Saturday, June 30, 2012

Do you remember....


Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Burma Shave

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sandpoint Bypass dedication

Being that blogspot has a mind of its own today... not all pictures are quite in order... as the powers that be at the site, is doing it their way..
This is Jim Coleman, I believe, he is second in command at Idaho Transportation. and the last speaker as I was leaving to get ahead of the traffic out of the area.

Everyone was invited...

The chairs all set up...

the Kayaker came...well, at least they went by...

Color guard was there...

Famous Daily Bee letter writer... Larry Fury was there..

The chairs were filling in...

And of course my fellow blogger Marianne Love, was there with her camera...

This was the first person in...

And as all things in Sandpoint, it was late.. suppose to start at 1:30pm

hope no one had a deadline to meet..

The Mayor of Kootenai, Mike Keough, was there...

some of the speakers were seated... Scott Stokes,George Eskridge, Jim Coleman.

One of our Senators in the front seat... Shawn Keough

Marcelle was there.. (the lady with the famous bun in her hair)

The Idaho Transporation workers were there (they remove the chairs and etc.

George Eskridge gave the speech for the Governor and the Lt. Governor who could not be there... George is our other State congressman.

The woman in orange, has taken more flak all during this bypass building. Mrs. Kiebert will be so glad and relieved when the first car goes across the bypass.

Which they said could be 2 to 3 more weeks. Oh, well.. Sandpoint has waited 60 years, what is a couple of weeks.

Oh, yea.. the Master of Ceremonies . was David Keyes, Editor and Publisher of the Bonner County Daily Bee...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Around town and the yard...

Was about town, so stopped by the city beach, one of my favorite places to walk.
Here is a new bench placed near the place I use to take my grandson for talks.
Some profound subjects, about life and being good to his mom.

The train starting across the lake heading into town...

As it approaches Sandpoint next to the new Bypass that opens next month.

From down at the beach, you can see the waterfront... the condo's and

way in the back is the mountain, minus snow now.. only traces... That is how close we are to the mountain for skiers.

The new sign ....for the entrance to SAND CREEK... made of old traffic signs

of many colors...

If you were to take these few pictures and have them overlap you could see the view from one side of the beach area and across the lake, with view of the mountains across the lake... then on to the other side and coming back to the beach again..

These are some of the visitors to the beach.. the ones that leave a heck of a mess.

And then on the other side is the other ones who leave a mess... so much so, it is hard to walk on the sand... right now that is..

This is the empty stand that use to sell ice cream, hot dogs and pop... haven't been down her much during the summer of late.. so don't know if they still do or not... being it said close, I would guess it still does when people start showing up... as it was there was 2 runners, one mom with 3 kids and myself on the beach today at 10:30am.

Over head....

The Army planes are in town... I love the sound of them...

Then we had a fly in, in our own yard...

Sure is pretty....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Dance

I think I have got it...
The rain in Spain is very plain...
but the rain in Idaho is very predictable...

Let's see.. the wind does blow...cha cha..cha
the rain comes down with a little bit of hail...cha ...cha.. cha..
Then a day of summer with 80's.. cha... cha... cha...
and mow the lawn...cha ...cha...cha...
and around we go one more time... cha...cha...cha...

I think I have it down pat now.. and it does beat the high
temps of the rest of the country with their floods, topical storms
and fires..

Yep, I will take this Idaho weather with a smile now.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

American Dream

I was reading my latest Time magazine. And there is an article called
American Dream... "American Dream has seen better days"...
The article is up and down as you can expect from their title.
And one of the questions they said about it, that we can expect the
question from the Reagan/Carter debate, this year at the debates...

"Are you better off today, than you were 4 years ago".. Now I know there
are a lot.. a. lot... of people who will say no. They aren't. They are losing
their jobs, their homes and etc. But so far it is only trickling towards Idaho.
There are people who have lost their jobs here, but not to the extent of
the rest of the country. And there are those who are having their homes
go into foreclosure. But so far, those that I am aware of.. over extend them
selves. They got second mortgages on their homes.. borrowing against it
at much higher rate than what the homes were priced at before, when they
bought. Ending up in what they call upside down mortgages. This is truly
sad...but in all honesty.. I have to ask.. what were they thinking? To borrow
$200,000, $300,000 on their homes they bought for $125,000, just because
they could. And lot of them didn't do it to improve their homes but to
buy more toys. So they went from $300 to $500 monthly payments to over
$1,000 a month. Some as much as $2,500. It is hard to feel bad for them.
Mostly feeling bad that they made bad choices.
So those people are not better off today than they were 4 years ago.

Being a penny pincher, and not a risk type person.. I rather play it safe. I
rather do without, and know that if I ended up or the King ended up on the
unemployment line, we still could afford our home. So we stayed with the old
mortgage and the $450 a month payments while our friends went for the higher
amounts. Even when we had house repairs, we did it on a pay as you go.
So we can honestly say, yes, we are better off than we were 4 years ago.

We were finally able to pay off our home. The King took back his old job, after
doing only summer work. We have old vehicles but they run well. We have done
yard sales to improve our yard. And we are saving up so we can paint the house
next year. While we never have been well off, as in the way of a lot of people.
Where we can just go buy what we want or need. But we never have been in
that position.. so maybe that is why we are doing ok.. and doing better than we
were 4 years ago.. our bar is lower than some people. And we are happy with

So come November and before, and they ask... are you better off today than
you were 4 years ago.. our answer will be yes.

As I sat at my table in the yard this afternoon, after mowing the lawn, and
working in the yard... I looked over the top of the magazine, around our place
and thought as I read the article... thankfully yes, we are living the American
dream... Wish it was so for other.
And I don't take this lightly... I know I am blessed

Monday, June 25, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I love living in Idaho

First off for the day.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIANNE LOVE...
She is the author of Slight Detour... here
is her blog....

go by and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, she now is old..
As she qualifies for MEDICARE!! ... but as anyone knows,
an Idaho woman doesn't age.. she is like fine wine... gets better
with time. Just look at all the women chosen
for W.O.W, Women Of Wisdom.... which by the way, Marianne now qualifies
for.As you do have to be Medicare age.
may it be filled with lots of phone calls, good friends and food to share
with much laughter.

I love living in Idaho... really I do.. even when winter comes and stays
too long for my liking.. Even when Spring seems to last as long as
winter... and summer is almost a flash before our eyes. The older
we get, the faster it flashes by.. and followed by the beauty of Fall.

We went thru the back roads yesterday, going out to our daughters
house in Samuel area... and the part that made me smile and so
happy to live in Idaho.... is all the green. Fields and fields of green.
Now don't get me wrong.. Idaho is green A LOT.. but this Spring,
all the rain that I have had a heavy heart over.. is producing a
wonderful green land for all of us. The hayfields are looking great.
The farmers are all surrounded in green. Some with white fences.
And looking up at the mountains that are finally losing their snow,
is turning green as well.



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Playing hooky....

I am playing hooky today...
it is way too nice to be here posting.
Yesterday, I went out to the
daughter's to tie back her rose bush,
which wants to take over the
yard, the walk way in particular.

Then back to the house.. to
a heck of a mess. Seems that the state
decided to reblack top our
highway 200. Now sometimes that isn't such
a bad thing.. but when you
figure out that the whole town of Kootenai,
is on one side of the
highway, with all kinds of side roads that take you
in to the town... and those
side streets were all closed except for one.
And no forwarning at all...
usually they have a sign saying on this date,
the roads will be closed..

Well, to say it was driving
(no pun intended) us all nuts is an
understatement. Then the
light bulb went on.. at the end of our
road which is a dead end..
there is a path.. large path..
enough for a car..

So that is how the King got
home, and we got to town..
It didn't take long for
others to see our beaten path
and join us. There was traffic from McGhee Road to the
coffee shop at
the other end of the
town..(6 blocks for those not local) which is our whole
town's exits.. It is either
that, or go out the north end and travel 17 miles
of back roads to highway 95.
And this went on until at least 6pm.

Of course, normally, I am a
pretty much of a stay at home person, but
yesterday I had 4 different
times I had to go down town and out of town.

But today... it is going to
be the hottest day of the year so far.. Today,
I am going to find things to
do in the yard. Hook up the speakers to
I-pod.. get the ice coffee
out... this is SUMMER FOLKS.. And summer is
for hooky.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Please don't leave the message with...

Don't leave the message with
my husband..

You know I love him
dearly...But the man has a memory of
a gold fish.. 30 seconds..

So if you need a favor, or
you invited us to a cookout, or are
stopping by, or called on
the phone and tell him to tell me to
call back.. Forget it.. it
won't happen.

So if you want me to call
back, call me back.. If you want us
at your house on a certain
day, call me.. if you need a favor?
call me.. Make sure I know..

It isn't that he can't..
well, he can.. because if it is a fishing
date, or a hunting date, or
going 4 wheeling.. he will have it
down pat and he will be
there early.

God, I love that man, but
sometimes, he drives me nuts, with
oh, I thought I told you
that.. oh well.. lol


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Guess I am going to the birds...

With time on my hands as of late.. due to fore mention weather,
I have checked in on the two bird cameras. One is Eagles and
the other is Ospreys.

The Osprey is local here in Sandpoint. And has caused quite
a fury of interest last night, as finally... the egg has hatched.
At 5:38 pm.. the word passed around fast and there were 50
of us watching. As it pecked its way out and fumbled around.
The oh's and aw's and awesome and yahoo's passed thru the
group. In the mid of the rain, the little baby looked over his
new home, which wasn't warm as the egg shell.

This site has been talked about thru out and the site owners let
there be chat between the viewers. About 6 of us in the beginning,
and it started to add up. Then some wan for the lack of action.
So instead of viewing several times a day, it became a daily check in.

Some saw the action of another Osprey trying to horn in on the nest.
There was finally an egg... but it was left alone during the fighting
over the nest, and also it was cold nights, even frost. So we don't
hold out much hope for that one.. But then several days later, another
egg.. And that is what we all suspect is the little guy we see now. As the
mother and father have been sitting daily since then.
It was neat to read the remarks over the time.. and how thrilled that
all these strangers have been thru this. And even with none of us knowing each other personally, we have come together in the name of nature.
Some from Spokane, California, Colorado, Montana, and other
places. One got to see her local grandson play part of his baseball
game that was just beyond the nest, as the camera man shifted the
camera so she could see from Colorado.. The kindness of the viewers,
the people who run the site and Jane Fink who keep us abreast of
what to expect.

In this world of today, it is nice to see such gathering...
So here is the site that you can check out the new baby, if the mom lets you..

And for those who like eagles.. you can go here and see the almost 3
month old baby eagles who are ready to spread their wings.. and if you
are lucky you get to see the farm in the background.. as the camera
swings around once a day.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Ok, I am sorry...

I have said it before.. I will say it again.. I am sorry..
I am so sorry...

You see a little over a month ago, we had mid 70's and a
couple of higher days... So I thought.. yes, thought...
Summer was coming...

So I crawled into the closet and brought out the box of
summer clothes.. Exchanged them for the winter ones
in the drawers.. And put all of the winter clothes into
the box... and shoved them to the back of the closet.
I got the vacumn bags for all the winter blankets and
comforters.. Yep, I did all that in two days...

And ever since.. it has been raining and windy. annd 60's
with 40's for night time.. and a couple of freezing nights.
Out of those 3 plus weeks.. we have had two.. two stinking
days.. of 70's and those had wind too... I haven't wore shorts

So I am sorry.. I am as sorry as I can be, that I jinxed the
weather gods into teaching me a lesson.. that summer comes
when it darn well, is time.. When God and Mother Nature
say so.. I am sorry... sorry as can been.....

Do you think that will work? 3 more days to summer? If we
have it this year....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Enough is enough, I am out...

warning... this is very long.. so it will serve for Wednesday and
Thursday's post......

I am going to draft up a email to my friends.. my highly
political friends.. and some of them will be so mad, they
probably won't want to be my friend anymore. Already had one before
the2008 election tell me if I was voting for Obama, that I
needed to stay home and not vote at all.. I had no right to vote.
After knowing this woman for about 10 years, I guess I
had to admit, I didn't know her at all, and she sure didn't know
me. We haven't talked or email since. Sad..

But I have had it. We haven't even gotten into the election real
serious yet.. and already I am getting hateful emails. Some of
them, the person sending me, didn't even research it to see if it was
lies. I am tired of being the researcher for other who want to send
hateful stuff. So I am calling a stop to it all for at least a year. Yes,
a whole year. Because I don't even want to hear it after Nov.

Mitt is a sorry excuse for a Presidential candidate. "I don't worry
about the poor people, they have a safety net" Sorry Mitt but I
haven't seen that safety net for all poor people. "I can't
worry about that, (it was a question of national concern that the reporter
asked) I have a campaign to run here, I can't be bothered with that".
I saw him actually say those words. He cozy's up with the NRA, yet
as Governor of the most gun restricting state of the nation, he did
nothing to change things.. in fact he sign into law, a ban on certain
guns. Which personally I was glad he did, but the NRA, protested it
it venomly, at the time. So why do they think he will stand up for them
now? There are other things about Mitt, that he just isn't it for me.
Even a lot of my Republican friends don't like him, but will support
him because they rather do a bad Republican than a good man. And
if Mitt is the only offer the Republicans have.. well they are in sad place.
And we who vote down the middle... leaves wanting.

Obama, they say he hasn't lived up to all of his promises. And there
are a few that he didn't... like line voting instead of the piggyback bills.
transparent government, get rid of lobbyist... just for a few things he
didn't do.

But he did do a lot of things he said he would try to do. One
of course is the Healthcare bill that the Clinton's tried to get something
like it passed. While there is a few things there, I don't agree, there is a
lot I do agree with it. The worse one would be the mandatory or you will
be fined. If you can't afford insurance, how are you going to pay a fine?
Some of it, I thought should have been put in force right away, before
the insurance companies could raise their premiums like they
The good is that everyone who was sick before can get insurance. Adult
children can be put under their parents insurance until they are 26 is good.

He said he would get out of Iraq, and he is doing that.. (he did not say he
would get out of all the places, like the Republican try to tell us. I listen to
him say Iraq. They didn't listen. But he is trying to get out of Afghanistan.

He said he would step up to the plate for the gay people, he has. Maybe not
as much as they would like.. but he did step up.

He tried to get a handle on the economy. Which was a lot worse than
he knew before he got elected. I wonder what McCain would
have done differently? Of course, Obama had one strike when he
went in with the Republican party congress. I thought when it
was evenly divided with a couple of Independent
we might have a Congress that would work for the country. That was a joke.
When you have one party whose only purpose is to work against the President, even stating such on
television..(I don't care which party is in) and that is all they can talk
about. Then that is when those Congressmen should be given the door. You are
NOT there to serve your party.. you are there to serve the country.. But why
did I think that might be? The Congress has gotten worse with each election.

So I give up.. You see I think Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama are two pretty decent men. I don't believe either one of them would try to do harm to the Country. If they can leave their parties behind, they might even do good. So I have gotten
to the point of Brett from Gone with the Wind... quite frankly, I don't give a damn.

I still think the President is pretty powerless. It is Congress that gets us into
so much trouble. It is Congress who screws us over and over, while not biding
by the same rules we have to live by. Who ever gave them full power over
Congress is beyond me. What other job can you vote yourself a raise.. and even
set it up, if Congress isn't in session, it is an automatic raise. Who else can vote
themselves their own bennies, yet they can cut ours?

What I wish we could know before they get voted in.. who are they going to have in their cabinet? While Clinton turn out to be far better than I thought she would, there are others I didn't like..

But what I would like, and what is.. is two different things.. and I have lived long enough (maybe too long) to know what I do or say, isn't going to mean anything at all. I vote for my own justification. I vote so I have bitching rights. So i will vote
in Nov. I just don't want to hear all the b.s. in between now and then.

I have a wonderful summer coming up. Today was great with sunshine. I much
rather spend it worrying about my tomatoes coming ripe, my cabbage growing with out worms. Can I get the fence up this summer? How many bags of rocks
do I need to finish off my garden project? I want to bask in the sun with my cup
of coffee or my glass of ice coffee (it is a New England thing). I sure don't want to
waste it on the garage that the powerful millionaires waste their money on for ads.

So no more news about election, tv's can be turn off or channels changed.
No more hateful emails to me please. Because.. I. DON'T. CARE. ANYMORE.
Got better things to do with my time. When you get to be 72.. time
is precious. And I am spending mine doing what pleases me.

And if you decide to leave hateful comments here.. know I will delete them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

birds of a feather

We seems to be getting some color in our birds this year.
We have had doves each year, up to 6 of them. (have a horrible feeling
there is 5 now because of a visiting cat).
And each year a yellow headed black bird shows up. Don't know if it
is the same one each year or not.. One year we had two of them. One
looked a lot younger. And then this year, we got what looks like a
Baltimore Orelle to me. Not sure.
Chickadees usually start showing up about this time.
Red wing black birds we get. Robins we get.. lots of black
birds and those horrible starlings.. They like to chase everything out.
The King has threaten to get the air gun out and pop them.
Those dang starlings will wipe out a days worth of seed in an
hour or so. I tried starving them out, but then I lose the others.
I changed seeds, to dove seeds and etc.. they wipe it out.
So I am stuck with the bad, so I can see the good ones occasionally.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wasted days and wasted nights..

That is how I have felt the past 3 days.

Friday, I woke to very little of a voice. But feeling fine.
Saturday, I woke to no voice. And not feeling so fine.
You know where you don't feel sick, but you don't feel well either.
So ended up sleeping thru most of Saturday.

Sunday, have the half voice back and feeling better.
I guess I got off easier than the King did. As he had
sore throat, headache, being married to the toilet for
a day. And very tired.

Oh, yea, forgot.. cough.. and cough...and cough..
and that is still hanging in there. As you can see we
have tried all the different cough drops.
There use to be one called HOLD or HOLDS.. it
worked great. But some time ago, they quit. Dang
I hate it when something works and they quit.

This is just a few of the ones we have. We also have Fishermen's
Friend or something like that. There is a Norwegian type.
But the one that works the best for me is the one called
COLD-EEZE. I found one box in the cabinet and not sure
of the expiration date on it, but it was worth a try. After all
none of the rest were even slowing it down. And then I was
starting to run out, and the King looked at the store. Wow,
they still make it.. Great!!

So I have been hanging in there. I might sound like hell, but
I am feeling fine, except for that dang cough.

Hope the rest of you are feeling well, as this seems to be
making the rounds.

Friday, June 08, 2012

We didn't make the 11pm news, but...

It started out as smoke and later came the flames that came
out of the back window, and then later the vents and danced down
the ridge of the roof. Gooing out.. then restarting for a couple hours.

from the front you don't see much damage. Just smoke escaping.

We didn't make the KXLY news, (they did stop by after their report
on Hope's road wash out)...but we did make page 5 in the Daily Bee.
This is the neighborhood fire of June 7th in Kootenai.
It was spotted by a gal driving by, who pulled into the local
nursery parking lot and called 911... She saw a man from
Litehouse warehouse running around knocking on doors.
Luckily there was no one home. Out of the 4 apartments there,
only 2 were being rented out at the time of the fire. And they
were at work. Thank Goodness.
Fire robs you of your possessions, things that means nothing to
others, but the world to you. Hopefully the tenents got to save
their possessions, as the fire was 99% in the attic section of the
building. The firemen got here at about 10 after 8 and was here until
2 in the afternoon. Fighting the fire itself took hours as the fire ran
back and forth thru the attic, trying to escape thru the windows first,
then the vents, and back to the window and thru the roof, as you can
see the metal had melted, making large holes.
Nothing could be done to save the building. And now we wonder what
will happen to this building? It started its life out as a chicken hatchery
in the 30's or 40's. Turn into apartments in the late 60's, someone said.
Mostly single mom's and young couples lived there over the years.
There was a drug bust there not too long ago, so the the waiting crowd
speculated, was this fire started by a growing light in the attic? Or was
it old wiring. I am sure the fire inspector will figure it out. In the meantime
two families lives have been interrupted, trying to find affordable housing.

Thursday, June 07, 2012


I have tried to be a
trooper, really I have.
Have we hit 40 days and 40
nights yet? Seems
like a lot more to me..

Who would have thought..
cabin fever in June?
I am a early riser when it
is summer.. any time between
5am and 6am.. depending on
how much sunlight comes
thru the window.. And the
juices get started for what
ever project I have for the

But this past week and
half.. well, we have a project.
But I am afraid we are going
to end up with worse colds
than winter gives us. The
King already got one last week.

We are in the process of
getting an electric line off the
pole and put in the ground.
Things went to great at first.
Avista came and removed the
overhead wire. We put the
freezer in the garage on an
extension cord. Down went
the pole after removal of
the old panel. And then every
thing went wrong.

The King got his cold, the
new panel and new codes demand
4 wire.. the old one (only
10 years old) is 3 wire. And the panel
is 4 inches too low. So it was removing the 3 wire out of the
conduit underground from the
garage to the panel. Cussing
and lots of elbow grease and
with help, the King got the 4 wire
in the conduit. Then putting
the wire in the garage box. Leaving
it open for an electrician
to ok for the electric permit. And then..
things got worse. The outside unit need to be put back on the
post, raised.. which is
easy...but not in monsoon weather.
So we are waiting for just 2
little hours of sun.. or at least, no
rain, no wind.. so the King
can get that done. And then Avista
will be here to do the rest.
But how much of theirs will be put
off due to......... monsoon
weather? And the ditch filling with
water next to the panel
So enough, already... but
Mark on Channel 4 says this is lasting
until next Tuesday? OH, COME
Got to find some positives
here.. let's see... oh, the garden is
getting good rain water? Or
is that a flood out there?
next week and only at

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

New Bike, Old Legs...

I got this new sweet ride
for this summer.
It is the old fashion type
that I love. It
has feet brakes, and not
hand brakes.
It only has one speed.. what
ever my legs can handle.

So I took it out for a spin.
And found out two things.
One is that, some flat roads
look flat but are uphill, even
if it is only slightly. Two,
boy am I out of shape. After the
ride around a couple of
blocks.. well, my legs weren't
exactly shaking, but they
were close to it.

Then I put Misty in my
basket. As you can see, she is
NOT AMUSED... more of a look
of.. "seriously, you don't
think I am going to sit in
this and ride with you, do you?"
I did put her in the basket
and gather up the top near her
neck. And took a spin around
the block. She did ok, but
wasn't thrilled about it. So
don't know how this is going
to go.

She has taken up hiding
under the bed, when I get her
jacket out. Because that
means we are going to walk up
to the post office instead
of ride. She use to love to walk
up there, so she could check
out the smells of the neighborhood.
but this year she doesn't
seem too fond of it. Hence, that is
why the hiding under the
bed. I am wondering if that will
be her reaction to riding up
in the basket.

Some how neither of those
compare to the ride back from
the post office in the car,
with window down and wind blowing
her ears back.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

This and that...

The nation's newest Miss USA
winner is from Cranston R.I..
Olivia Culpo is her name.
Wow.. R.I. can you believe that..
Rhode Island never gets to
win the beauty contest. I don't know
why, as R.I. has a lot of
beautiful women. So many of them.
Portuguese, Italians, Irish
and French women of R.I. are beauties.
Just to name some of them.

But each year they get
passed over. Texas seems to have the
winners, and other southern
states rate up high there too... but
northern states don't rate
in the top 10. Idaho won once. I think
Washington state might have.
I don't know if Maine or New
Hampshire has or
Vermont. So for R.I. to finally make it
is wonderful.
Congratulations, Ms Culpo.

Today is year 13 for the
King and I. And it doesn't look like the
weather is going to be any
better. I prayed for sunshine. And we
had it for about an
hour. Then the wind started up, and the
started again. We had our
own waterfall. We had a tarp over the
back deck. And it would fill
up with water, and the wind every so
often would lift the tarp up
and the water would flow to the ground.
Luckily never getting any of
the guest. Which were all in their
winter jackets. We had a large tent (for shade.. LOL... like
that was
going to happen), but
everyone gathered in the living room.
Oh, yea.. we had balloons to
let loose. For some reason the King
wanted to keep them all
together, instead of letting them go
one by one.. They flew up in
the air.... about 10 or 15 feet, over
across the neighbors yard to
the telephone pole and wrapped around
the pole, popping left and
right.....they were there for like a week looking
like a poor man's makeup
job, until the electric company came to cut
them down.

So today's weather doesn't
TO MY SWEET KING.. thank you
for putting up with me.. making me
feel like I am your Queen,
even during those days, that I am more like
a witch.. (actually with a

Monday, June 04, 2012

I still hate change...

You think by this time, I
could get with the program and not
have change shift my axles..
but I find I still hate change.

Got notice from the bank,
and of course, as all the banks
are doing, it is about rates
going up.. not interest, of course,
but rates for checking. Who has savings anymore with .04
% interest. So they can't
make money there.

One of the things that kind
of makes me laugh is that there
is still companies who
refuse to take a debit card, but will
take a check. Checks can bounce and it takes a couple days
to clear the bank. Yet,
debit card is instant for them. Got to
shake my head about that.

So there I sat, trying to
figure out what exactly they plan on doing.
Had more questions that
answers, so guess I will stop by the bank
and clarify what I think it
means. Which always makes me feel
like I am the dumb one. And I am sure the person who wrote it
up thinks it so clear. $5
fine if you get below $500 any particular day,
OR $5 find if you get below
$1500 for the month.. Yet it is all thrown
to the way side if you use
your debit card more than 10 times in that
same month? For all this they are throwing some better
deals which
I thought I was already
getting.. without having to worry about any of
this. I have the idea that if it isn't broke...
don't fix it.. guess they
think it is broke.

And being the King made a
visit to the ER this morning they gave him
a prescription.. which look
more like a check than a prescription. What
ever happen to that little
square paper they use to use..

Change, change .. go away..
leave it for another day.