Monday, May 12, 2014


Why is it ... we can let negativity over rule the positive?

Doubt my thought?  Have you worked? Have you
had an a yearly evaluation?  So after they told all the
positives about the job you did in the past year...and then
add on a few negatives... which one did you walk out of that
room on your mind?  I am betting it isn't the positives.

Why is Social Security so unfair to wives?
Now this might be more age related now...
Meaning the wife of today works.

But in the past... if the husband is on Social Security disability.
Or if the husband is on regular Social Security and has a
young wife... The Social Security dumps the wife when the
youngest child turns 16. Cut off.. nada.... She does not get
anymore money until she turns 60. 

Now if that man was still able to work.. he would not drop his wife from support, when their youngest child turn 16.  Nor would the older man drop his younger than 60 year old wife from his support until she turns 60. 
If he was still working... and did such a thing... it would be terms for divorce.. yet the Social Security, will do just that. 

How do they get away with that?? No one has challenged it?  This was especially harsh in the 60's and 70's as those wives, did not have careers.. their careers were the family.  So with no training, they were dumped.  How is that


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