginning of this post... wouldn't it be nice to meet each candidate in a non debate, pumping hands ..vote for me.. but to see them in an everyday life (like we use to) and see how they act, what they are made of, and their body english.

I wish you well, Mr. Bailey, it was a pleasure to meet you. 

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